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Dark circles concealer: 4 tips to hide panda eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a girl’s worst nightmare, along with extra pounds, cellulite and skin imperfections. Yes, we women are complicated. We are more than aware of it, but after all, our constant focus on wanting to be flawless and perfect all the time appeals to boys, too, and we know that very well, too.

But if the extra pounds and skin imperfections we manage to like because, hey, getting rid of them is not as hard as you think, the dark circles under the eyes we just can’t digest. Those stay on our backs and give us a strong feeling of discomfort that will make us sick all day long. Yes, we women are famous for brooding, am I right?

Dark circles under the eyes are hard to get rid of. We get them every morning as soon as we get out of bed. And if good habits state that the first thing to do as soon as we wake up is to stand in front of a mirror and smile at our reflection, the infamous bags under the eyes are that antagonist that forces us to fight with the desire to escape. The result? You rush to the kitchen with the hope that a good cup of coffee will lift our mood.

But have you really tried them all?

As you know, there is a wide selection of dark circles concealer on the market, a very useful tool that is used to hide bags under the eyes. The problem is that you don’t know which one to use, do you? There are so many of them and with so many different colors that you’re afraid of doing more harm than good. I know, I understand you. That’s why I’m here to help you!

Dark circles concealer is the cosmetic product par excellence in concealing under-eye bags. But what is the right shade to rely on?

If your dark circles are a veined blue color, the concealer to use is a yellow based on a lighter skin tone: it masks the blue tint and brightens the face. If your problem is darker dark circles, I recommend going for a peach or orange.

Experts also recommend using a dark circles concealer as a base to avoid under-eye crusting. To apply just put a small amount on your ring finger and gently sweep it over the dark circles until you get a smooth, natural-looking surface. Remember that the movement should be even.

You should know, however, that dark circles are the result of an untroubled night. Although you are convinced that you have rested well, dark circles let you know that this is not exactly the case. If you want to prevent them, I advise you to take some time for yourself and try to create good habits that promote a good night’s rest.

Dark circles under the eyes corrector: the 4 steps to say goodbye to a bad awakening

1. Conceal

Do you know how to recognize the right shade of dark circles concealer for you? The color wheel provides you with the answer! What am I talking about? In the previous paragraphs I told you how to hide blue bags under the eyes you need to go for an orange, which is nothing but the opposite color on the color wheel. The same yardstick should be used for all other shades. For example, a fair skin should be enhanced with a peach color, while a dark skin should be brightened with an orange or a rosy that enhances its features.

It is essential that the concealer for dark circles be one to two shades darker than the skin so that it can hide them. Apply the product on the lower part, under the eyes, to completely cover the dark circles and don’t worry about smudging. It does not matter if you are not precise in this first step, in the next few steps you will see how to bring home the perfect result.

2. Funds

If foundation is not your best friend, use a dark circles concealer of the same skin tone and apply it on top, where you just put down the previous concealer. Yes, we use two products of the same type to give the skin an all-natural effect. This process is used to blend both colors on the skin and eliminate smudges from before.

3. Illuminate

It’s a completely optional step, but if looking in the mirror you can still notice those pesky bags under your eyes, then it’s time to brighten your face with a lighter shade of dark circles concealer.

All you’ll need is a thin-tipped product with a light consistency. Choose a shade lighter than your skin tone and apply some under the eye, using a soft-tipped brush to blend the product gently.

4. Apply

Having reached this point you can apply some powder and proceed with the make-up. You can avoid this if you have dry skin. In this case you just need a matte eyeshadow with a light shade. You apply it using the same soft-tipped brush I recommended earlier and go to place it under your eyes to hold the dark circles concealer well and prevent it from melting and smudging during the day. If necessary, apply it to the T-zone and under the eyes with a flat, thin sponge.

I realize that this is perhaps a bit of a time-consuming process for those who already get up in the morning with the minutes counted, but if you want to avoid entering the office with the panda effect, I recommend that you set your alarm ten minutes earlier. Your mood will certainly be rewarded, and you will be able to have a peaceful and satisfied day with your face.

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