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Protruding brow – what does it mean?

Physiognomy is an amazing science that allows not only to determine a person’s character, but also to look into the depths of his personality. Facial features can inform about a person’s potential, personal tragedies that he is still experiencing inside himself, hidden illnesses. But the myth that the face can predict the future – pure deception, according to experts.

An experienced physiognomist with more than a year of experience can easily read a person like an open book, but, alas, very few specialists have such knowledge. If you want to learn to recognize a person’s character from his facial features, you will need patience, attention to detail and some knowledge of psychology. Physiognomists say that learning to recognize on the human face a tendency to lie, anger and cruelty is quite possible.

Today we will talk about the peculiarities of the structure of the brow arches in men and women. This seemingly insignificant detail can tell a lot about a person’s personality.

What is the superciliary arch? Where is it located?

The brow arch is the protruding part of the forehead covered with hair – the eyebrows. Its main function is to protect the eyes from wind, sweat, small particles, etc. The eyebrow has a muscle, which allows us to raise or frown our eyebrows, thereby expressing surprise or anger.

A few years ago, scientists tried to classify the protruding brow arches as rudimentary organs. A rudimentary organ is a trait inherent in a person at the initial stage of development, which a more developed person should not have.

But in fact, this is not the case. The brow arches are more pronounced in men than in women, and are usually found in southerners. The pronounced brow arches are connected with the male hormone testosterone – the more of it, the more convex it is.

What do protruding brow arches mean?

The pronounced brow arches testify to a sufficiently rigid, strong-willed character. Such a person prefers to live according to a proven, established pattern, deviations from which he does not welcome. He strictly follows the established regime and adheres to strict rules. Such a military approach is for him the optimal environment in which he feels comfortable.

Stubbornness is another distinctive trait. A person tries to get to the bottom of the reasons for certain actions, persistently looking for personal motives in the actions of his friends and acquaintances.

If a person has a more developed upper part of the frontal bone, this indicates a tendency toward self-sacrifice. But if the lower part of the forehead is developed, which is typical for people born under the sign of Aries or Leo, the personality is prone to frequent insults, selfishness and selfishness. In this case, often not the best sides of the character inherent in these two signs are manifested.

At the same time, people with a developed lower forehead have a sense of dignity and decency. Despite the fact that they are like inveterate egoists, they are able to justify even their most dishonest deeds. The cleft between the eyebrows indicates vanity.

In addition, the owners of protruding brow have inquisitiveness, attentiveness, giftedness, a penchant for music or other creative activities, inquisitive mind and intuitive nature. These individuals are in most cases sociable, are pleasant conversationalists, if you talk on neutral topics.

Very important is the location of the brow arches. This will be discussed below.

The subtleties of brow arches

If the brow arches are enlarged closer to the nose, these people are so stubborn that they often refuse to change anything in their lives, even if absolutely necessary. In professional language this is called rigidity. In communication they are pleasant until you suggest, even if unknowingly, something radical. The actor Johnny Depp has a similar arrangement of brow arches.

Large brow arches closer to the temples indicate an acquired narrow-mindedness, conservatism, a certain limitation. Communication with such people, especially on business topics, can be difficult.

It is extremely important to pay attention to the eyebrows – color, shape, and density. In physiognomy these details play the most important role. Their balance in the absence of excessive brow density and the presence of an even and clear line indicates the harmony between feelings, emotions and mind.

Lack of protruding brow arches and character

In most people the brow arches are not very pronounced, especially in women. Physiognomists say that they are flexible personalities, capable of adapting to the situation. They are open to new acquaintances and people, able to make spontaneous decisions. Such people are very adventurous and are able to find a way out of difficult situations.

Brow arches and leadership qualities

What kind of brow arches should a person with leadership skills have? Protruding brow arches on a steep forehead indicate leadership qualities, great willpower, and the ability to lead. Also it is evidenced by broken, wide eyebrows. Since the face is closely connected with the character, a person with unexpressed brow arches can not be a leader.

Are brow arches a sign of cruelty?

Some physiognomists actually believe that pronounced brow arches, as well as a sharp chin, are a sign of cruelty to other people. This is due to the fact that such personalities are internally very strong and conservative. They are considered only with their opinion. Therefore, in some situations can behave rudely and sometimes harsh.

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