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Eyebrow Face shape

Eyebrows best suited to face shape: how to choose them

Before dissecting the technique called eyebrow mapping, a quick note on tools: it is important to invest in high-quality tools when maintaining eyebrows from home. “Some tweezers can make hair removal more painful than necessary or break the hair near the base, so invest in a good pair of angled tips,” says Soare. “In the meantime, you want sharp, precise scissors, because even a millimeter can make the difference between a perfect trim and a big gap.”

Align the tweezers vertically with the bridge of the nose facing the forehead. According to Healy, the front of the forehead should begin where this imaginary line meets the forehead. If you want, draw a small line to indicate this point. Move the edge of the tweezer so that it lines up with the corner of your nose and the outer corner of your eye. The end of your tail should be where this imaginary line and the brow bone meet. “It can even go a little beyond the corner of your eyes if you need a little extra length,” shares Healy, “as long as it doesn’t go into the hollow of your temple.”

Finally, trace the arch, which should be about two-thirds of the way out from the front of the eyebrow toward the temple, roughly along the line that would connect the center tip of the nose with the center of the iris. Regardless of your specific shape, this should be the highest point on your forehead.

The best eyebrows for every face shape

While everyone’s individual features are bound to be different, there are some general rules for finding the right brow shape based on your face shape.

The best eyebrow shape for the round face

If you have a round face, where the length and width are about the same size, opt for a high arch to add structure and length. This will eventually help narrow the face and open it up.

Best eyebrow shape for rectangular and long face

Those with longer faces, where the length is almost double the width, should opt for straighter, longer eyebrows to help add width and break up the shape. Rectangular faces are similar to long faces in that the length is almost twice the width, but they tend to have a more defined jawline. In this case, our experts suggest trying to create a softer, fuller and slightly curved forehead to soften the jaw.

Best eyebrow shape for triangular face shape

If you have a wider jawline than your forehead with a more triangular face shape, consider low, curved brows with lots of volume and fullness. Be sure to keep the tails pointing upward; downward sloping brows will eventually lengthen the face and make the features appear harder.

The best eyebrow shape for heart and diamond faces

For those with the opposite characteristics-a wider forehead than jawline-and a more pointed chin, slightly thicker, straight eyebrows with a soft, rounded arch will help balance the features. Rounded arches are also great for diamond-shaped faces, in which the cheekbones are wide with a small forehead and pointed chin. In general, experts suggest that diamond-shaped faces keep the eyebrows natural and undone.

Best eyebrow shape for oval face shape

Oval face shapes should adhere to level eyebrows with a slight arch, since the face is probably already symmetrical.

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