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Best ofEyebrow tinting


A universal tool, you can finish missing, just add a shade, and the gel is also a great fixer

For a long time I’ve been looking at unusual video reviews on YouTube, in which video bloggers pour water on their faces to show the persistence of makeup. I have thin, blond eyebrows, and fashion has its own conditions, so I have to draw them on, and if in real life I do not often pour water on my face, I can do with ordinary products, on vacation I am very interested in the question of how not to lose my eyebrows on the beach. And this year I tested on the beach the much-talked-of product Wunder2 WUNDERBROW.

Wunder2 WUNDERBROW is good for its versatility. It can draw clear borders, it can fill in the volume of the eyebrow, or it can simply touch up the blonde hairs and fix the “hairstyle”. It comes with a brush for combing, and the tube is equipped with a brush like this. The only drawback is the very weak dispenser, the brush constantly takes too much.

I have a Brunette shade, look at the swatch, have you seen brunettes like this? In my world this color is perfect for blondes.

The product is unique in its staying power. You can bathe, dive, sleep with your face in the pillow. No lipstick, gel, shadow, etc. gives me such water resistance as Vanderbrough. You can’t wash it off with water! Only something oily, hydrophilic oil or two-phase liquid. The manufacturer offers a special rinse, but I make do with regular hydrophilic oil.

For my thin eyebrows I chose a complicated method – I use a flat beveled brush to refine the borders of the eyebrow, and then I use my native brush to blur the middle and brush the hairs up.

This is how my eyebrows look in their natural state

This is what I get. Not only are the hairs dyed, but they are also raised and securely locked in place. That’s how my eyebrows live until the moment I decide to wash them off.

It’s a worthy product.

As the manufacturer states QVC Wunderbrow:

The secret of WunderBrow is a unique formula, a cocktail of 3 ingredients:

– Hair Fiber Complex – fibers that fill in the gaps in the eyebrow, giving natural volume and density

– The rich pigment is a multi-faceted shade that perfectly matches your hair color

– Gel matrix – PermaFix Gel technology fixes the shape of eyebrows in 2 minutes and permanently fixes the color

Suitable for natural eyebrow contouring or drawing missing hairs, stays on the skin

1. Wash your face in the usual way – with soap and water.

2. Use the applicator to fill in the gaps and shape the eyebrows.

3. While the gel is wet, gently brush your eyebrows to even out the color.

After 2 minutes the WunderBrow will be fixed on your skin and hairs. Finished!

My eyebrows are characterized as a complete absence, no, of course they are, but they are few, they are not even, there are gaps, light (photos before and after attached).

So when I saw the ad, of course I wanted to try this gel. Ordered the shade brunette online.

The manufacturer states that the gel should be applied on clean skin. I think that on clean skin, the gel lasts even longer. But I applied the gel on my foundation and it also lasted all day.

So my application was just drawing an eyebrow. For the first seconds the gel is still liquid, and you can adjust the shape with a cotton swab, or who has eyebrows comb brush giving the desired shape, the gel while liquid it is amenable to correction, after the gel hardens.

The color is very natural!

Since my skin is oily, in the evening washing my face with cleansing gel, it washed off without leaving any residue.

Produt started to dry out and run out in the tube, I use it almost every day. Dries about the same as mascara, that is, the texture became very thick and it became difficult to draw the eyebrow. The brush started to get all floppy. I started painting with a different brush. I will be reordering it as I am used to it and have no idea what to replace it with.

We can talk about the American brand Wunder2 endlessly. Despite its young age, the first products appeared on the market in 2014, it has already gathered a huge army of fans and won awards.
The product I’m going to tell you about today won the Best New Eye Product in 2021!

Wunder2 WUNDERBROW eyebrow gel.

I will not hide it, I have heard about it from many bloggers for a long time.

Initially, I was surprised and a little puzzled by the brush. I am used to applying eyebrow gels with a brush, which is not only easy to use, but also carefully traces the line and styling the hairs.

But after a few applications, I became friends with the brush, it “picks up” enough product, sometimes even too much; perfectly fills the volume of the eyebrow, paints every hairline and fixes the result already obtained.

I am a Brunnete shade, and at first, I was a little worried that it was too dark, but it worked perfectly for me.

I would also like to mention the staying power of the product, you can wear it for 2 to 3 days without using a special product, which is also available from Wunder2. But if you do not have one, a two-phase makeup remover can work, water will not wash off this product. So you can not worry that you will find yourself in an awkward situation and your eyebrows will “disappear”.

By the way, I recommend when applying almost immediately draw a line and comb the hairs, for this I use an eyebrow brush. If the gel hardens, it will be much more problematic to fix anything.

I am very happy to get to know WUNDERBROW. The product is more than worthy of.

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