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Eyebrow TattooMicroblading Eyebrows

Eyebrow tattoo vs Microblading: which procedure to choose?

Permanent makeup has become very popular in the beauty industry today. It differs from traditional makeup in that, in order to achieve long-lasting results, the coloring pigment is applied to the skin using invasive techniques that penetrate the inner layers of the dermis. The most popular technique today is tattooing. With it, it is possible to correct the shape and color of eyebrows and lips, and to draw arrows on the upper eyelids.

Thanks to this, clients do not need to apply makeup every day, at any time they will have a fresh and expressive look. The microblading technique is also very popular. To understand the difference between eyebrow tattoo and microblading, and make the right choice, we suggest you read this article.

How microblading and eyebrow tattooing are done?

1. Microblading.

How microblading eyebrow done

With this technique, it is possible to adjust the shape of the eyebrows according to your desire and fashion. Microblading differs from hair tattooing by the use of the main working tool – a special pen-scalpel with a sharp blade in the form of a feather. The master inflicts small subtle strokes, repeating the shape of his own client, filling the cuts with color pigments. This delicately done work allows to obtain a natural effect, thanks to which the eyebrows have a very natural look.

Before the session begins, the specialist models the shape with a pencil sketch and agrees on a sketch with the client.

Now there are two microblading techniques, which differ from each other in the style of drawing:

  • European. The hairs are drawn in one direction of equal length and width. The eyebrows become excessively graphic and clear, and their artificiality is deliberately underlined.
  • Oriental. The master draws each line, repeating the direction of hair growth of the client’s eyebrows. Varying the length and width of the incision, the specialist achieves the effect of maximum naturalness. Only highly qualified masters, with the appropriate qualifications, are able to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results.

there are two microblading techniques

Microblade eyebrows procedure differs from the tattoo by a different method of execution, and on this basis it is possible to identify the following advantages:

  • It is possible to change the shape of eyebrows, their curvature, thickness, length and shade. An experienced master will select the most harmonious image that will only emphasize the natural beauty and attractiveness of the client. The technique of manual stroking allows to improve the shape of eyebrows, giving them a natural look.
  • The cosmetic effect, which allows to hide the damage received at birth or during life. By agreement with the client, the master can draw over scars, scars, large scratches a large number of hairs, which will give the visual impression of the absence of the defect.
  • People with allergic reactions to decorative cosmetics microblading will help to look great without its use. The dye pigment used to fill the incisions is hypoallergenic, because it consists of natural components. But in any case, a professional cosmetologist will always offer to undergo a preliminary skin test to avoid complications associated with an individual reaction to the ingredients of the preparation.
  • After the procedure, you only need a few days to recover. Redness and swelling in the incision area are common and disappear very quickly due to the fact that the hand application technique allows minimal damage to the skin, affecting only the top layer of the skin. There are no side effects after complete healing.
  • Microblading leaves the native eyebrow hairs intact.

eyebrow microblade is possible to identify the advantages

The disadvantages of the procedure include:

  • Price. Perhaps this is the biggest disadvantage of microblading. The cost of one session can reach 800$, depending on the prestige of the salon and the qualifications of the master, which is very different from the price of tattooing. The use of decorative cosmetics is much cheaper.
  • In contrast to automatic methods, success depends solely on the specialist, as microblading is a completely manual technique. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful in choosing a master.
  • In rare cases, individual intolerance and allergic reactions are possible.

2. Tattooing.

Eyebrow tattoo vs Microblading tattoo process

Consider the difference between Eyebrow tattoo vs Microblading.

There are several techniques in tattooing:

  • Hair. Each hair is traced, so the result of the procedure is close to the natural shape of the eyebrows, but different from the natural pattern. The session takes a large amount of time and requires a highly qualified specialist.
  • Shotting. A partial drawing of eyebrow hairs is made, and the main part of the colouring pigment is shaded in the gaps. After the procedure, the client receives clearly outlined shape with rare dashed lines, creating an effect of naturalness.
  • Shadow technique with shading. It simulates the eyebrows’ coloring with decorative shadows, emphasizing the natural curve.
  • Powder tattoo. Differs from other techniques of eyebrows correction by full filling of the contour with colouring substance.

There are several techniques in tattooing

During tattooing, the pigment is delivered into the deep layers of the dermis, which allows the effect of the procedure – a clear and bright eyebrow line – to be retained for 3.5-5 years. Subsequently, the dye is gradually removed from the skin, and the contour becomes pale.

After the tattoo procedure, the client does not need to apply makeup and correct the shape anymore. The use of this technique allows to refuse the daily drawing with a pencil and does not need constant correction of the contour. Drawing is not blurred by exposure to water. In addition to eyebrows, this procedure is also performed to give the desired look to the lips and for eyeliner of the upper eyelids.

permanent makeup lips

Powder tattooing is a painless procedure that differs from microblading in recovery time. Slight swelling and redness can last up to two weeks.

Permanent tattooing has significant disadvantages:

  • Irreversibility of the procedure and no possibility of correction.
  • Painful sensations when performing the technique.
  • The need to remove excess hairs when correcting the shape of the eyebrow.
  • Possible allergic reactions.
  • Recovery period of up to 14 days.

In a month after the session tattoo correction is carried out, allowing to make corrections if the conceived image did not turn out at once, or to improve the details.

Permanent tattooing has significant disadvantages

Eyebrow tattoo vs Microblading : What is the difference ?

Purpose of the process

Tattooing : The coloring pigment fills the entire area of the sketch evenly. Classical tattooing does not provide for partial changes at all – a corner of the eyebrow or the direction of hair growth.

Facial features are deliberately bright, geometrically highlighted. After the procedure, changes are impossible without the use of special cosmetic manipulations

Microblading : Each hair is drawn separately. After the procedure eyebrows remain natural. The shape and direction of hair growth are corrected, skin defects are masked.

The image is made light. If necessary, it is possible to add brightness with decorative cosmetics.


Tattooing : In classic tattooing, no color transitions are practiced, the correction area is evenly painted in one tone.

In powder permanent makeup – micro shading – there is a point nano spraying, which gives the effect of shading with shadows. This result is achieved by varying degrees of pressure on the machine.

The hair method is similar to microblading, but differs in that the strokes are applied with a mechanical tool, and the lines can be dotted because of the resulting vibration.

Microblading : In European microblading, the master makes strokes in one direction, giving the eyebrows a patterned shape.

Oriental technique is performed taking into account the peculiarities of the client’s hair growth. The direction, length, width of the stroke and color can be changed.

What distinguishes it from other types of microblading is a handmade microblading. With the help of a spot application of pigment, a powder eyebrow effect is created.

Tools and materials

Tattooing : For tattooing, automatic machines with a spraying needle that makes about a thousand piercings per minute are used. Usually different tools or attachments are used for different skin types. The needle penetrates the skin to a depth of 0.5 to 1 mm.

Microblading : Microblading uses a hand-held instrument that looks like a fountain pen (manipula), only instead of a pen, a thin scalpel blade is inserted, which is an interchangeable nozzle that is sterile for each client. The depth of penetration of the blade is 1-2 mm. The coloring pigments for both techniques do not differ from each other.

Who it suits

Tattooing : Girls who are used to using decorative cosmetics to highlight their eyebrows. The effect of the classic tattoo is comparable to that of makeup. The pigment shade can be chosen according to the client’s wishes.

Microblading : Clients who prefer natural beauty. Microblading helps to hide defects, corrects the natural shape of the eyebrow, adds volume and density.

Who doesn’t fit

Tattooing : Girls who prefer highlighting the eyes or lips. The eyebrows, designed in the classic technique of tattooing, are in themselves the main accent of makeup.

Microblading : Clients who naturally have thick and well-defined eyebrows. In this case, self-correction from time to time with plucking and henna or classic tattooing is enough. Microblading will be a redundant procedure here.


Tattooing : Before the tattoo session, a preliminary consultation is held. The specialist introduces you to his work, offers a sketch of the future procedure, selects the right shade of dye. He also tells about the essence of the methodology, contraindications and possible side effects, makes a skin test for possible allergies to the paint.

A few days before the procedure, you should refrain from using decorative cosmetics, alcohol, and caffeine-containing drinks. Within a week before the session, one should refrain from sunbathing and hand correction of eyebrows.

Microblading : Preparing for microblading procedure is not different from preparing for a tattooing session.

Event time

Tattooing : The classic eyebrow tattoo procedure usually lasts up to an hour and a half. In addition to the process of applying the pigment itself, this time includes treating the skin with antiseptic, drawing a sketch, and applying anesthesia. Sometimes manual removal of unnecessary hairs is required, which increases the overall duration of the session.

Microblading : The difference with the classic tattoo is small. Microblading procedure lasts from one to two hours, depending on the experience of the master.


Tattooing : Since tattooing uses a standard instrument, the painfulness of the procedure depends only on the client’s pain threshold. Local anesthesia is used to eliminate unpleasant sensations, so the patient feels only tingling and mild discomfort.

Microblading : Since the procedure involves incisions in the skin, pain is inevitable, so local anesthetics are used before the session.

In general, the sensations during classic tattooing and microblading are practically the same.

Speed of healing

Tattooing : After tattooing, the skin becomes red and swollen, and sometimes clients complain of pain. These symptoms disappear within two to three days, then crusts form in the place of punctures, which should not be removed forcibly – they fall off on their own after 10-14 days. The skin completely recovers within a month, after which the expected effect of the session appears.

Microblading : The recovery process after microblading is the same, but it may take less time, because the manual tool works once, while the needle of an automatic machine can make several punctures in one place, causing more extensive damage to the skin.

Skin Care

Tattooing : The more carefully the client will take care of the skin during the recovery period, the better will be the result of the procedure. It is necessary to use recommended creams and ointments. Do not wet the eyebrows until the complete healing, as well as apply decorative cosmetics, use scrubs and peels. Within a month after the procedure you should not be in the open sun, go to the sauna or the swimming pool.

Microblading : The rules of skin care after microblading do not differ from the care after classic tattooing. The only difference may be in the duration of rehabilitation, as the manual technique is more gentle.

Frequency of corrections

Tattooing : The pigment does not remain in the skin completely: after the crusts fall off and the skin heals, only 40-60% of the original brightness of the color remains, so correction is performed to saturate the shade and change the shape (if necessary). The first correction is carried out not earlier than in a month, the subsequent corrections are done according to the client’s wish. The pigment color retains its saturation for about a year and a half. Then it can be renewed.

Microblading : After microblading, correction is required more often. The first procedure is also performed after complete healing of the skin, with subsequent corrections after 7-8 months.


Tattooing : Only the absolute.

Microblading : The absolute restrictions for classic tattooing include a predisposition to the formation of keloid scars. Skin incisions increase the risk of scars, which can ruin the appearance forever.

Side effects

Tattooing : After tattooing there is redness and swelling of the skin, which can last up to several weeks. There is also a feeling of tightness and peeling. Hematoma formation is possible if the blood vessels are very fragile.

Microblading : The list of side effects of microblading does not differ from the consequences of classic tattooing.

What to choose: Eyebrow tattoo vs Microblading

What to choose Eyebrow tattoo vs Microblading

The choice between the two techniques of permanent makeup – tattooing and microblading – the client makes depending on his preferences and financial capabilities.

If the purpose of the cosmetic procedure is the desire to get a bright sharply defined eyebrows or lips of ideal shape with a soft shading, the tattoo is preferable, which is performed with a specialized machine.

If the same task – the correction of the natural contour of the eyebrows with giving them density and expressiveness by adding painted hairs to this, without violating their natural appearance, it is worth choosing microblading.

It differs from the tattoo at a much higher price for the procedure and the need for more frequent corrections. Permanent makeup costs four hundred to five hundred dollars. Manual tracing during microblading raises the price of the session, which averages about one thousand dollars.

According to a significant number of reviews, despite the cost of the procedure, microblading is chosen by an increasing number of clients. They are attracted by the naturalistic effect, individual approach and the possibility, if necessary, to make corrections.

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time performing complicated and unpleasant procedures at home. It is much easier to ask for help from real professionals .

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