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Eye Makeup

How to put on bold eyeliner to get big eyes?

Eyeliner lovers know how versatile this product is: one stroke is enough to completely change our eye makeup and consequently our look!

You will be clad in a new style that will not go unnoticed! This look is perfect for all women who are confident and aware of their seductive power, daily warriors ready to take the field to take only the best in life. It emphasizes femininity, but with a unique grit and unabashed determination. There are those who prefer a subtle and discreet stroke, those who like to infinitely lengthen the pigtail that makes the eyes look bigger and more intense, and those who go for unexpected graphic effects. But the application of bold eyeliner hides more secrets than we imagine! Let’s find out together what it is all about.

Applying bold eyeliner makes the look grittier with a bold line for a confident woman.

What is bold eyeliner?

Although it is one of the make-up trends of the moment, bold eyeliner is certainly not new: a thick, bold eyeliner line with an eye-catching and seductive mood has already been on the crest of a wave at other times-just think of Amy Winehouse’s scratchy looks of the early 2000s! Such a thick and visible line has the characteristic of focusing all the attention on the gaze, highlighting the eyes, whatever color they may be, spreading the gaze wide and making the look distinctly grittier. In fact, as make-up artists explain, the thicker the eyeliner line, the bigger the eye looks! Plus it’s a thoroughly modern detail and, another plus point, you only need one tool to achieve it: your favorite eyeliner!

Start by taking some black eyeshadow with a thin, flat brush and draw a line that starts from the inner corner of the eye, following the contour, and arrives just outside the outer corner outlining the classic pigtail. Proceed by blending it evenly or opting for a smokey-eye, but always without overdoing it and without giving up that super delicate effect that only pastel shades can create.

Getting an accurate result may take a bit of trial and error, so play it by ear: stand in front of the mirror and try and try again until you get the result you hoped for! After all this trial and error, it’s time for the eyeliner: give it the shape you want and go over your eyeshadow with black liquid eyeliner, then fix it by tapping on a new layer of black eyeshadow, which will also have the effect of making the result even more impactful.

How to match bold eyeliner?

Bold eyeliner can be declined in a variety of ways, to create thick, visible strokes but that can be geometric, sharp or reinterpret the cat eye look in an even bolder way. The best way to accompany such a bold eye makeup that can put the eyes in the foreground is to go for a make-up in soft or nude shades, as simple as possible to highlight the bold eyeliner line.

First create an imperfection-free face base that can highlight your makeup as it deserves; if you want, you can also do a light contouring that highlights your strengths while minimizing blemishes. Also pay attention to your eyebrows, which should frame your eyes by enhancing and “opening” them: study a shape that enhances your face and always keep them neat and tidy.

What about the lips? They can be made up with a simple transparent lip gloss, with a nude lipstick or, for the most important occasions, with a brightly colored lipstick that won’t make you go unnoticed. A truly unique beauty look. Which perfectly combines the character and personality of black and bold-effect eyeliner with the delicacy and sweetness of pastel and shimmery colors. A reminder of the freshness and romantic atmospheres typical of the spring season, but if they adapt to all seasonality. For an exclusive, sensual, magnetic and definitely super cool result.

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