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Microblading Eyebrows

When and how to wash after permanent eyebrow makeup?

Permanent makeup has become a part of the life of many girls and women. It is very affordable, it allows you to make the appearance brighter, correct some shortcomings, and the price is not so high for many. However, there are rules to follow. In this regard, women have a lot of questions. For example, when and how to wash your face after permanent eyebrow makeup.

Why is it impossible to wet the tattoo?

Before or after the procedure, the master will tell you how to care for the eyebrows and face after the tattoo. He will tell you in detail about what absolutely cannot be done and will also recommend care products. And the most important recommendation is the ban on water treatments. You can not ignore it, as it can lead to the most unpleasant consequences. During the procedure, the upper layer of the skin is damaged and a coloring pigment is applied to a certain depth. After the session, the injured area should be allowed to heal naturally for two weeks, using only antiseptic and healing agents.

Contact with water should be avoided, as there is a possibility of introducing infection into open wounds. In addition, in no case should you warm the skin, expose it to steam and moisture, as the integrity of the pigment in this case may be compromised. As a result, the tattoo will not be what the girl expected to see in the final version. It is also worth considering that in the process of washing with water it is difficult to avoid friction and this can lead to the discharge of a crust, which will carry some of the pigment with it. Therefore, it can damage the look of the tattoo.

How many days can I not wash my face?

After permanent makeup, you will have to completely limit contact with water for a while. In the first hours after the procedure, the eyebrow area may burn slightly, the sensation is extremely unpleasant, and therefore there is an irresistible desire to wash with cold water. It looks like this will definitely help relieve the burning sensation. Indeed, this is not the case. And forget about the water. You can only very gently pat your eyebrows with a cotton swab dipped in chlorhexidine. After a while, smear with a healing ointment, barely touching the eyebrows. Sleep should be facing up. Under no circumstances should you assume the position with the face in the pillow. To fall asleep easier, you can take a pain reliever at night.

How long you can’t wash your face depends on how the healing process is progressing. And if you follow all the advice of the master, you can shorten this period. If you feel that you can not wash your face, use cosmetics, then it is better to schedule the procedure so that the next few days are days off, and even better to spend this time on vacation.

At first, there will be not only some physical, but also moral discomfort, as the eyebrows will look quite bright and unusual. Normal color, which was conceived together with the master, will appear only after two weeks, when complete healing will occur. The second day will already be noticeably easier than the first in terms of unpleasant and painful sensations, but you still can’t use the water.

If you still need to leave the house and at the same time carry out grooming procedures, apply makeup, then this should be done very carefully, bypassing the eyebrow area.

The same tonic, lotion or micellar water should be carefully applied to a cotton swab in a small amount and dried from the face, remembering that you should not touch the eyebrows. They are treated with an antiseptic and healing agent. The ichor on this day may no longer stand out or go in very small quantities. You have to dry it very carefully with a soft sterile napkin or cotton swab.

The next days will pass in the same mode, you will have to perform all the same manipulations. Water is still banned. For about 4-5 days, if healing proceeds correctly and all recommendations are followed, a scab will appear on the injured area. And no matter how unattractive it may seem, you can’t touch it, let alone wet it with water.

If you wash your face these days, rub your eyebrows, you can undo all the efforts of the master and yours too. If the scab is accidentally torn on purpose, some of the pigment may peel off with it. Washing is also fraught with such a situation. That is why it is important to wait for the crust to fall off on its own. It will pull away unevenly, in pieces, the eyebrows will come off. Of course, there will be a desire to wash. But you will only have to wait until the crust falls off.

When the eyebrows are completely clean, you can wash your face for the first time, but this must be done very carefully, avoiding strong friction. So you shouldn’t wipe your face, but gently pat it dry with a soft, clean towel. Also be careful when using care products.

How to wash your hair and face safely?

Of course, another problem after the tattoo is shampoo. A rare girl washes her hair less often than at least once every three days, and some do it every day. Therefore, before going to the tattoo artist, you should definitely wash your hair. This will allow you not to think about how to wash your hair without getting your eyebrows wet for at least a couple of days.

Compliance with the necessary rules does not at all mean that you have to do without hygienic procedures. Sure, you can take a shower, but very fast and great. In this case, it is imperative to avoid hitting the jets on the head and face.

First, you need to wear a light protective cap so that it covers the eyebrows. It is only important to consider that in no case should it rub or press on the injured area.

If you still need to wash your head, there are several options to consider.

  • There are situations where it is important to give your hair the look of cleanliness and shine. In these cases, dry shampoo will save you for a while. It should be applied to the hair and combed, and for a while you can do without a full-fledged shampoo. But this, of course, is only a temporary solution.
  • A more complete and at the same time safer option is to go to a hairdresser. There, everything is provided not only for conveniently washing hair, but also for applying a nourishing balm, mask. A one-time shampoo will definitely not ruin anyone, but you can get clean hair without damaging the tattoo and forget about the shampoo problem for at least a couple of days. This option is definitely worth considering for those who are going to an important meeting. Well-styled and washed hair is very important in this situation, and healing eyebrows can always be hidden under bangs or dark glasses. It all depends on the time of year and the meeting place.
  • Don’t dismiss the extreme case when you still need to wash your hair at home. Then you can wrap your forehead with a clean cellophane bag and attach a towel on top for reliability. The structure should be created in such a way that the cellophane does not fit too tightly. In this case, you need to quickly take a shower, wash your hair, trying to tilt it back and prevent water from getting on your forehead. The water should be cool, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time in the shower. The whole procedure should take a maximum of 15 minutes. As for the face, it can also be washed with the usual means, for example, gel or facial cleanser.

Any of these options will keep the brows out of the water. But if there is an opportunity to collect hair in a ponytail, tolerate 3-4 days, then this is worth doing. As soon as the crust on the eyebrows begins to fall out on its own, you can safely wash your hair.

The more carefully all recommendations are followed, the faster the healing process will be and all the usual and necessary procedures will be available.

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