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How to perfectly shape eyebrows with concealer?

With the help of cosmetics you can eliminate various appearance defects. The eyebrow concealers are a powerful cosmetic product that allows you to emphasize the tone of the eyebrows, to change their shape and visually thicken them. As a result, the look becomes more expressive and facial features look proportionate.
There are several types of concealers for the arches. One can distinguish shadows, pencil, powder, and gel for shading and fixation. Each of these products has its own nuances, pros and cons, texture and purpose.

How to use eyebrow concealer?

It’s hard to imagine a well-groomed face without beautiful eyebrows. Makeup artists always pay special attention to this part of the face.

Pencils, shadows, markers, correctors have become a worthy alternative to the painful procedure of tattooing.

In this case, at home it is quite possible to learn how to properly care for the eyebrows, as well as at will to change their shape and color.

Eyebrow contouring with makeup – shaping techniques

Correction should be made with the facial features in mind:

  • Rectangular face is suitable for eyebrows with a natural curve and medium width.
  • Triangular and square face is better supplemented with straight eyebrows (the base should be wide, and slightly narrower towards the end).
  • For a round shape of the face it is worth choosing high raised eyebrows with a short end and a slight bend.

It is possible to create the desired shape with the help of cosmetics. But it is important to use it correctly.

How do Beginners conceal eyebrows?

Eyebrow concealing can come in handy when you’re wearing makeup in a suit, or if you’re a man and you’re trying to conceal your eyebrows, so you can draw artificial eyebrows in place. There are five simple and common ways to conceal your eyebrows that I will share with you.

Find Your Shade

Concealer should generally be a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, as it should blend into your skin while serving to highlight it. By finding the right shade of concealer, you can achieve a fresh-looking makeup look without having to put in too much effort.

To help you find your concealer shade, experiment with your skin until you find the one that illuminates while looking the most natural, avoiding any shade that looks obvious. It’s also important to experiment with the texture of the concealer and the level of coverage. Knowing whether you prefer sheer, medium or full coverage is essential to choosing a concealer you’ll wear every day.

Get Your Brows Shaped

Getting your brows in tip-top shape makes everything from shadow to concealer look that much better. Shaping your brows will help you remove stray hairs (to create cleaner lines and a smoother surface for concealer application), and if you regularly wax or thread, they should hold their shape well. It’s always important to pay attention to your brow bone, as it is a crucial focal point for your brows. If you have light colored hairs that don’t show, you can always have your brows tinted to enhance the color.

If you feel that your eyebrow hairs are too long, you can always trim them with a small pair of scissors.

Fill Them In

Brow pencils, pomade, gels… all are products you can use to fill in sparse areas and create the shape of your brows. Focus on the shape of your arch first, making sure it’s defined and natural. When you’re done filling in your brows, brush them with a brow gel to make sure the hairs are all pointing in the right direction. By brushing your brows upward, you can create that coveted feathery look and enhance the overall appearance of your eyes (making you look more awake). If you find your brows are sparse, there are several things you can do to help jumpstart hair growth.

Apply Your Eye Makeup

Make up your eyes however you want, whether it’s a smokey eye or a few soft shades for a natural, everyday look. One update: Instead of applying a shimmery shadow under your brow, keep the skin under your brow bone bare. Your concealer is next and will serve as your main accent.

Finish with a concealer

By applying a light layer of concealer under the brow with a brush or blending it lightly with your finger, you’ll bring instant shape and definition to your brows. You can use a thin, angled brush directly under the brow to draw a line, or a flatter brush to blend the concealer so it’s not as visible.

For eyebrow makeup, makeup artists use three techniques.

Natural : the space between the hairs is thoroughly colored with a pencil, shadows, or color concealer.

Graphic : a new shape is traced with shadows or a pencil. The resulting result makes the image more severe, but some girls can add to age.

Mixed makeup is optimal for everyday makeup: A soft shading of the base and the drawing of the tip is made.

These techniques require a pencil, shadow and concealer. The latter is especially convenient to use at home.

How do Beginners conceal eyebrows?

What is an eyebrow concealer?

Corrective gels, used to change the shape, are available in two versions – dyeing and transparent. Transparent ones retain the natural color and are used for preserving the natural shape or its slight correction. Such a product is suitable for girls with dense, but not docile eyebrows.

Dyes are used not only to fix the shape, but also to give a certain shade.
The color palette is varied, so it is not difficult to find the closest to natural tone.
When choosing concealer, it is important to choose a tone that is 1-2 shades darker and lighter than your own. For parties, you can choose a product with glitter.

The consistency should not resemble glue, quality products always have a light texture that allows you to separate hairs. Quality correctors are resistant, not afraid of moisture.

How to use the concealer?

Every girl can master the technique of applying concealer. Begin the procedure by outlining the correct contour, along which the excess hairs are removed.

How to use the concealer?

Then each hair is gently stained, moving from the base of the eyebrow to the end. When the first coat dries, you can apply another one if the resulting shade is not satisfactory.

Eyebrow shaping kits review

To make it easier for girls who are not professional makeup artists, cosmetics manufacturers offer ready-made kits.

They usually include wax or concealer, eye shadow, brush and applicator, a small mirror and a brush for blurring. Quality kits are sold in convenient pouches that can be carried in your purse.

When choosing colors of shadows rely on the shades of hair and eyes. For example, there are ready-made kits for blondes and brunettes in which the color scheme is already selected.

The most popular for home use ready-made kits.

The ONE Eyebrow Kit. The kit includes fixing wax, shadows in two shades and two brushes. This multifunctional kit helps to create perfect shape and emphasize eye color. It is easy and comfortable to apply the cosmetics by means of beveled edge of brushes.

MakeUp Revolution Ultra Brow Palett compact box contains two color waxes, four shades of shadows, highlighter, cream to highlight the area under the eyebrow and a pencil. There are two brushes with rounded and oblique ends. The set also has a mirror, so it’s convenient to take it with you when you travel.

Oriflame Beauty Eyebrow Kit is a set of professional products for correction. It contains wax, two shades of shadows, two applicators and a mirror. Also includes an instruction for use. Shades presented in the kit are suitable for both light and dark eyebrows.

Le Sourcil de Chanel by Chanel – the set includes three shades to choose from – brun and naturel. Highlight the natural color of the eyebrows, help change their shape.

Thus, using makeup techniques and modern cosmetics, you can correct the shape of the eyebrows, improve their color and create a bright attractive image.

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