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Eye Makeup

Eyeglasses and long hair, which is the best cut?

In addition to being a simple tool for eyesight, glasses have over time become a real fashion accessory. And some of you have to wear them every day. So you can’t just go out and buy the first pair you see. Here are our tips on how to choose the right ones.

Stylish Frames. Director Woody Allen seems to be a bit of a pioneer when it comes to style specs! His famous round nerd glasses are a big hit right now. Frames that are perfectly round at the bottom but squarer toward the top avoid taking the library geek look too far! Women should also consider cat-eye glasses for a 1950s style. This frame pattern arches slightly at the outer edges where the arms join the frame. Other frames to choose are oversize frames with thick or fine edges. These will look especially good on women with long hair.

What color? You may have a favorite color, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it suits you. So be sure to try a lot of different frames before making your decision. If the color suits your face, try it on! If, however, you find it gives you a dull complexion, try another one. It is generally best to opt for neutral, fashionable shades. If you have long, light hair, avoid colors that are too dark, which can harden your features.

Style your hair. If you have long hair and wear glasses, try to avoid flat styles, otherwise you will end up with a stern, secretarial look. Avoid the ultra-tight ponytail at all costs. Instead, choose a low ponytail. You can also try waves, a ruffled down-do or a loose braid.

Glasses and short hair, which is the best cut? We suggest 5 of them

Short hair with glasses creates an elegant look – no one can deny it. There are lots of styles that look good with short hair and glasses! Pixies, bobs, shaggy crops and shaved haircuts, you’re sure to find the best option for you. Just remember that glasses should flatter your face shape and coordinate with your hairstyle.

1. Short bob with long side bangs. To achieve balance, women with short hair and glasses need to consider the size, shape and color of the frame as well as the color and length of their hair. The combination of a pixie bob in your favorite shade of blond, long bangs, subtle drop frames and your beautiful cheekbones will look super stylish.

2. Short haircut for round face with glasses. There are many beautiful hairstyle ideas for women with round faces and eyeglasses. Consider having a messy pixie with a deep side part.

3. Short haircut for rectangular frames. Rectangular glasses are wide. This means that the best haircuts for them would be textured pixies, longer bobs and unstructured bobs. Ruffled bangs of all kinds are also good choices. Best, however, to avoid clean, geometric haircuts.

4. Gray hair and glasses. Short hairstyles for gray hair and glasses are not boring. Your main goal is to create the right texture and volume while adding life and vibrancy to your look.

5. Short fine hair with glasses. Short hairstyles for fine hair with glasses can range from pixie cuts to shorter bobs and shags; you can curl the hair with layers or just add some volume at the root and leave it straight. Either way looks good. The same thing works for thin hair and glasses.

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