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Eye Makeup

The right makeup for eyeglass wearers.

Eyeglasses constitute an indispensable comfort tool for so many people, but … not only. Even those who might opt for more discreet contact lenses often prefer to enjoy glasses because of the possibility of using this accessory as if it were an added value in terms of fashion and contemporary trends.

But how can one put on makeup if one wears eyeglasses? What is the right makeup to be able to use glasses and enhance your look?

Makeup for glasses

Let’s start by reminding you of something that generally eyeglass wearers know very well. The eyes end up looking smaller, especially if you are nearsighted, and dark circles under the eyes are highlighted. Quite a problem… except that through the right make-up one can run for cover, achieving a really appreciable result that can counterbalance such flaws, turning them into real strengths. But how?

One thing seems to be certain. Make-up for eyeglass wearers should tend toward brightness, and should try to open the eyes, rather than close them. Evidently, there is no one-size-fits-all makeup for all women, as make-up will have to be tailored to the specific characteristics of each one. However, there are some rules that we recommend you consider, regardless of the type of eyes and glasses.

Best to avoid dark colors

A simple trick, which we want to share as a real priority for all women who wish to approach this mode of make-up effectively, is related to the need to avoid dark colors.

Therefore, take a butter- or ivory-colored pencil, and run it over the lower inner rhyme of the eyes. The light color will make them look bigger and more open, as well as more rested (the dark pencil may instead be intended on the outer part of the lower and upper eyelids). Same light colors should be adopted for eye shadows: it is best to avoid dark colors, while there is a vigorous green light for ivory, pink, cream and all light and bright shades.

Well, to be able to correct this blemish you can well apply a good covering concealer, devoting attention to choosing the right tones. Start by applying a yellow one to correct the blue halo typical of dark circles, and then a flesh-colored one that replicates the color of your foundation.

A few final secrets!

Let’s conclude with a few final secrets. First of all, in order to make the eyes look fresher, there is nothing better than applying a little illuminant or light eye shadow. Finally, use mascara generously.

Watch this video with some great tips for perfect make-up for eyeglass wearers.

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