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Eyebrow Face shape

How to choose the shape of eyebrows for an oval face?

Since ancient times, women with an oval face were considered the most attractive. The fact is that this face fits almost everything. It is believed that any shape of eyebrow is suitable for an oval face. Many women who have a different face shape, dream of an oval face.

Nowadays, girls pay special attention to the eyebrows. With their help it is possible to underline features of the face, to make them more expressive and to give necessary charm. Holders of oval faces are not in vain consider real lucky women, because with their eyebrows they can perform any experiments. But is it really true? What form of eyebrows is considered ideal for an oval face?

What shape of eyebrows is suitable for an oval face

Whichever of these forms you choose, it is necessary to consider your features. Eyebrows must balance proportions and symmetry of the face, while emphasizing the elegance of its shape.it is necessary to determine which form is most appropriate for a woman and will make her look more expressive and attractive. To do this, you can contact an experienced craftsman who will provide professional assistance, or try to decorate the eyebrows yourself.

Beautifully decorate the oval face will not be difficult, because it fits most forms of eyebrows. Stylists advise to pay attention to several species.

Arched eyebrows. Make-up artists recommend this shape to those with high chin. An elevated arch will allow you to fill more space, thus correcting this defect. It is important that the eyebrows are as symmetrical as possible to maintain the balance of lines. This shape gives the girl a serene, slightly romantic look. The main drawback of this form is that she needs a thorough and frequent adjustment, so that extra hairs do not spoil the appearance. Dyeing should be done strictly to the color of the hair roots. However, dark chocolate and black tones should be avoided, especially if the woman has pale skin.

Eyebrows with smooth fractures. Sophisticated arc with a slight top break will make the look more expressive. Professionals recommend it to girls with wide or square chin. In this way, it will be possible to give the face a more concise appearance. Arc accentuates the cut of the eyes and is especially suitable for girls with Asian roots and lovers of makeup in the style of “cat’s eye”. This option should be decorated in dark shades, but do not go to extremes and forget about the naturalness. Rich brown tones will emphasize the stylish curve of the eyebrows and make the features more clear.

Eyebrow house. This option is most often found among celebrities, as it is quite difficult to adjust it yourself and there is no need to do without the help of professionals. Makeup artists advise their girls who have outstanding cheekbones. The shape will balance the sharp features and give the face a share of charm. Coloring should be done in dark shades, because the main purpose of such eyebrows – to stand out. For the same reason, the arched contour should not be too blurred.

These options are the most relevant among the owners of the oval face. At a correct combination of form with procedure and colouring it will be possible to achieve ideal result which will make the look expressive, and features of the face more attractive.

Which face should be considered oval and which face should be round?

Many women subconsciously confuse the concept of round and oval face. But in fact the difference is quite significant and the shape of the eyebrows for both types of face is different.

The face of an oval shape is the dream of all ladies! This is due to the fact that under this form fits almost any shape of eyebrows, as well as any hairstyle or jewelry. Perfectly oval face has almost equal size of forehead and chin, while the round face is characterized by a rather graceful transition from the chin to cheekbones, and then to the frontal part. Unlike the oval face, the round face has flatter outlines, so it seems that girls with this shape have rather chubby cheeks. But in fact, some women go exactly this shape, and with an oval face they are simply impossible to imagine.

How to form eyebrows properly?

To get the perfect eyebrows for an oval face, learn to shape them properly. These detailed instructions will also help you do this:

Step 1. Decide on the beginning of the eyebrow. To do this, apply one tip of the pencil to the wings of the nose and the other to the inner corner of the eye. This is where the eyebrow will start.

Step 2. Find its end. Now move the tip of the pencil to the outer corner of the eye. The end of the eyebrow will be at this exact point.

Step 3. And last, the bend. Position the tip of the pencil so that it crosses the pupil exactly in the middle – this is where the bend should be made.

To remember the location of the points found, mark them with a cosmetic pencil. Look at this photo and do the same.

Tip! To distract attention from fine lines, shorten the length of your eyebrows a little.

Step 4.determine the width – most facial expressions depend on it. Thus, the owners of a sophisticated face will perfectly suit the medium thickness of the brow. If they do not have enough volume, powder, paint, pencil will help fill it. Their shade should go as well as possible with the skin tone. Also do not forget to grow the cosmetic product carefully.

Girls with thin eyebrows and a small forehead should emphasize the beginning of the arc with a light pencil, and make the tip darker. But with eyes close to each other, you need to expand the distance between the eyebrows to 2 centimeters. As for sloppy and clumsy hairs, they will have to additionally fix the gel, giving the right direction with a thin brush.

How to decorate with makeup?

There are many different cosmetic products on sale to correct and give the proper look to the eyebrows. With their help, you can visually make your eyebrows wider, longer or add a missing density to them. A woman with an oval face can use one of the most popular means to deprive her eyebrows of flaws.

Shadows are the easiest and fastest option. With their help it is possible not only to underline the shape of eyebrows, but also to make them more voluminous. In addition, a set of brown shadows can be found in the cosmetic bag of most women. You should make sure in advance that they were quite resistant and not “blurred” by the heat, so as not to lose their intended contour. It is possible to buy special resistant eyebrow shadows. And also produce liquid eyebrow shadows, with which you can best add the volume of the arc, combining them with conventional powder shades.

A pencil. A brown pencil in the right shade will help you achieve the best effect by adding a rich color to the outline of the arc. A soft pencil will help make eyebrows more voluminous, while a hard pencil will make eyebrows thicker. Very convenient and fast variant, which is most often used, in combination with gel or ink for eyebrows.

Eyebrow gel has won the hearts of many fans of complex makeup. It is the easiest way to decorate your eyebrows with a house or a crevice, as it securely fixes the position of the hairs in the desired position, does not stick them together and keeps their perfect appearance for a long time. There are transparent gels on sale, which are usually used on top of painted eyebrows with persistent paint, as well as shades, with which you can give the desired bend to the eyebrows.

Rigid paint. Brands delight girls with resistant paints based on henna or basma as well as chemical dyes. With their help it is possible to underline a contour of an arch for long term and not to spend daily additional time on their design. Depending on the colour, the contour can last from one day to several weeks. It is very convenient for those who have a busy schedule and physically can not devote much time to makeup design.

Eyebrow mascara performs the same functions as mascara – it emphasizes the natural beauty and corrects the direction of hairs. This option is suitable for girls whose eyebrows themselves have a good degree of density and are wide enough to resort to more determined methods to correct them.
In branded cosmetics stores you can choose these and many other interesting eyebrow products, which will be a reliable helper to create the perfect eyebrows for women with an oval face.

How do I adjust the form?

There are 4 methods of eyebrow shape correction for the oval face:

Method 1. Pulling is the most common method where extra hairs are removed with tweezers. It is not fast and painful enough for many, but for home care is just perfect. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to pluck out the extra.

eyebrow shape correction

Method 2. Wax – used in salons, is considered very fast, but can cause discomfort.

eyebrow shape correction

Important! Remember that some wax ingredients can cause an allergic reaction.

Method 3. Using threads is the oldest method often used today. The technology is simple:

• Take a strong thread and fold it in half;
• Tie it in a knot;
• Put it on your thumbs and index fingers;
• Twist it a few times to make a loop in the middle;
• Thread an extra hair into this loop and remove it by clenching and pinching your fingers.

Method 4. Waxing cream – similar in principle to waxing, but differs from it in complete absence of painful sensations.

Important: Waxing cream can also cause an allergic reaction, so first perform a sample on a small area of the wrist or elbow fold. If there is no redness or irritation, you can start the eyebrows.

Principles of Eyebrow Care

When choosing the right eyebrows for an oval face, read the basic rules of their care:

• To keep your hairs in shape, remove loose hairs regularly in any way that is acceptable to you;
• Brush them daily with a special brush;
• Wax in the direction of hair growth, otherwise you may damage the bulbs and provoke ingrown hair and severe irritation;

• Give preference to tweezers with rounded ends;
• Only perform the procedure in good daylight;
• Use a magnifying mirror if necessary;
• Apply regular eyebrow oil or castor oil – these are the best products to activate growth and strengthen hairs;

• To make waxing absolutely safe, use clean hands and alcohol-processed tools;
• Try not to stretch the skin of the eyelids – this promotes the appearance of wrinkles;
• To remove a hair in one movement, grab it at the base;
• To reduce pain, apply a hot compress to the area of the eyebrows or wipe it with ice. This should be done before the procedure;
• At the end of the process, apply a disinfectant to the skin;
• Pamper your eyebrows with a massage. This is done with a regular brush from the old carcass and consists of multiple combing;
• Once a week, perform a nourishing mask. Mix equal amounts of burlap, olive and castor oil, heat with water vapour, apply 2 cotton sponges and apply to eyebrows for 15 minutes. Rinse off the remains with warm water.




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