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Eyebrow Face shape

Eyebrows: how to choose the right shape?

Straight, rounded, thick and wild: there are many types of eyebrows. And each era has seen different trends emerge. The shape of the eyebrows tells the evolution of female aesthetics. Here’s how to find the right one.

If today the most popular are the eyebrows bold, thick, full and important, in the past it was not always like this. The 1920s for example, they saw the imposition of one form curve, with a melancholy air. The following decade she wanted them very round and thin and then it arrived, thanks to the beauty of Marilyn Monroe the gull wing shape who had a very long-lived moment of glory. In the following years, then, the thin eyebrow shapes (seventies), bushy (eighties), again fine (nineties). The new millennium, on the other hand, decrees the success of the custom shape or studied on the basis of face shape with a clear goal: the search for absolute harmony.

Eyebrow shape: which one is right for me?

It is always said that the eyebrows they define the architecture of the face, in particular of the gaze: this is why it is essential to find the right one. A few examples. If you have a small forehead, a too thick eyebrow will never be the right solution for you. Like, for example, a very straight shape on a round face. There are some little tricks that help us understand which one is the right shape for our face. Here they are.

Eyebrows form points of interest

There right shape and how to find it

It starts from the starting point of the single eyebrow which is generally parallel to the line of the bridge of the nose. To figure out the right spot, just draw one oblique line which starts from the nostril of the nose and passes through the corner of the eye touching the eyebrow. The next step is to calculate the highest point of the eyebrow arch. Take a pencil or brush and looking straight in the mirror, place it in front of the outside of the iris. To find where your eyebrow ends, place one end of the pencil along your nose and the other on your temple. The intersection point will help you understand where the eyebrow should end (it will be very useful when you need to make up them later). Once you have drawn these points, you will be clear about the shape, and where you will need to fill in or thin out. But how many types of eyebrows exist? We tell you in the next paragraphs!

All eyebrow shapes: straight ones

Often thick and natural, they have a barely hinted arch and are generally very long. For this reason, they donate to those who have a elongated face and / or with the high forehead or whoever wants to highlight the eyes.

Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie.

Soft arched eyebrows

They create a defined arc but with a soft curve. They are, of all, the most natural looking ones. They are recommended for those who have the heart face shape with a slightly pointed chin and cheekbones in evidence or to those who have the diamond face shape.

Reese Whiterspoon.
Reese Whiterspoon.

… And sharp arched brows

Are the eyebrows ad Seagull wings with a sharper curve than the previous shape. If you have the round visa shape but you would like it more elongated, they are the ones that are right for you.

Megan Fox.
Megan Fox.

Arched eyebrows

This type of eyebrow has an S shape: they go downwards and then rise at a sharp angle and then fall back downwards. They are recommended for those who want focus attention on the cheeks and whoever he wants enhance small cheekbones.

Gigi Hadid.
Gigi Hadid.

How to make up your eyebrows?

After having redesigned them, for give more definition is to import make up your eyebrows. Here’s how to do it. Use one pipe cleaner to comb up and then draw small strokes with the pencil to fill in the gaps. Do the same by combing the lashes down and then define the tip and the arch. In the end, blend with the comb to make the features more natural and fixed with a eyebrow gel.

How to calculate the right eyebrow shape?

To find the right place to start them, place a pencil vertically between the nostril and the inner corner of the eye.

How do you know if the eyebrows are the same?

Our face is never perfectly symmetrical, so it is said that eyebrows must be sisters, not twins.

How to choose the right eyebrow color?

It needs to come as close to your hair color as possible. Always choose a lighter half tone if you don’t want to harden your features too much. Pay attention to the undertone too! If you have an ash brown, stay away from a too warm shade of brown.

How do you thin your eyebrows?

To avoid pushing too hard and doing (almost) irreparable damage, we advise you, at least the first time, to have the most suitable shape for your face drawn by a professional. Once you have established the correct shape you can resort to waxing or use high quality tweezers to “clean” the area from excess hairs.

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