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Eyebrow Makeup

How to do your own eyebrows? Tips for not making mistakes

It is not easy to do your own eyebrows for the first time, but with lots of practice, calmness and confidence you can succeed. So, let’s see how to do it, what to use, how to draw the shape but also alternative methods, how to trim and define them to have beautiful and always top-looking eyebrows!


  • Do the eyebrows by yourself it is very important when you are unable to go to your trusted beautician.
  • There tweezers it is the most used tool to have perfect eyebrows.
  • Among the alternative methods there are waxing, razor And oriental thread.
  • Many products can be used to fill in the eyebrows on a daily basis make up from gel to mascara to pencil.
  • To achieve flawless eyebrow shapes, it is worthwhile to draw them.

If it is not possible to go to the beautician, you have to understand how to do eyebrows yourself, to avoid that they grow too much, that the shape is ruined and not to totally change their appearance. There are many techniques that can be used, even the most common involves the use of tweezers.

What if we wanted to do without? Of course, beauties, it is possible because there are gods alternative methods therefore without tweezers, which allow you to clean the arch of extra hairs, some of which certainly painless and perfect for those who have the very delicate skin.

So, let’s get back to us: how to do eyebrows yourself? I reveal all my secrets, beauties. Gone with the post!


If you have exaggerated too much with the tweezers, if you have created some holes if you have little regrowth, few hairs or in any case any “defect” that makes the invisible eyebrows too much thin or not very thick there are so many ways to make them look great.

Credits: Photo by Unsplash | Gabe Pierce

Beauties, you know well that I also have not of course beautiful and full eyebrows and lately I have undergone eyebrow microblading and the result has been (and still is) more than satisfactory. The arch is well defined and above all it appears very natural. Why am I telling you about it? Simply because I don’t have to worry too much about this part of my body.

I don’t have to always stand there with tweezers or other methods to shorten remove and adjust the eyebrows and I don’t always need to work with special make-up products, from mascara to pencil, even if I use them a lot.

Credits: @ edina.makeup Via Instagram

The point is, I don’t have to obsessively take care of it. So if you don’t even want to try to put yourself there in the mirror to make your eyebrows, remove the hairs trying to keep the shape then opt for a more definitive solution.

Credits: @highbrowboston Via Instagram

In the same vein, you will find the eyebrow tattoo, although it is a more archaic method than microblading. Another interesting answer is the dermopigmentation than a semi-permanent skin coloring technique, used to reconstruct the eyebrows but also the lip or eye contour.

Via Pinterest

In short, in this way I do not want to tell you that you will no longer have to touch your eyebrows or make an appointment with the beautician, but you will see that you will greatly reduce the desire to want to jerk!

Credits: @aksana_lovely_pesaro Via Instagram


If you are forced at home and you do not have the opportunity to go to the beautician, arm yourself with patience and common sense and take the tweezers.

Credits: @eyelash_extension_tweezer Via Instagram

What you have to do is make yourself comfortable, in front of one mirror that magnifies the area and is well lit, so you can see all the superfluous hairsto remove.


Also pay attention to the tweezers, which in addition to being well cleaned must also hook the hair well and pull it, without breaking it. Also, always remember to sanitize it whenever you have finished your operations, so as to avoid possible inflammations And irritations next time.

Before proceeding with the “spinzettamento”, draw the shape with an eyebrow pencil you want. In practice you will make a contour and within that you absolutely must not intervene. I advise you not to modify the pre-existing shape, whether natural or made by a beautician.

Credits: @studio_crisfreitas Via Instagram

If you want to change a little, the drawing will help you but the more will corrector. With this you can color the hairs you want to remove, making a sort of subtraction, and see if the final effect will please you and will look good on your face.

Credits: @sobrancelhasnapedroso Via Instagram

To remove the hairs, all you have to do is identify them and with tweezers grab them one by one and pull gently, without breaking them. From time to time, pull back a little and look at the effect on the whole face, so that you realize the result. Do this on both the lower and upper part of the eyebrows and always compare them. Obviously they will never be perfectly alike, but they must be as similar as possible.

Beauties, I’m not done yet! On the next page we will see together how to cut and adjust the shape of the eyebrows but also how to do them without tweezers. Keep reading the post!


If you are looking for advice on how cut eyebrows at home and on your own, then it means that you have them particularly long. It can happen that, especially those who have a lot of them bushy also have gods longer hairs others, which “ruin” the harmony of the entire arch. In this case, arm yourself with earwigs it is sacrosanct.

Credits: @delicada_sobrancelha Via Instagram

In fact, even if we know that they need to be shortened a bit, we also know that this operation could be more complicated than we imagine. Yes, because it could be difficult as well as cut the bangs or shorten and strip the hair. The risk? To make a mess!

Credits: @alinasssmakeup Via Instagram


So, beauties, here too you need calm and patience but above all a cool head. As for the tools, we will need a eyebrow comb so a small one a very tight teeth, and earwigs. Now all you have to do is comb, follow the direction of the eyebrows and, where you find longer hairs, you will have to cut calmly and precisely and looking in the mirror at the result as you go forward. After checking, you can continue. Always do this operation, so you will immediately realize how it is going and whether it is actually worthwhile to continue or not.

Credits: Photo by Unsplash | Harishan Kobalasingam

How to fix the shape of your eyebrows yourself? Beauties, this is a very complicated operation, because in addition to removing the out of place hairs, I would advise you to desist. If you are not going to make big changes, then you could try to draw the desired shape with a pencil or to remove the excess with a corrector and remove the superfluous. You could, and I strongly recommend it, proceed step by step: change the shape a little at a time, so as to understand if you prefer it more or less rounded or angular and of what thickness. In any case, it is always advisable to rely on an expert person.


Have you ever tried to make eyebrows with razor? Yes, you can do it with this tool and, as with everything, you have to use it carefully. First of all, do not use the classic “shaving” one, because there are special ones, characterized by a precise handle that facilitates the removal of hair and a angled and thin blade.

Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler, Face, Armpit and Bikini Finisher. Credits: @ bibimarket13 Via Instagram

There are also some electrical, similar to those used for the bikini area but even smaller. The advice for not making mistakes is always the same: draw the outline and stick to that.

Credits: @bodyfashionmilano Via Instagram

Another interesting alternative is that of depilate eyebrows with wax. Pay attention to how you apply it, because it could run on the parts that you should not remove and at the time of tearing you could combine irreparable damage.

Credits: @aksana_lovely_pesaro Via Instagram

Do eyebrows with floss at home by yourself it is not too difficult, or rather the technique is feasible, while being able to define the shape perfectly is a little less so. To remove the hair you need a thread of about 80-100 cm, preferably in silk but also fine in cotton. You need to tie the two ends and get a joined circle.

With the middle, ring and little fingers the thread is stretched, while the index and thumb are inserted inside and rotated to obtain a spiral (5-6 turns are needed). Always with index finger and thumb he travels there spiral left and right on the skin, so as to trap the hairs and eliminate them. This method of oriental hair removal is very popular because it causes no reactions (folliculitis) and it is painless, but before using it you have to do a lot of practice.

Credits: Photo by Unsplash | Houcine Ncib

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Beauties, once again I have finished and now I would like to know your opinions! Can you do your eyebrows at home on your own? Which technique do you adopt? Have you ever made big mistakes? Let me know everything in the comments.

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