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How to use the eyebrow trimmer like a pro?

Natural eyebrows are in fashion and while this trend is present, girls are trying to match it in every way. Some use ordinary tweezers, others regularly visit a beautician, while others choose trimmers. This tool for creating an attractive eyebrow shape is notable for its simplicity and convenience. Find out why trimmers have many advantages.

What is a trimmer: the principle of operation?

At first glance at the tool, you might think that this is an ordinary ballpoint pen. The device really has an oblong shape, so it is convenient to hold it, and to work with it is quick and uncomplicated.

The trimmer’s purpose is to remove unwanted facial hair. It differs from ordinary tweezers or triding in that it doesn’t pull out hairs, but delicately cuts them. You don’t feel any discomfort, because only the visible part of the eyebrow is removed, the roots of the hairs remain in place.

Should you trim eyebrows?

The short answer: yes! Trimming your brows will not only create a more overall polished appearance but can also help keep your brows neat and tidy between regular shaping sessions (whether you tweeze your brows yourself or get them waxed at the salon).

Varieties of trimmers: how they differ?

Eyebrow trimmers are created for women and men. The latter differ in that they are also used to remove hair in the lower face (beard, mustache, nose) and behind the ears, as well as to correct sideburns.

Women’s trimmers are made with delicate and sensitive skin in mind. Usually such models have a lot of nozzles, so that each member of the fair sex can create exactly the shape of eyebrows, which suits her face type. The nozzles for correction will help to give eyebrows the same length, you can also adjust it – from 3 to 8 mm.

  • battery-powered. This option is convenient to use in a trip, as it is mobile. On average, it can work without recharging for about 1 hour, which is enough to fully perform the procedure for several weeks;
  • from the network. These devices work only from the outlet and are shown to those who spend a lot of time on the correction;
  • combined variants. The most practical tool, as it can function both from the network and from batteries (rechargeable batteries). The machine is convenient to use both at home and on the road.

How to choose the perfect trimmer?

To buy a good trimmer that can improve the appearance of eyebrows, you need to pay attention not only to its design and the cost of the model, but also to the quality of materials used by the manufacturer. The best option is devices made of stainless steel. The body of the tool can be made of plastic, this makes the product practical, inexpensive and lightweight, although it reduces its durability.

The machine for eyebrow correction should be comfortable in the hand and easy to use. You can find this out only by experience, personally holding the device. If the purchase is planned in the online store, it does not hurt to carefully study the reviews of other buyers. You can also watch video reviews of the models you like.

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the availability of additional options. You can buy a model with only one function – correction of eyebrows or choose a device, for example, with nozzles for the bikini zone. Girls should not buy trimmers, created exclusively for men, as they usually do not have special attachments for sensitive skin and are mainly created to remove tough male hair.

How to use an eyebrow trimmer?

The step-by-step instructions on how to use the trimmer are not complicated:

  • Plug the device into the socket, if it operates from the mains.
  • Select the nozzle.
  • Draw a line of eyebrows with a pencil, to easily navigate which hairs to remove.
  • Tighten the skin on your forehead with your finger, and gently shave off the hair with the appliance on. It is best to cut against the growth of the hairs, starting at the outer edge and moving toward the bridge of the nose.
  • After finishing the procedure, rinse the eyebrow, assessing the quality of the work.
  • If necessary, trim imperfect areas.After the procedure, it is recommended to apply a hair growth retardant to the skin.
  • Clean, then rinse the trimmer. Place it in its stand (cover).

Where to buy a quality device and approximate prices?

You can buy an eyebrow trimmer of excellent quality in the official representative stores of manufacturers, as well as in ordinary hardware stores or online stores. In the first two cases, the advantage is that the device can be examined in detail and hold in your hands. However, when buying on the website of an online store, you can usually save a lot of money, because the prices there are more attractive.

Approximate cost of trimmer models from the manufacturer Remington: MPT 3800 – from 15$, MPT 4000 – from 20$, NE 3455 – from 30$. For comparison, Veet Sensitive Precision trimmer costs from 20$. Philips has both budget and expensive models: NT 9910/30 – from 10$, HP 6390/10 – from 18$, NT 3160/10 – from 22$. The cost of Braun trimmers – PT 5010 Precision – 17$, Silk-Epil FG 1100 – from 25$ .

What is the best eyebrow trimmer?

10 best female trimmers

  1. Remington WPG4035
  2. Veet Sensitive Precision
  3. Remington MPT4000C
  4. Philips HP6390 Precision Perfect
  5. Braun FG 1100 SilkFinish
  6. Gezatone DP 508
  7. Rowenta TZ3002
  8. Scarlett SC-TR307T01
  9. Endever Aurora-993
  10. Remington WPG4010C

Should you use eyebrow trimmer?

Eyebrow trimmers are quick and easy at-home grooming tools that help ensure your brows are clean and tidy. Sure you can use a comb and scissors, but using this method to achieve the right shape and length is more difficult than it needs to be. You also don’t want to risk removing the wrong hair.

Can I use an eyebrow trimmer?

Using the eyebrow trimmer is not particularly suitable for me personally – yes, it corrects fine, but since it is in the principle of action a razor, on my face you can see where the correction was made. Maybe I’m not using the device correctly, but I think it doesn’t really work for me since I’m a brunette.

Is the veet eyebrow trimmer suitable?

Veet eyebrow trimmer is perfect for those girls who are not friendly with tweezers. The device copes with the task of quick and painless correction of eyebrows in an “excellent” way.

Can I use an eyebrow trimmer on my face?

Eyebrow trimmers are created for women and men. The latter differ in that they are also used to remove hair in the lower face (beard, mustache, nose) and behind the ears, as well as to correct sideburns.

What battery is used in the eyebrow trimmer?

There is the most common type of power source there is AA, otherwise known as a finger cell. Such a battery has a voltage of 1.4-1.6 volts.

Eyebrow trimmer is a simple tool, which is not difficult to choose, as well as use it later in the work. Buying a quality device, you will get only positive impressions from its use, while the appearance of the eyebrows will be perfect and natural.

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