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Eyebrow Shapes

How to get attractive eyebrows?

Attention to the eyebrows was based on the residual principle – it was enough to pluck them “in fashion”. But in recent years, eyebrow correction and makeup have gained a whole new weight in makeup. With the trends, it has been understood that the eyebrows – their shape, width and density – are responsible for the expression of the face and its “architecture”. The impression we give to others depends largely on them. Follow these steps:

  • Step One. Print your full-face portrait photo.
  • Step Two. Determine your face type and choose your preferred eyebrow shape taking into account your face shape.
  • Step Three. Draw the lines and dots described at the beginning of the article.
  • Step Four. Draw your ideal brow shape on the applied markers.
  • Step Five. Carefully examine your reflection in the mirror and the resulting pattern, painting your eyebrows with a special brush beforehand.

How can I make my eyebrows more attractive?

Many people have taken to following a long-standing fashion trend to emphasize their eyebrows more than necessary. Perhaps that’s why the emphasis on these elements is slowly becoming an anti-trend, giving way to natural – a trend that continues to gain ground.

A stencil for eyebrows is a special plate with slits in the shape of eyebrows. They are applied to the skin and used to clearly draw the contour. Ready-made stencils are rarely universal; the width, length and shape of eyebrows are individual. However, even if you make a stencil yourself, there is a risk that it would be inconvenient to work with this tool. There is a high risk of getting too clear and sharp contour lines, which will give away your efforts to create a makeup.

It makes sense to master eyebrow makeup without a stencil. It will be enough for you to practice for a few days, so that the makeup began to turn out and beautiful, and natural. However, you should first decide by what means you will make up your eyebrows.

Dry shadows are a good option for those who are confident in makeup techniques and are good with a beveled brush. Picking up the shadow on its sharp edge, you can easily emphasize the contour of the eyebrows. To complete a natural-looking makeup, apply the shadow to the hairs inside the contour with strokes.

Pomade and cream shadows are suitable for a more noticeable accent on the eyebrows. You can, however, use them in your natural makeup too, if you have dark-colored eyebrows. Such cosmetics should be applied very dosely and again without pressure, by strokes.

Gel can choose girls with beautiful natural sable eyebrows, which should only be slightly combed and arranged. In this case, the makeup will be as close to the “original data”.

What is the most attractive eyebrow?

Beautiful appearance is important for every woman, which is why ladies pay so much attention to quality self-care, as well as makeup. One of the key elements that create an attractive image is the eyebrows.

Their harmonious shape, shade and density make the appearance more aesthetic, help to correct disadvantages or to emphasize advantages of the fair sex.

Today there are many ways to make eyebrows more neat and graceful, among them: decorative cosmetics, temporary coloring and a variety of options for permanent makeup. However, not every girl will dare to tattoo, so the use of cosmetic products is the most popular solution. About how to create perfect eyebrows without radical procedures, as well as what their shapes and colors are fashionable in 2021.

If you’re wondering what kind of eyebrows are at the peak of popularity in 2021, the answer is simple – as natural as possible.

The main trend is still “no makeup makeup”. The natural shape with a light filling of shadows, in harmony with the natural shade of the hair, will help to emphasize the natural beauty and look younger.

Makeup artists recommend forgetting about graphic makeup and give preference to soft lines with a smooth curve and muted shades of cosmetics.

The most fashionable forms of eyebrows are as follows:

Wide with a slight carelessness. This option is suitable for girls with a round face and soft features, it visually makes the cheekbones more refined and brings a twist to the image.

Thin. Despite the popularity of wide eyebrows, thinner variations will also be relevant. This is a great solution for women with an oval face shape and graceful features.

Arched. This trend is the most universal, it suits ladies with any type of appearance, and especially the owners of rectangular or square face. A slight curve visually smoothes out the angles and gives a softer image.

“Feathers”. This is the perfect solution for those who want to look young and natural. The creation of such effect does not require any decorative means, you will only need a transparent eyebrow gel and a few minutes of free time. The more natural the styling of the hairs, including gaps and irregularities, the better.

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