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The six best products for natural eyebrow makeup

Between the emphasize on eyebrows and their natural eyebrow makeup, they increasingly choose the second option. And they do it well: to make eyebrows more expressive, there is no need to press the pencil or choose darker shadows. The choice of shades and the intensity of the accent should be in correlation with your natural characteristics – what color, shape and width your eyebrows have without cosmetics. “Your own, but better” is the principle you should follow when you do eyebrow makeup.So what products are needed for natural eyebrow makeup?

Best tweezers

Before making makeup, you should work on the shape of the eyebrows. With the help of tweezers you can “clean” the contour by removing extra hairs.

Best Tweezers (Regine) offers a lifetime warranty in case of damage. Simply contact the manufacturer on their website and they will send you a free replacement tweezers. Just pay the shipping cost.

Best brow brush

Before applying the color, it is necessary to arrange the hairs with a round brush, so it would be more convenient to emphasize the contour of the eyebrows with a pencil or other means. Sometimes, such a brush is complemented by eyebrow pencils. 

Bevel brush

This is probably the most convenient tool for applying shadows or eyebrow lipstick. Such a brush is suitable both for contouring and for color distribution.

The bevel brush tip Brow Power Powder defines, fills and shapes your eyebrows precisely and effortlessly, the tip of the toothbrush is perfect for a polished look. Featuring Heavenly Luxe’s cruelty-free, award-winning Heavenly Luxe bristles, this eyebrow essential really does the work for you and gives you the power to discover your most beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows!

Best eyebrow pencil

With a pencil it will be convenient to make a simple quick eyebrow makeup. With it, you can easily accentuate the contour, and then fill it with the color from the inside by hatching.

this mechanical Hourglass eyebrow sculpting pencil allows you to customize the desired intensity. Apply it in layers and with more pressure to achieve a dark, oily effect, or use a lighter touch and blend to soften it and give it a more natural look.This eyebrow pencil is absolutely perfect. You’ll love the color, not too hot, very natural, easy to use – it’s easy to apply, stays in place and washes easily.

Eyebrow shadow

Many people prefer shadows to other products in eyebrow makeup. It is believed that they give a more natural result. This is because, thanks to their texture, shadows do not leave sharp graphic lines unless they are applied wet.

This treStiQue features are best-selling mini eye essentials in neutral shades perfect for any skin tone or eye color.Solid color and nice palette for blending They are long lasting with smudge resistant and easy to use.

Best eyebrow gel

Transparent gel will help you fix the desired shape of the eyebrows. And the colored gel is suitable for a makeup with a slight enhancement of their natural shade. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel is a gel that sets and tints brows with flexible hold.It keeps the eyebrows in place, doesn’t look greasy or like you’ve been lathering up gel. your eyebrows are tinted and it makes your mornings even easier.

Eyebrow makeup tips

Eyebrows stencils

Eyebrow stencil is a special plate with slits in the shape of eyebrows. They are applied to the skin and used to clearly draw a contour. Ready-made stencils are rarely universal; the width, length, outlines of the eyebrows are all individual. However, even if you make the stencil yourself, there is a risk that it will be inconvenient to work with this tool. There is a high risk that the contour lines will be too clear and sharp to give away your make-up efforts.


It makes sense to master the eyebrow makeup without stenciling. A few days of practice will be enough for you to get a make-up that is both beautiful and natural. However, first you need to decide what means you will use to tint your eyebrows.

  • A pencil is what you need if your eyebrows “do not hold” the shape. This tool will help you make their contour more defined and, if necessary, fill in the gaps to create a thick eyebrow effect. Many people initially work with a strong pressure pencil. If naturalness is important to you, the strokes should be light.
  • Dry shadows are a good option for those who are confident in make-up techniques and can handle a bevelled brush perfectly. Setting the shades on its sharp edge, you can easily accentuate the contour of your eyebrows. To complete the natural make-up, apply shades on the hairs inside the contour with strokes.
  • Lipstick and cream shades are suitable for a more noticeable emphasis on the eyebrows. However, in natural makeup they can also be used if you have dark colored eyebrows. Such cosmetics should be applied in a very dose and again without pressure, with strokes.
  • The gel can be chosen by girls with beautiful natural sable eyebrows, which only need to be slightly combed and laid. In this case, the makeup will be as close to the “original data” as possible.

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