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Eyebrow slits

Shaved slit on eyebrow – what it means and how to do it?

With shaved eyebrow slits, it’s the fashion of the eighties. As top makeup artists debate whether this unexpectedly interesting runway trend will come back into vogue thanks to the young, forward-thinking Italian brand, we’re going to tell you what it means and how to achieve the effect.

What is the message behind the eyebrow slit?

It was elsewhere, thought many people when they saw the unusual makeup of models on the catwalk photos of the spring-summer 2021 collection, presented by a subsidiary brand of Prada. So – 10-20 years ago, the shaved slit on the eyebrows was part of the image of many famous athletes, representatives of world show business. David Beckham, Neymar, Nick Kirios, Cristiano Ronaldo wore them. Of course, for some, it was not a desire to remain in the trend, but rather the consequence of an injury.

And today, the fashion for this type of design is returning. The original “haircut” is popularized by insta-models, some subcultures position it as a kind of business card – a visual identifier of community membership, and many young people see it as an accessible means of self-expression, even a kind of bling. But sometimes the slit at the knot or tip turns out to be just a scar or the result of inept hair removal.

What do slits in eyebrow mean?

A slit or cut in the eyebrow hair occurs naturally if the person has been in a fight and has suffered a gash in that area. These are the remnants of an injury, usually seen in old gangster movies where actors had to shave off part of their eyebrows to impersonate them. More recently, actors like the famous Jason Momoa have given new life to this type of gash, even though Jason got it in an actual bar fight. We find this fascinating. It’s almost like turning a scar into a beauty feature.

They can be done by a professional, your parlor didi, or even a do-it-yourselfer if you have a steady hand and a brave heart. This style was all the rage in the 90s, especially among hip-hop artists. It’s been brought back to life by modern beauty bloggers who aren’t afraid to try the strangest makeup trends.

How to maintain the eyebrow slit, a fashion trend?

So, a shaved line (or even two) is back on the list of brow fashion trends. Whether it’s cool or not can be debated for a long time. But trying on the trendy accent is easy – you don’t even have to grab a razor to do it. Here are two detailed guides – for those who are ready for radical action, and those who prefer to do without makeup.

Creating a slit in the eyebrow, step by step:

  • Put aside the ordinary shaving razor – it is not useful. Do the same with the tweezers – plucked with the root hairs then may not grow at all.
  • Arm yourself with a special razor for eyebrow correction – it has a very thin head, allowing you to work with a point.
  • Go over the hairs several times with a brush-brush, to thoroughly comb and arrange them.
  • Use two patches to seal the brow line, leaving a gap in the place of the future strip.
  • Proceed to the removal of the hair. Cut them carefully, moving in the direction of natural growth – so you will get the desired shape. The bandage, if necessary, can be moved slightly to the side.
  • Remove the patches, fix the result with fixing gel.

These instructions are for those who are confident in their abilities and skill. But it is not easy, and sometimes even dangerous, to make a shaved slit beautifully and neatly by yourself. It is better to entrust this task to an eyebrowist in a salon or specialized studio.

The method described above is the easiest option if you want to support the catwalk trend. But if we return to the theme of the sensational Italian brand show, most makeup artists believe that their colleagues in the shop did not take such a drastic action when preparing models to go on the catwalk. Most likely, they preferred to apply silicon onlays in the tone of the skin. To get such an effect is also possible with the help of decorative means, which are sure to be in the cosmetic bag.

Follow the instructions:

  • Comb your hair well and style it with a brush comb.
  • Take a clean spindle-shaped brush (you can use a disposable brush instead, a clean mascara applicator), a solid soap. Moisten the brush with water or a spray-smoke to fix the makeup, put a thin layer of soap on it.
  • Comb the tail of the eyebrow with the brush, moving from the middle to the end. Its beginning should remain natural. Follow the natural direction of growth. The Soap Brows technique is actively used by makeup artists and browsers, as the “soap styling” provides excellent fixation.
  • Arm yourself with two strips of cosmetic tape and fix them in the places where you plan to imitate gaps.
  • On the part that was left open, do your usual makeup without fear of going over the tape – use a pencil, go over with powder or pomade, apply fixing gel, mascara.
  • Carefully remove the tape, moving in a bottom-up direction.
  • Take a crayon (match the tone of the product to your skin tone), paint tightly in the gaps that are left.
  • If you are not satisfied enough with the effect, in the area of simulated stripes, you can apply powder, additionally work out these areas with a pencil, concealer.

You can also make a “slit-shadow” with a combination of lightening and toning techniques, a task that a browmaker can do. You can also take thin slits of cosmetic tape and simply tape over the places where you want to simulate shaved eyebrows. It won’t look like much up close, but with this simple technique you can assess whether this trend is right for you.


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