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Eyebrow Face shape

How to shave eyebrows: the guide to not making mistakes

How do you shave your eyebrows at home without risking ruining the shape of the browbone? The most suitable method is hair removal with tweezers, to remove hair with precision without irritating the skin too much. Here’s everything you need to know about eyebrow hair removal, the step by step guide and the mistakes you shouldn’t make.

The eyebrow is the frame of the gaze: it is often underestimated but an eyebrow arch messy and careless, it can ruin your beauty look, making it look unkempt. For this reason it is essential to always take care of it, removing excess hair and cleaning the browbone constantly, even if you love nature looks. The important thing is not to distort the eyebrow arch too much to follow a fashion: let’s remember that eyebrow trends have often changed over the last 100 years, and that almost always after excessive twisting there is no going back. The advice is to contact an expert, especially if you haven’t shaved them for a long time: the risk of creating two different and asymmetrical eyebrow arches is in fact very high when the eyebrows are not already defined. On the other hand, when your arch is defined, you can take care of it at home by following a few simple rules to avoid accidents. Here are all the tips and rules to follow to pluck your eyebrows in the right way.

How to pluck your eyebrows: the step by step guide

As easy as it may seem, plucking eyebrows isn’t always that simple. Sometimes it is enough to remove too much hair to create a horrible hole or to change the shape of the eyebrows. So what are the rules to follow to pluck your eyebrows in the right way?

Here is the step by step guide to remove unwanted hair from the eyebrow arch:

1. Comb

The first thing to do is to comb the eyebrows to have them in perfect order and then be able to proceed with the hair removal in an orderly way. Use a interdental brush or, if you don’t have it, an old mascara brush that you have carefully cleaned. Comb the browbone upwards bringing the hair outwards: in this way it will be easier to see the hairs out of place and it will therefore be easier to remove only those that ruin the definition of the arch.

2. Study the proportions

One of the most important steps in hair removal is to understand the structure which has the browbone, where it begins and where it ends. To do this you will need a pencil to outline the main points of your eyebrow: the attachment of the eyebrows, the highest angle and the end. Place the pencil vertically at the corner of the nostril: when the tip of the pencil crosses the eyebrows it defines itself the starting point. It may happen that the eyebrow is further away from the point drawn by the pencil and in that case to create the perfect proportions you will have to fill your arch with makeup. To define the final point of your eyebrow you will have to move the pencil towards the outer corner of the eye, always keeping it resting on the nostril, while you will find the bow passing the pencil through the center of the eye: the point found will be the highest one, where the eyebrows should have a gentle and natural curve.

3 methods to pluck your eyebrows

What methods exist for plucking eyebrows? Although the easiest method to use at home for DIY hair removal is tweezers, other methods available include waxing and Arabic thread. These last two techniques, however, are carried out by specialized operators and do-it-yourself is not recommended, because they are more complicated and especially in the case of waxing, risky.

1. Tweezers

Eyebrow hair removal with tweezers is the best known and the easiest to do alone. The tweezers, unlike other methods, allows you to remove only the excess hair that is not needed for the structure of the browbone, choosing millimeter after millimeter which one to remove. Hair removal takes a little longer and in some cases a bit more painful than waxing, but it allows for a more accurate result.

2. Waxing

Eyebrow waxing involves waxing the arch through wax and strips, just like body waxing. It is a more aggressive hair removal method than tweezers and therefore it is not recommended for the most sensitive skin, and the risk of making mistakes by removing important hairs for the eyebrow structure is very high if you are not experienced. Furthermore, an additional risk that is run especially in this area is that of burning the skin, creating unsightly scars and abrasions.

3. Arabic thread

Hair removal with the Arab thread is perhaps the oldest, but at the same time it is the most recent to have arrived in Italy. It is a delicate technique and therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin, which allows you to eliminate even the finest and thinnest hair that often cannot be removed with tweezers, without risking irritating the skin as it could happen with waxing. . It is extremely precise and above all almost completely painless: hair removal is carried out using a cotton thread with which a ring is created to be twisted on itself 4 times, thus creating the intersection point. The thread must be held by thumb and forefinger: one hand will keep them closed, while opening the thumb and forefinger of the other hand you will create a movement that will allow the thread to weed out the hair. However, this is a rather complicated method to do on your own, so DIY is not recommended.

5 mistakes to avoid when shaving your eyebrows

In addition to the rules to follow to make a correct hair removal, it is essential to avoid making some mistakes: it may seem trivial and obvious but there are some small precautions to avoid in order not to encounter unpleasant accidents.

1.Tear against the grain: when you shave your eyebrows you must always follow the natural direction of hair growth, to avoid breaking it or thus causing the appearance of ingrown hairs. Make a firm but at the same time delicate tear.

2.Sepilation too frequently: the rebellious hairs can also be removed daily to always have the eyebrow arch under control, but it is good to space the complete hair removal at least two weeks, to avoid irritating the area or resorting to excessive twisting.

3.Use magnifying mirror: Contrary to popular belief, using a magnifying mirror to shave your eyebrows may not turn out to be a great idea, as you tend to lose the overall vision, thus eliminating more hair than you should.

4.Using poor quality tweezers: the quality of the tweezers is also important to perform an excellent hair removal. A poor quality tool could make hair removal difficult because the grip could be loose, the blade too thick or too aggressive on the skin.

5.Follow the fads: eyebrow hair removal should never follow the trend of the moment, but should be calibrated according to the proportions of our face and our eyes, in order to avoid finding ourselves hairless in a few years as happened to those who followed the trend of thin eyebrows in the 90’s.

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