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Eyebrow hair growth

Tips and products for fast eyebrow growth – 11 best in 2021

In order to restore the eyebrows to an attractive appearance and to care for them, the cosmetics industry has developed numerous products that enable the desired result to be achieved qualitatively and efficiently. However, they are not the only ones that can help to solve this problem. There are also proven folk recipes.

The best reviews of cosmetics

NuOrganic Eyebrow Serum Growth Enhancer Gel

A novelty in the cosmetic industry, which aims to accelerate the correction and improve the appearance of eyebrows. Specialist research has confirmed the serum’s great effectiveness. Visible results will already appear after one week of using the gel. The result is the recovery of weakened and tarnished eyebrows.

The result of three weeks of use is an obvious growth of new hairs. The structure is updated, the appearance is better and the color is richer. All these favourable changes are due to the presence of essential oils in this product.


• The visual effect is achieved in the shortest possible time.
• The formula composition is exclusively natural ingredients.
• Tangibly increases the thickness of the eyebrows.
• Comfortable use.

Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum Irritation

The main purpose of the composition is to stimulate natural eyebrow growth. The effectiveness of the product owes its unique composition, which has become the embodiment of the latest developments in medicine. A balanced complex of vitamins and nutrients helps to quickly restore the pigmentation of the hair and strengthen its structure.

It is recommended for use in regular chemical procedures and coloring.


• According to the results of research conducted in 2010, this air conditioner was recognized as the best one.
• It contains a substance that positively affects the appearance of the hairs and gives them shine.
• Thanks to ginseng oil, the protective mechanisms of the eyebrows are improved. The result is that dyeing or lightening can be easily endured.

Proper use – should be applied only to the roots or areas where the hairs should begin to grow. It is used once a day in the evening.

Luxe Brows Eyebrow Growth Enhancing Serum

The composition is distinguished by the uniqueness of the formula. It presents an excellent combination of natural complexes and essential vitamins, which actively stimulate natural eyebrow growth processes. The visible effect will be achieved in a couple of days after the application. The result is accelerated eyebrow hair growth and increased density of the eyebrows.


• A sustainable result is achieved after one course.
• There are no artificial components in the composition. The operating principle of the product is based on the interaction of natural ingredients.
• Economical use – one bottle is designed for 4 courses.

The composition will need to be evenly distributed along the length of the hairs once a day in the evening.

Foltene Pharma Balsam

Product of Italian manufacture. The principle of action is to stimulate natural eyebrow growth processes. The special formula allows to preserve and strengthen even the weakest and dullest hairs, which do not have their own protective layer. Gradually, the eyebrows and the natural pigment will be restored, as well as a healthy shine.


• The visible result is already after several procedures.
• The formula of the composition is a unique combination of natural components and vitamin complexes.
• Comfortable use of balm.

The product should be applied to the roots twice a day.

Eyebrow Growth Serum, SHVYOG Eyelash and Eyebrow

The combination of oils in the formula effectively restores the protective properties of hairs. As a result, they are able to “quench” the negative effects of external aggressive factors on their own. Over time, they become stronger and the structure is restored.


• The manufacturer has provided a choice of two types of products – for use in the morning or evening.
• Good performance indicators.
• Comfortable use.
• Affordable price.

The compound should be applied to dry and clean eyebrows in the morning or evening.

folk recipes

Castor oil for eyebrows

Universal, affordable and easy to use tool. You can easily buy it in any pharmacy chain.

The important point is that it must be in a glass container of dark color.

The procedure should be performed before going to bed.

You will need to use a cotton swab to apply oil to the hairs, and lightly massage with your fingertips to distribute the product. During the night, it should be completely absorbed. If necessary, the remnants of oil can be removed with cosmetic milk.

The duration of the course is a month. To enhance the visible result, you can continue to perform procedures.

Honey and red pepper

The combination of these ingredients allows you to start the recovery process quickly and efficiently, which helps the eyebrows grow.

The necessary proportions of honey and pepper are four to one. Components should be thoroughly mixed and evenly distributed on the eyebrows. Time of action – 40 minutes. The composition is removed with ordinary cool water.

An important point is to be careful not to get the mixture in your eyes.

Honey and red pepper for eyebrow growth

Pharmaceutical oils

The initial ingredients are sea buckthorn, linseed and castor oil. It is necessary to combine and mix thoroughly 1\2 spoons of each component. The resulting composition should be applied to the eyebrows. The time of the procedure is before bed. In the morning, use cosmetics to remove the remnants of the composition.

Carrot juice

It will take 1 tbsp. of carrot juice and a few drops of vitamin A. Components should be connected, moisten the cotton pad and attach it to the eyebrow arcs. Time of action – 20 minutes. The product is removed with warm water.

Rhein oil

It helps strengthen the hair follicles. The result will be visible even after a short period of application. Frequency – in a day.

You should take a cotton pad and dip it in oil. It is necessary to rub the oil gently into the skin of the eyebrows.
For convenience, you can use special brushes as a tool for application.

calendula officinalis

Need 1 tbsp. spoon shredded sheets of calendula pour 200 grams of hot water and leave to insist on half an hour. After the broth should be filtered and stored in the fridge. Before using the broth, it should be warmed, moistened with a cotton pad and attached to the eyebrows. The time of action is eight minutes. The remnants are removed with warm water.

calendula officinalis eyebrow growth

Almond oil

You will need to wet cotton pads and press them against the eyebrows. You need to put parchment paper on top and fix it with a bandage. The operating time of the compressor is 15 minutes.

The result is effective hair nutrition and restoration.

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