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Eyebrow Ruler: how to select and use?

When it comes to correcting the eyebrows, it is difficult to find the right shape, you need an individual approach. Before starting work, it is better to take certain measurements, for which a plastic ruler is used to model the eyebrows. Beginners may not know how to use the flexible option to mark out the future contour, but experienced craftsmen have already appreciated the convenience of this tool.

What is the eyebrow ruler?

Initially, the plastic ruler was used in tattoo parlors when working on stencils. However, ease of use and cheapness of the tool contributed to its resettlement in beauty salons. The modeling ruler is a soft plastic strip with applied divisions with resolution of 1 millimeter. At use of the ruler it is possible to create ideally symmetric drawing or if at the client visible asymmetry of a face is traced, to execute new drawing on a contour and arrangement of growth of natural hairs.

The high-quality eyebrow ruler is made of good, smooth, pleasant to the touch plastic without foreign smell, teeth, roughness and abrasions. The plastic bends well, keeping its strength. When buying a tool, it is important to ensure that the manufacturer claims hypoallergenicity of the material used. Points marked on the ruler with a marker or pencil should be clearly visible and easy to clean

Cells should be applied with a resistant, non-abrasive and disinfectant paint. It is more convenient to use a transparent tool, which provides good visibility of the brow line.

Disposable options

Nowadays disposable flexible stencils for careful drawing are becoming more and more popular. Their advantages include the following nuances.

  • Sterility and no need for disinfection. Many customers prefer a disposable tool that a master prints out before their eyes and discards immediately after use. Disposable rulers save time as there is no need to process them.
  • Easy to use. The disposable stencils are equipped with an adhesive layer, which allows to fix the ruler on the client’s face for the whole procedure without the slightest discomfort.
  • Reliability. It is possible to be assured that the stencil will not move anywhere.
  • Drawing on an individual stencil speeds up the work, as the master can calculate the stencil as he likes, without paying attention to additional or erroneous lines.

The disadvantages of disposable tools traditionally include their cost. In case of gentle handling, the plastic flexible ruler is used for a long time. Purchasing a reusable ruler quickly pays for itself, while disposable consumables are purchased again and again.

It’s up to the master to decide what to prefer. Some people prefer to work with a proven tool, while others prefer to save time on cleaning the ruler.

Why are measurements so important?

Why are measurements so important?

During the day, a man laughs, frowning, bending his eyebrow skeptically, squeezing the corner of his mouth, curvy grin. Thus, the face may be slightly asymmetrical, which is invisible to others in the natural shape of the eyebrow, but immediately catches the eye in the wrong correction.

A master who will make perfectly symmetrical eyebrows can do the client a bad service, emphasizing the unnaturalness of her new look.

Measuring and determining the shape prior to cosmetic manipulations guarantees perfect drawing after the procedure. The use of simple calculations personalizes the data, allowing you to make informed choices about the future of the onion.

The measurement result resembles an incorrect quadrangle. The wizard will be able to repeat the design every time and the contours will be the same shape, height and length. The measurements will help to draw the next contour to make your face look symmetrical. For measurements the master chooses the “best” eyebrow – with the most even, smooth hairs.

Interesting: if a person is right-handed, his “best” eyebrow is most likely on the left. This is due to the lower probability of overloading the facial muscles on the other side of the “working” hand.

eyebrow ruler measur

Contour definition eyebrow pro

Before starting the work, the master on the stencil marks the natural line of hair growth. Then, after discussing with the client the necessary changes, a new stencil is drawn. To determine the place of beginning of drawing, bending and ending, it is necessary to perform the following actions.

  • Find a starting point. The line is located vertically upwards to the forehead, on an imaginary line from the center of the nostril, intersecting with the uppermost point of the hairline. This place is marked by a vertical line, which corresponds to the natural thickness and height of the eyebrows.
  • Find the beginning of the bend of the eyebrow. The line is located vertically on the imaginary edge of the iris of the eye or next to it. Where it crosses the upper line of hair growth, there should be a bend. A wrongly positioned point gives the effect of a “surprisingly raised eyebrow“.
  • Identify the end point. The line tilts from the outer edge of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. At the point where the ruler crosses the brow curve, finish the drawing. Adherence to this rule is crucial in creating the entire contour, because it is impossible to underestimate the line of hairs too much, it unintentionally makes the girl always look sad or tired.

The resulting template has been used for a long time to correct the shape. When accessing the same wizard again, the key points of the new drawing will be set faster and easier.

Eyebrow Ruler to get right draw

The obtained points and lines are connected to see exactly where to draw or remove hair, how to correct the shape, draw eyebrows with a pencil or use powder.

It is obligatory to take into account not only the shape of the natural bend, but also the type of the face oval. Wide-boned women will not fit wide lines, and women with a round face contraindicated narrow “butterfly wings”. The individuality of the elongated oval face is emphasized by the eyebrows, curved a little more usual.

If the resulting eyebrow is short, you may need to correct the starting point. For this purpose, the length of the eyebrow is increased by several millimeters towards the centre of the nostril. If the shape of the eyebrow was originally incorrectly corrected, it will take a long time to restore hairs and draw a new shape.

Due to asymmetry of the face, an imaginary straight line passing through the middle of the forehead should not be taken as the main reference line. It is much more accurate to determine the shape of the eyebrow separately for the left and right half of the face.

A marker or cosmetic pencil is used for facial marks. The resulting drawing can be supplemented and changed at the customer’s request, based on the originally created template of the natural eyebrow.

The skin of the client should be degreased and disinfected with an alcohol solution before starting work.

Girls and women sometimes forget that eyebrows are an important part of their appearance. Groomed, neat eyebrows that fit the shape of the face help to create a harmonious image. The eyebrows emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, helping to look stylish even without makeup.


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