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Eyebrow Face shape

Eyebrows focus

The eyebrows represent one of the cornerstones of the expressiveness of a face, as well as an element with an absolutely relevant role in the field of non-verbal communication.

According to the shape and attitude, the eyebrows communicate different moods. Furthermore, the eyebrow represents the only feature of the face that is not strictly bound to its position, unlike the eyes and mouth which, although they can be modified through corrective make-up, cannot change position within the face. In fact, in the event that the eyebrow arch is unsuitable, the eyebrows can be depilated and redesigned in the most functional way to harmonize with the structure of the face and other features, offering multiple possibilities for modification.

The shape of the eyebrow has always been influenced by the customs and fashion of the various eras, forged in a particular way to create a style and become a trend. For example, in the context of Western culture, during the twentieth century, the eyebrows underwent major changes every ten years or so.

In any case, it should be borne in mind that the canons of beauty have rules that go beyond the dictates of fashion and that remain timeless over time. Undoubtedly, a lot depends on personal taste, cultural and media influence in particular, but it is good to keep in mind that each face has its own type and shape of eyebrows, functionally to the structure of the face and the relationships between all the other elements. that make it up.

It is unthinkable to shape the eyebrows on the basis of a hypothetical design. The architecture of the face in question must be carefully evaluated, as well as the chromatic characteristics of the subject in question.

The coordinates

The final tail must never be longer than the body, let alone be of the same length (it occupies a portion of about 1/3 of the entire eyebrow).

Furthermore, point B must never be perfectly aligned (nor lower) than point A: in principle, the ideal would be to see it placed at about 1/3 (starting from the bottom) with respect to the total thickness of the eyebrow. On the contrary, if the point B is too high than A, the face assumes a grim expression, while if it were lower than A the face would appear sad.

Obviously, also the point of height (H) must never be lower than the starting point and that of the end (B) of the eyebrow.

There are rules for identifying the right eyebrow coordinates, which are valid in most cases. However, it must be premised that this method is valid purely for the Caucasian race, whose face also has regular features. For example, in the presence of a nose whose lower base is too wide or too narrow, the speech must be resized.

To correctly identify the initial brow coordinate, it is useful to use a vertical line (imaginary or real), which passes straight alongside the nasal lobule: the point where the line touches the browbone is exactly the one from which to start the eyebrow (point A).

By rotating the line along the diagonal that connects the base of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, the point where the eyebrow ends (B) is identified.

To find the vertex of the eyebrow arch (height point H), which is generally two thirds of the length of the starting point, proceed by passing the vertical line through the exact center of the pupil, with the eyes looking straight ahead.

The alternative can be to draw a vertical line that runs along the outer part of the iris, which would identify the vertex of the eyebrow arch as it goes up.

If compared to this method, point A is slightly moved towards the center of the face, the eyes move closer together, if instead you move it outwards, the eyes move away.

Even the point of height H can be moved to correct some irregularities of the face and restore the balance between all the elements that compose it: moving it towards the center lengthens the face, moving it outwards shortens it. If, on the other hand, the H point is raised too much, there is a risk of giving the face an expression that is too proud and grim, as well as obtaining a general elongation of the face (and nose), while if it is lowered excessively, the expression becomes sad.

Lowering the starting point and raising the height one, on the other hand, is an excellent system in the event that the natural eyebrow should be characterized by a drooping trend.

Even by intervening on the final extremity, new harmonies of the face are obtained. By slightly moving point B outwards, extending the total length of the eyebrow, an enlargement of the upper part of the face is obtained (excellent strategy in case the face is characterized by a particularly pronounced jaw bone), while shortening the final tail a vertical momentum of the face is obtained.

Furthermore, in order to obtain harmoniously shaped eyebrows, the thickness must strictly decrease gradually starting from the beginning (inside of the face) towards the end (outside).


If the natural eyebrows are rebellious and difficult to tame, you can resort to the special fixers, which come in the form of automatic mascara (transparent or colored), with which to comb and shape them in the form that is considered most appropriate.

One of the flagship products of recent years is the specific mascara for eyebrows, which combs, defines, tones and gives more volume to the eyebrow hair, without stiffening them or creating a shiny effect. Mascaras are especially indicated in cases where you want to darken the color of the hair.

Alternatively, there are also special waxes on the market thanks to which the hairs of the eyebrows are kept tidy.

Otherwise, an old and viable alternative is to spray a small amount of hairspray directly on the eyebrow comb.

If you have exaggerated in defining them with a pencil or eyeshadow, you can lighten them by swiping them with a cotton swab, thanks to which the excess color will be “captured” and removed. Finally, in the event that due to small scars some hairs are missing along the line of the feature, as the scar tissue is generally refractory to make-up (which is difficult to stick and remain), you can resort to the application of some hairs of false eyelashes single, making sure to apply them in the same direction and crease of the natural hair, using a glue for false eyelashes of the transparent type.

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