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Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrows for browns: how to choose a color and shape it correctly?

“You may not be a makeup artist, but you must draw eyebrows”. It is ironically rephrasing the quote of the famous Russian writer N.A.Nekrasov that we can express the modern trends in makeup. No makeup will be harmonious and attractive if the eyebrows are not well highlighted or, even worse, if they are not highlighted at all. Today we are talking about beautiful eyebrows for brunettes, or rather about the aspects of correctly determining the color and shape of eyebrows for girls with dark hair

The form

Every type of face has its ideal eyebrow shape. To create it at home, you only need to do a few manipulations. We will describe step by step how to draw the perfect shape with a pencil. By following the following guidelines, you can always look your best.

First, divide the eyebrow arches into three conditional parts: beginning, peak and end. To delineate these areas correctly, take a pencil (or brush), stick it parallel to the nose, starting from the wing.

The point to which the pencil will point should be the beginning of the eyebrow.

Next, attach one end of the same pencil to the center of the chin and position the rod so that it passes through the pupil of the eye (at this time, the eyes should be looking straight ahead). The point toward which the other end of the pencil will point will be the peak of the eyebrow arch, that is, its highest point. The same pencil, directed from the arch of the nose straight across the outer corner of the eyelid, will help you determine the end point of the eyebrow.

Modern shaping techniques

The most common and proven way to shape eyebrows is to dye them with a pencil, lipstick or eye shadow. However, the disadvantage of this procedure is its frequency.

By choosing this method, you will be forced to do the same manipulations every day. and sometimes even several times a day. This is why some girls resort to this type of technique that provides shade for a longer period.

You don’t have to be afraid of these manipulations if you choose the right color.


This permanent makeup technique is familiar to many girls. It is worth noting that some makeup artists are adamant opponents of this procedure, as they believe that the classic eyebrow tattoo looks extremely unnatural and unnatural.

In addition, there is always the risk of the wrong shade. which is extremely difficult to fix later, because this, in essence, is the same tattoo. There are several alternatives that have replaced the classic tattoo. They give the most natural effect. These are microblading and talcum powdered eyebrows.


Microblading is also known as 6d tattooing. The effect of this procedure is more natural. Manual tattooing here differs from the usual version: the effect of artificial hairs is created, the eyebrows consequently look thicker.

The procedure is performed by a specialist manually using a blade, the paint is injected only into the superficial layers of the epidermis.

So-called talcum powdered eyebrows are also the result of a tattooing technique that is softer and less painful as a classic tattoo. Ultimately, the eyebrows are quite light, but voluminous.

There is a feeling that they have been let down with a light pencil or colored with delicate shadows. This type of coloring is hardly suitable for brunettes. But for blondes – this is exactly what the makeup artist ordered.


After deciding on the above modeling techniques, it is very important to decide on a color for the tattoo, because its effect will last for more than a day or even a week. It is no secret to anyone that eyebrow shade should be selected according to skin tone and hair color. Don’t forget about eye color, too. It also plays an important role in creating a harmonious appearance. Considering the recommendations of makeup artists, it can be seen that choosing eyebrow color is not that difficult. Most of them agree on one thing: the shade should be a tone or two darker than the hair. However, this rule does not apply to girls with dark hair. Here you have to do everything exactly the opposite: a tone lighter than the hair.

Black eyebrows may look harmonious only on girls with blue-black hair and dark skin, whose appearance is close to the gypsy type.

The rest of the black hair owners should give preference to dark brown and chocolate shades. Such options look especially attractive with brown-eyed girls. Green-eyed beauties are advised to give preference to shades of graphite or dark gray. However, such options are contraindicated for brunettes with gray eyes. Wet asphalt will be ideal for them. Blue eyes in dark-haired girls look great with dark graphite brows. Of course, brunettes are out of the question for light eyebrows.

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