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Eye Makeup

The most flattering hair colors for green eyes, according to experts

If you are thinking of trying a new hair color but don’t know exactly what look you want to achieve, it might be helpful to look at your eye color. In addition to skin tone, professional hairdressers evaluate their clients’ eyes when recommending a new shade.

This means that, without even realizing it, your green eyes are pointing you in the direction of the best and most flattering hair colors for you. It all comes down to basic color theory: some shades complement each other better than others. Hair color can really bring out green eyes. While blue eyes can sport virtually any shade of blond and brown hair, brown eyes are so universal that the options are limitless.

Green eyes, on the other hand, look best when paired with warm tones. Copper and gold tones specifically make the other shaded shades of green stand out so beautifully. Because if you look closely at your green eyes, they are likely to have flecks of gold, copper and yellow.

If you’re still having trouble determining whether your new hair color will stand out your green eyes, it would be super cool to recommend looking at the colors you naturally gravitate to in other areas of beauty. Pay attention to your likes and dislikes when it comes to makeup shades, especially eye shadows, and follow the same palette as your hair color.

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