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Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow tinting: how to do it, mistakes to avoid and what products to use

It is the real beauty-obsession of the moment; since the supermodel Cara Delevingne made her bold eyebrows a real must, we have all said goodbye (without too many regrets) to the fashion of the XS eyebrows that were so crazy in the 90s, sported by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and our local Anna Tatangelo. Although they’re making their way back to the runways, thin brows are still considered out. The beauty experts are very clear on this; the thick eyebrows but – be careful – well cared for, frame the look giving greater expressiveness to the whole face.

However, many of us struggle to follow this trend, often because the eyebrows are too light or too thin to be highlighted. Precisely to overcome the problem of poorly pigmented eyebrows – or graying with time – the cosmetic manufacturers have mobilized to create specific permanent colors for eyebrows (yes, they are also available for eyelashes! Read the mini guide of MyBeautik dedicated to coloring per eyelash).

Available in different shades, eyebrow tints allow you to change the color of the brow hair, so that even the thinnest or semi-transparent ones stand out. The result? The eyebrow arches magically appear more voluminous and defined, ready to be modeled in the way you prefer.

Which eyebrow tint to choose?

When you want to dye your eyebrows it is important to choose the right product to achieve your purpose. Light brown, dark brown or black; eyebrow colors – available in many shades – must be carefully selected, given their application particularly close to the eye.

But can hair dye also be used to dye eyebrows? First of all it is good to immediately clarify any doubts in this regard: NO, hair dyes cannot be used to dye eyebrows (let alone eyelashes)! They are not recommended as they are too aggressive for a delicate area such as the eye area.

On the market you will find different brands of eyebrow dyes, specifically made to color facial hair, often also used for dyeing eyelash, moustache And beard. Chemical-based (preferably without ammonia) or with plant extracts (henna-based), the eyebrow dye should be chosen based on the color of your hair. Often, the roots – as well as the hair near the nape – are darker in color than the lengths and ends. To get a natural result the shade of the eyebrow dye must be the same (or in any case very close) to that of the darker hair of your hair.

Do you dream of full-bodied and well-defined eyebrows? Find the shade that suits you best through our selection of the best eyebrow colors!

  • RefectoCil Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Coloring
  • Peggy Sage Dye for Eyebrows and Eyelashes
  • Eylure London Permanent Eyebrow Coloring Kit With Activator Included
  • Kalentin Professional Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint Ammonia Free
  • Godefroy Predosed Eyebrow Color
  • Schwarzkopf Permanent Eyebrow Coloring Kit Duration 4 Weeks
  • Apraise Tint For Eyebrows and Long Lasting Lashes

How to dye your eyebrows with DIY coloring: from the necessary to the correct application

How to dye your eyebrows with DIY coloring

Have you finally chosen the right shade and are you determined to define your look with the eyebrow coloring? Before you go to work remember to perform the allergen test at least 48 hours before application. To do this, just apply a small amount of color behind the ear or in the crook of the arm. You will also need to equip yourself with protective gloves1 brush (the mascara brush – cleaned properly – will do fine), moisturizer – or lip balm – to preserve the skin surrounding the eyebrows and 1 activator (only if not included in the coloring).

Do you have everything at your fingertips? Then let’s get started! Once you have perfectly removed your face – especially the eyebrow arch – you will apply a generous layer of cream around the eyebrows. Now you just have to put on the gloves (especially, if you use the semi-permanent nail polish, the eyebrow coloring could ruin your manicure) and start mixing the dye and activator according to the quantities indicated in the package. Apply the dye being very careful not to stain the area around the eyes! Proceed with spreading a thin layer of product over the entire brow bone and respecting the indicated laying times.

At the end of the exposure time, you can cleanse the affected area by first wiping with a cotton pad or a wet towel, and then rinse any residue with warm water. During the first few days after tinting the eyebrows it will be fine avoid doing deep face cleans or scrubs. The skin around the eyebrows has already been scrambled by the treatment, better let it rest for a while.

The alternatives to eyebrow tint

The eyebrow tint makes the brow bone appear fuller and more well-defined. This is particularly effective in the case of very light hair that needs to be made more visible without having to resort to daily make-up. However, to make our eyebrows thicker and thicker, there are specific – more suitable – measures that really strengthen the hair shaft of the eyebrows.

  • We are talking about the so-called eyebrow growth serums the number one allies of thin and sparse eyebrows.
  • Another valid alternative to eyebrow dye is lamination.
  • A very popular technique is also that of micro-blading, that is the execution of an extremely realistic tattoo that reproduces the brow hair, thus going to thicken the area.
  • Finally, it is possible to use makeup solutions, such as the so-called “brow-soap”, that is real gels to shape the eyebrows, combing them upwards with a brush; or a mascara for eyebrows, which in addition to giving them shape, colors them; or a brow-pen that is a sort of felt-tip pen specifically designed to thicken the lashes and give them shape, molding them in the shape and color you prefer (be careful not to transform yourself into Elio Belisari by Elio & Le Storie Tese).

Would you like to know more? Learn all the techniques to thicken your eyebrows.

Eyebrow coloring: mistakes to avoid

Eyebrow coloring can be done safely at home, as long as all necessary precautions are followed. Here are the following mistakes to avoid when dyeing eyebrows:

  • Buy a product of questionable quality: a poor color, in addition to not guaranteeing the desired effect, can be potentially dangerous for the health of your skin. Better to choose a safe and professional product.
  • Buying the wrong shade: too dark? Too clear? Or tending to reddish? Choose carefully the color for your eyebrows as a wrong shade will inevitably change the expression on your face!
  • Do not perform the allergy test: Quick and easy to perform, the test protects you from a possible allergic reaction. Most dyes contain para-phenylenediamine (PPD), one of the main allergens of permanent dyes, and a cause of erythema, redness and itching.
  • Not carefully protecting the skin around the eyebrows: Applying a protective barrier around the eyebrows – consisting of moisturizer, petroleum jelly or cocoa butter – will make the delicate skin around the eyes less vulnerable.
  • Not protecting your eyes properly: Once you have applied the tint to your eyebrows, close your eyes and immediately remove any smudges with a cotton swab.
  • Do not respect the shutter speed: carefully follow the instructions on the packaging of the chosen product. By shortening the shutter speed, you risk not guaranteeing enough time for the color to set to the eyebrows. On the contrary, by excessively lengthening the shutter speed you will risk finding yourself with a decidedly darker shade than the desired one or, even worse, irritating the skin.


Conclusion Coloring of the eyebrows

Power to the eyebrows! With the permanent / semi-permanent eyebrow tint you will finally say goodbye to sourcil pencils that last half a day or that, in the first heat, melt like snow in the sun. Once mistreated – the 90s, with the so-called “seagull” shape have caused a massacre of eyebrow arches, just like the 70s, due to the fashion that involved their complete shaving – today the so-called Cara brows, or the bold eyebrows; full, well-structured and well-kept. Unfortunately, however, not all of us can afford them, especially when there are several white hairs peeking out, or when the eyebrows are particularly light or thin.

Fortunately, to get perfect eyebrows – we can count on several allies, just like the eyebrow coloring, born not only to cover any white eyebrows but also to offer greater definition and darken the very blond or transparent ones. From Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton it’s all a revival inspired by the iconic Audrey Hepburn! Have you been kidnapped too? Then, in addition to intensifying the color with the best eyebrow tints from our selection, don’t miss our tips for having the eyebrows of your dreams!

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