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Infinity tattoo: meaning, ideas and many photos

Tattoos with the infinity symbol are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages, women and men. But what do tattoos displaying this symbol stand for? Where does it originate from? And how can you distinguish your infinity tattoo in such a way that it appears sufficiently discreet and of great significance? Let’s try to answer all these (and other) questions in the following lines, with this interesting insight dedicated to infinity tattoos. Then, if you are in such a hurry, try to go to the bottom of the page: you will find lots of photos of infinity tattoos to use as ideas for your next tattoo design!

The meaning of the infintito tattoo

When a person chooses to get a tattoo of the infinity symbol, he or she is trying to imprint on his or her skin a symbol that has the value of eternity, unlimited, and endless. And, therefore, it represents a firm belief in dedicating oneself to something, forever: think of a love, or a particular affection.

The meaning you give to the infinity tattoo symbol is, of course, very personal and subjective. Therefore, you are unlikely to find two people with identical tattoos and identical desire to represent the same feelings externally. And it is precisely from here that we advise you to start: considering that each of us is a unique person with unique feelings, try to have to choose what is really important to you (love for a partner, a child, a thought, a value, and so on).

How to decline the infinity tattoo

Among the many examples that can be made of infinity tattoos, one of the most traditional is certainly the one related to the most important feeling, love. As you will see in the photos we have chosen to share with you, the tattoo with the infinity symbol can be reproduced with the name of the loved one, or simply with his or her initials. Very often this tattoo also represents a couple tattoo: that is, very frequently it is the two partners who replicate the same tattoo, indicating the name of the respective he/she.

Among other rather recurring ideas, there is of course the possibility of integrating the infinity symbol with other objects that you are particularly fond of. Indeed, with its curves and long lines, it will turn out to be quite easy to make sure that its symbol can contain or integrate with other symbols you are particularly fond of.

You can also opt to tattoo the infinity symbol without making any changes. The symbol is sufficiently emblematic in itself, and we are sure that you will be able to draw the best significant from it, and thus communicate them to the outside world.

Lots of pictures for you!

So let us conclude by presenting many photos of tattoos depicting the infinity symbol. These are tattoos that you could use as an ideal reference base for you to be able to design your new tattoo, and that you could perhaps choose to replicate identically on your own skin. Think about it (a tattoo is forever, or, at least, it should be!) and remember to attach an important meaning to it that will stay with you for a lifetime!

Infinity Tattoo Designs

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