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Elena D’Amario, the new look is a real sight for the eyes

Elena D’Amario is definitely among the former students of Amici who made it. She entered the most famous school on TV in 2009, she was little more than 18 years old, but right from the start with her talent, charisma and beauty she managed to win over the audience. It is hard to take your eyes off her at every performance.

She did not win the ninth edition of Amici, although prof, critics and audience agreed on her skill but the talent gave the dancer the right boost. After the program ended, Elena D’Amario was noticed by choreographer David Parsons, who brought her in as a prima ballerina in the Parsons Dance Company, one of the most famous dance companies in the world.

Elena D’Amario, new photos and spectacular look

Even today Elena D’Amario boasts collaborations with many choreographers and directors, who have chosen her for video clips, shows, TV programs, and commercials. A few examples? She was her in both Achille Lauro’s ‘Me ne frego’ video and Nek’s ‘Uno di questi giorni’. We also saw her at Sanremo 2022 with Elisa, who wanted her on stage with her as an integral part of the performance.

Since 2015, Elena D’Amario has also been a professional dancer on Amici but the public has a way of following and appreciating her on Instagram as well. She does not share much about her private life, preferring to show herself struggling with her many professional commitments, but the latest post deserves to be mentioned. Crazy is putting it mildly in the pictures behind the making of a stage costume, with seamstresses and costume designers.

“Dance is a cage where one learns to fly,” Elena D’Amario writes below quoting French author and singer Claude de Nougaro, but one cannot help but be enraptured by her. The mini dress (it has been cropped) has a golden mesh-effect fabric embellished with small crystals with the back remaining partly uncovered. She wore it for a choreography inside a cage that she compared to dance, precisely. Bright red lipstick and loose, wavy hair that ‘danced’ with her did the rest: spectacular.

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