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Eyebrow lift

Just raise an eyebrow? Not everyone can do these things!

The most important thing about the topic things that not everyone can do

Sneeze with your eyes open is actually not possible. Closing your eyes when you sneeze is an irrepressible reflex that is designed to protect your eyes from viruses and bacteria in nasal secretions. But a few people seem to have trained long enough to keep their eyes open when they sneeze.

Almost nobody can tickle yourself. Ever tried? If someone else touches you in a ticklish spot, you’ll double over with laughter. If you touch yourself there, however, your brain is already warned and the tickling effect does not occur. Curious: Schizophrenic people also react ticklish to their own touch.

Also these Nobody can exercise: Stand with your back against a wall, heels touching the wall. And now just bend forward with your torso to pick something up off the floor. A nice test for the next party!

5 things that not everyone can do – but some can!

1. Can you an eyebrow pull up without the other moving? What is part of normal facial expressions for some people is simply not possible for others.

2. Only 10 percent of people can use it tongue the nose or touch your chin. Maybe you belong there? Many do not even know that they would theoretically be able to do this. This is only possible with a particularly long tongue or a disorder of the connective tissue.

3. Some people’s tongues can do even more: themselves fold up. Very few really have the talent. The majority of people, on the other hand, can roll their tongues.

5. the coordination of arms and legs drives us crazy at times, especially with this exercise: sit on a chair, lift your right foot off the floor and make a circular motion with it in a clockwise direction. Now try to draw a 6 in the air with your right hand. Few can do that.

Why can’t I do some things?

There are things that some people can do automatically without even thinking about it. Some skills are namely genetically conditioned, that is, they are innate and cannot be learned or trained unless the disposition is there. For example, you can only reach your nose with your tongue if the physical conditions are programmed in your genes. The same applies if you want to touch your elbow with your tongue.

However, you can practice other things, because raise eyebrows or wiggle ears you only have to activate certain muscle groups and nerve connections that have been dormant in your sleep mode. With an iron will you can get your brain to give the appropriate commands to the eyebrow muscles or the ear muscles. But you need a lot for that exercise and patience.

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