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Eyebrow lift

How to raise your eyebrows?

The eyebrows are that frame of the gaze, which gives all the character to your face. For years they were relegated to the background in favor of eyes and lips, but their importance came about 10 years ago, timidly first and strongly later… and to stay. Moreover, experts have already put a number on the importance of eyebrows in the beauty of a face. Most of them claim that they are 40% of the beauty of a face. To achieve a high-voltage look, you just have to follow this equation: design, color, cut, hairstyle, fixation. Yes, exactly like in the hair! First of all, to show off the most luminous look of post-confinement is to lose the fear of experimenting with the clip, and launch your design without leaving home. There is a mathematical formula to find the perfect eyebrow design for each face. You just have to take a pencil and look for the exact measurements on your face following three simple steps:

  • Place the pencil vertically in the center of your face. Try to touch one of the ends to the nostril. The place that coincides with the eyebrow marks the point where it should start.
  • Without moving the end of the pencil from the nostril, move the other end until it passes the height of the pupil. Where it coincides with the eyebrow, that is the point of the upper arch.
  • Move the end of the pencil to the outer corner of the eye. The space where the pencil and eyebrow intersect is where the eyebrow should end.

Once the design of your eyebrows is created, which should respect its natural shape as much as possible, the next step is tweezing. The best option is to use good, well-adjusted and precise tweezers that allow you to control the hairs to be removed to the millimeter. Remember that, among the three models that you will find on the market: the straight tip tweezers facilitates a firmer grip on the hair, the round one allows you to go faster, and the oblique one is the most suitable for removing unruly hair.
On the contrary, it is not recommended to wax them with the help of wax, as it requires experience if you do not want to remove more hair than necessary and end up without eyebrows.

After, to make them up, there are different eyebrow tools. When choosing color for your eyebrows, in any of them, you have to take into account their natural tone. If the color of the eyebrow is very blond or even if you have gray hair, it is better to darken them a little to accentuate the look more, and the same if you have sparsely populated, some baldness as a result of a scar or something short.

  • Pencil. Perfect for filling small bald spots. You always have to use it with small strokes in the natural direction of the birth of the hairs.
  • Shade. It is applied with a beveled brush. They are very natural. It is ideal when you want to slightly lengthen the tail of your naturally short eyebrow.
  • Fibers. It works well when the shape of the eyebrow is perfect but there is not too much hair.

And if you want to give more character to your face when the eyebrows fall and tend to turn off the look, the best are tension threads with bidirectional cones. The cones are introduced into the hypodermis (the deepest layer of the skin) through an entry point just below the tail of the eyebrow, and they are directed flush with it towards their exit point, near the hairline , in the temple. Upon contact with the cones, the tissues are compressed. By exerting this tension, as if it were a hook, the cones will want to return to their initial position, so the repositioned tissue will have to exert the necessary restoring force, creating two antagonistic forces or opposite directions on both sides of the cones and preventing the tissue from returning to its initial position. East tightening or lifting effect will be maintained for about 12 months.

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