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Eyebrow Face shape

Eyebrow shaping for the round face and methods of correction

Many girls wonder what eyebrow shape fo round face should be used. The eyebrow line should be slightly raised, the fracture should be small and the tip should be fine. By choosing the shape that suits your features, you can change it visually enough for the best without resorting to drastic methods. But it’s not that easy to do. Different factors are important in this regard: face type, weight, age, etc. In this article, we will talk in detail about the eyebrow shape for round face.

How to choose the eyebrow shape for round face?

Correctly designed eyebrows are the key to an expressive, beautiful look. They can stretch or soften the contours of the face, give mimics of confidence or femininity. At the same time, incorrectly corrected eyebrows can make a face look rough or sad. Of course, an experienced master in the salon can easily determine the shape, but if you decide to do the correction yourself, it is worth knowing that the eyebrow shape for round face should have a certain shape and bend. What kind of shape? Let’s try to figure it out.

Choosing the perfect shape of the eyebrows is not so easy. It is important to consider the type of face, age of the girl and many other factors. Further we will tell in detail about what eyebrows are suitable for a round face as well as possible.

For the form to turn out perfect, it is important to achieve the right lines. To begin with, it is necessary to mark with a pencil the points at which the eyebrows should start and end, as well as mark the point of fracture. In this case, there are a number of rules:

  1. It is necessary to apply a pencil to the face to connect the tip of the nose and the inner corner of the eye. If you extend this line to the eyebrow, you will find the point where it should begin.
  2. Then the pencil should be directed from the wing of the nose through the pupil. This will be the upper point of the eyebrow and the widest part of it.
  3. At the end of the pencil you need to apply it to the wing of the nose and direct it to the outer corner of the eye – so you will determine at which point the tip will be.

You can’t say there’s one universal eyebrow shape for round face that suits everyone. Much depends on specific facial features, fashion and much more. One girl will fit the eyebrows of a clear shape, with an obvious twist, another will be better with soft curves.

The main thing is to remember that it is necessary to raise the eyebrow line slightly, but not to make it arched or too curved. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite effect – make the features even more round.
Women with such features of appearance are suitable for ascending, curved lines, as well as eyebrows with the name “wing of the gull“.

The curved shape is characterised by a fracture and a slight upturn. This allows the face to stretch out visually and its proportions become more correct.

The eyebrows, called the “wing of the gull”, have a pronounced fracture at their top point.
To create an ascending shape, raise the tip slightly above the temple. And it is not necessary to make an eyebrow with a clear break, it may have a softer line, but the tip should in any case look up. And what should be avoided is a straight line and too big curves, because they give a sad look to the face or can extend it.

If you like hair to cover your forehead and you need to determine which is the most advantageous eyebrow shape for round face, photos with bangs on the Internet will help you decide. After comparing the pictures, you will see that incorrectly cut hair can also spoil your appearance, namely, to create the effect of small eyes. Therefore, it is better that the quiff was not below the eyebrow line.

When choosing the shape of the eyebrows, it is important to take into account the cut of the eyes, which will make your look more expressive and correct deficiencies.

  • If the eyes are too close, the distance between the bridge and the beginning of the eyebrow growth should be increased, and the distance between the bridge and the beginning of the eyebrow growth should be reduced if the eyes are widely planted.
  • The almond shape of the eye is considered a standard. Any shape of the eyebrows is suitable for it, but it is important to give them a small bend.
  • If you want to make the look expressive, raise the eyebrow line and make it more curved.
  • If you have an overhanging eyelid, you need proper makeup and properly drawn arrows. These manipulations will help to avoid a hard look. That is why it is important to correctly choose the eyebrow shape for round face with hung eyelids.

Features of the round face

When choosing the eyebrow shape for round face, you should try to pull it slightly visually.
The round face has the following features:

  • the same distance from the center of the face to its contour;
  • soft contours;
  • the widest part of the face, from the lower eye line to the middle of the forehead;
  • cheekbones and chin are poorly defined;
  • low forehead.

Often, large ladies solely because of their weight and volume believe that they need the right  eyebrow shapes for round full face. But that’s not always the case. Their faces can have very different shapes. To understand what type you have, you need to make the following measurements:

  1. Determine the distance from the upper point of the forehead to the chin and divide the resulting value by 3.
  2. Measure the distance from the edge of the chin to the nose bridge.

If the second number is less than the first number, you really have a round face.

Important! Often full girls mistakenly consider the shape of the face round, the effect is created by puffy cheeks. In order not to miss in the definition of type, we recommend doing calculations.

By doing this calculation, you will come closer to understanding what kind of appearance you have. You will be able to make a correct correction and get a beautiful eyebrow shape for round face.

These features of the round face are far from perfect, but stylists assure: everything is corrected. With the help of volumetric root styling, graded haircut with or without oblique bangs, it is quite realistic to visually narrow the contour and stretch it in length. Also it is not necessary to discount the competent make-up, and, first of all, the eyebrows. After all, on how well picked up their shape, directly depends on the compensation of contrast between the chin and chin lob-cheek and balancing the upper and lower front.

Which face is considered round?

Which eyebrows fit a round face? We need to first determine which face we can consider as such. It has long been known that it consists of three different parts: upper, middle and lower. The upper is the forehead and the lower edge of the eyebrows, the middle is the part between the line of the eyebrows and the tip of the nose, and the lower part is from the end of the nose to the chin. If you have a round face, then the middle part is much wider than the girls with an oval face. In addition, these women tend to have more pronounced cheekbones and a fairly soft chin. Sometimes the round-faced beauties can boast an upturned nose.

If the distances from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear are approximately equal, the face is considered round. Owners of the round face often do not like their cheeks and dream to turn them into sharpened cheekbones, applying powder for contouring in two layers. And for nothing – much more effect can be achieved by giving the eyebrows a clear shape with a high fracture. As a rule, a round face has no sharp features, so such an eyebrow will advantageously transform it.

Round face and eyebrows

Many girls who for the first time try to find out for themselves which eyebrow shape for round face fit perfectly, make a mistake when they define their face as round. Stand in front of a mirror and look closely at the main parts of it. If they coincide with those that distinguish lunolytic ladies, you can safely begin to correct.

Pinch only those hairs that are in the bottom row, and do not touch the upper one. To remove a hair, grab it firmly with tweezers and pull it sharply towards the growth side.

Take your time. To make the eyebrows for a round face look neat, you need to be patient enough.
It often happens that the natural density is not quite enough to create a perfect image. In this case, you can use a special pencil to make your eyebrows look thicker visually.

Of course, every day we are told that beauty is a subjective concept, because all women are good in their own way. But, unfortunately, ladies with round faces always think that their image is too simple and “country”. This form is considered not so elegant and delicate as, for example, oval, and too cheerful. But if you take a good look, you will see a lot of beauties with round faces around them, who do not even think that their image is something that interferes. So what’s their secret? It’s about making the right adjustments. Of course, they don’t fix the face itself, but only some of its details. And it’s the eyebrows that always come first. But in order to become a real moon-faced beauty, you have to know exactly what the eyebrow shape for round face is best.

What shape of eyebrows is suitable for round-faced girls?

Despite the similarity of the contours of round-faced girls, each of them is individual. And that’s why it’s impossible to talk about a single option for everyone. On the other hand, there are a number of aspects that should definitely be taken into account when determining the structure of the arc:

  • to avoid straight lines, they’ll make your face visually wider;
  • to give up a rainbow-like shape, a rocking arm – such eyebrows will only emphasise the disproportion and add a contour of even greater roundness;
  • not to pluck hairs until ‘threads’ are formed – otherwise, the effect of absence, inferiority of arc-shaped elevations, the imbalance in appearance will only increase.

Make-up artists agree: the round shape of the face is the eyebrows are “split”, that is, located not parallel to the line of eyes and lips, and at a certain angle to them. Ideally, the lift should be high to lengthen the proportions of the upper part, narrow the distance in the widest place and reduce the volume of cheeks. The bend is not steep, but with a slight buckle and a small tail: then the soft features of the face will not lose its attractiveness and femininity.

Based on the above, we offer a choice of 3 types that fit the “circle”:

  1. ascending – the starting point is characterized by a low position and a high (slightly above the temporal line) ending point;
  2. “gull wings” – the sketch of hairs tends upwards from the base, and then breaks, forming a small (1/3 of the full length) straight or slightly descending tail;
  3. curved eyebrows – similar to the previous form, but in contrast, the tip, upturned closer to the outer edge, has a soft transition.

Girls with a round face better avoid short arcs: because of the larger space from the end of the hairs to the edge of the contour all the features will seem much more voluminous. It is desirable to leave the ascending lines wide, but the tail, on the contrary, should be slightly thinner.

An important point in the formation of an ideal image is to consider the distance between the eyes. If it equals the capacity of the “third eye”, the starting point of the arc should start from the inner corner. When the distance is much larger, i.e. when the eyes are wide, the eyebrows should be brought closer to the nose bridge. But the non-installation of the “third eye” indicates that the hairs should start from the first eyelash (approximate indent – 1-3 mm from the edge). Closely planted eyes will visually extend, and the round face as a whole will look more harmonious.

Eyebrow shape for round face should be of ascending shape. Their tips can be made upturned and located slightly above the temple. Also suitable for you is the “wing gull” shape, which is considered quite popular today. You don’t have to visit a makeup artist to find the right eyebrow shapes for a round face. You can browse through photos of Hollywood’s lunar beauties and look for inspiration from them. The rounded shape of the eyebrows will not be superfluous, especially if you step back a bit from the rules and make the bend point closer to the outer edges of the eyes.

What Ideal forms for round face eyebrows

Before correcting, you should know which eyebrow shape for round face are considered classic. There are canons that should never be forgotten. First of all, eyebrows must look neat. Secondly, their line is ideally clearly delineated, and the density and color are in harmony with the hair.

To determine the ideal length of the eyebrows, you must always remember a fairly simple rule. It is memorized by make-up artists: the eyebrow shape for round face should start on the line that can be drawn from the wing of the nose (it passes the outer corner of the eye). The line of fracture must conditionally pass through the pupil. Knowing this, you can always correct the eyebrows yourself. To make you feel more comfortable, use a pencil to put points where the important lines will pass.

When we talk about eyebrow shapes for a round face, we must first remember that they must visually lengthen it, and in no way emphasize its sphericity. To achieve this goal, the contours must be broken with a small downward tip. In this case you switch the attention of the person looking at the verticals.

Based on the general rule, you can choose different variations of forms. More straight lines will make the face serious, strict. Such variant is perfectly suitable for business – Woman. In a case when you want to make a mimic more soft and kind, create soft bends.

We’ve determined the perfect eyebrows. Now it’s important to say it doesn’t fit exactly. These are rounded shapes, they make the face even more round and full. Otherwise, you can choose several fashionable directions as they look, you can see in the photo.

several fashionable EYEBROW

When we talk about suitable contours for the round face, it is worth noting that the basis will almost always be the same shape. But its types can be different:

Winged eyebrows: Their lines resemble the curve of a bird’s wing, the shape is beautiful and graceful, perfectly stretches the contour of the face. The main thing to know the measure in the bend, otherwise you risk to surrender your appearance too tragic.

The crescent moon: is a more specific and unusual form. It has no corners and may seem too round for this type of shape, but if the specialist chooses the right arc angle, the result will surprise you. This model is better done in the cabin.

Today, Hollywood stars with round faces are increasingly seeing straight eyebrows. This is quite a risky step, because the slightest mistake in proportions will only expand the horizontal of the face. This kind of modelling is also better done with a professional.

New fashion varianteyebrows with alternating thickness. For example, the base is thick enough, natural, and the tip is barely visible. Note that such a move is not for everyone, ask the master, he will give you options based on the shape of eyes, width of cheeks and cheekbones.

Eyebrow Shape Correction and Design Rules for the Round Face

How to make a correct correction for round face?

When the eyebrow shape for round face is defined, how can the correction procedure be made painless and correct from the point of view of technology? Initially, it is necessary to steam the skin, apply oily cream on it and wait until it is completely absorbed. Then you should thoroughly brush the hairs up and down with a special brush with frequent teeth. Daylight or a special bright lamp will help you in the process. They will allow you to see even the thinnest hairs.

  1. When you do eyebrow correction, follow these rules:
  2. Perform facial cleansing beforehand.
  3. Apply a disinfectant to the eyebrows.
  4. Comb all the hairs in one direction.
  5. Correct both eyebrows at the same time, taking turns removing the hairs, this is necessary to maintain symmetry.
  6. Tighten the skin slightly to make the procedure easier.
  7. Finish by applying a soothing cream to the eyebrows or applying ice.
  8. After that, shape them up.

Of course, it is necessary to sterilize the instruments with which you perform eyebrow modeling.

If you accidentally delete an extra one, it’s okay. A pencil, shadows and paint can help hide your mistakes. The hairs that have been removed will soon grow back. Over time, the eyebrows will take very little time to correct and the pain, if any, will be reduced to a minimum.

This procedure is usually done every two weeks, but you can do it more often if the hairs grow intensively. In addition to tweezers, there are also correction methods such as waxing and trimming.

The first is better to get rid of unwanted hairs in the salon at the master, but it is quite possible to conduct the procedure at home. It is necessary to heat a small piece of wax, apply it to the skin, then apply a dense cloth and after a minute to remove.

Advantages of waxing :

  • doesn’t take much time;
  • the skin remains smooth for a long time;
  •  minimal risk of infection.

Threading is the correction of eyebrows with a thread. The advantages of this method include: a long lasting result (up to three weeks), getting rid of not only hairs, but also a gun that is almost invisible. But there are also disadvantages. The main thing, perhaps, is the complexity of the procedure. That is to make the correct  eyebrow shape for round face at home in this way – very problematic.

Eyebrow Correction with Tattoo for Round Face

If you have a non-optimal eyebrow shapes for a round face, tattooing will solve both this issue and the problem of color for a long time.

By trusting an experienced master, you can become the owner of beautiful eyebrows. This effect is provided by a microblogging procedure. During the session, a specialist draws each hair with a special device, which allows you to correct some deficiencies. For example, with the help of tattooing you can give the correct  eyebrow shapes for a round face with small eyes.

Correct the eyebrow shape for round face with make-up

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky with the masters. It happens that the tattoo is made unsuccessfully, and returning everything back is quite problematic. Therefore, most women still do not take risks, and resort to the help of decorative cosmetics for drawing and laying the eyebrows.

To create a beautiful eyebrow makeup for a round face, you will need:

If you are lucky with the shape and thickness of the eyebrows, it is enough to use only a fixer. Brush the hairs, lift them up and lay them down.

The wrong or asymmetric eyebrow shape for round face can be corrected as follows:

Correction by shadows

  1. The color of the shadows should match the tone of the hairs or be slightly darker. Too dark shades will look rough and unnatural.
  2. Comb the hairs upwards to give them an upward look.
  3. Thoroughly draw out the blanks.
  4. Draw a line under the brow and highlight the tip.
  5. Gently grow the shadows. Clear lines will give the eyebrows an unnatural look.
  6. Draw the base with lighter shadows, “reinforcing” the color to the tip.
  7. Fix the result with wax or gel.

Make-up with shadows is a great solution to give a matching shape to the eyebrows for a round face with narrow eyes.

Correction by pencil

The principle of working with a pencil is the same as with shadows. Make sure that the tool is well sharpened and matches the color of the natural eyebrows as well as the fixation gel. First draw a contour, then fill in the middle and make sure that everything grows nicely.

Rules of eyebrow correction for round face

Eyebrow correction is an essential part of self-care. Despite the fact that modern trends dictate lush natural eyebrows, their accuracy must be maintained, and for this you just need to watch the growth and shape of hairs.

Anyone who’s ever plucked an eyebrow in their life knows that there are several ways to do this. You can use thread, wax, laser hair removal or other professional procedures. But the most common technique is tweezers. This is what we will take as a basis, although more rules apply to other techniques.

  1. Clean your face.
  2. It is advisable to apply a disinfectant to the eyebrow growth area, this will help to avoid infection when microrans appear.
  3. Sew the eyebrows so that all the hairs look the same way.
  4. Identify the boundaries.
  5. Start pulling out the hairs one by one, it is advisable to correct the eyebrows at the same time to achieve more symmetry.
  6. Tighten the skin a little to make the pulling easier.
  7. After the correction, you can apply a soothing cream or compress to the skin and apply ice.

Tip! Pinching with tweezers is a painful procedure to slightly reduce discomfort, before the procedure, put on the skin with baby cream, let it soak in.

disinfectant to the eyebrow growth area

Bring the outline to perfection with an eyebrow pencil. Also do not forget about professional procedures. Now salons offer permanent make-up, eyebrow biotaught using natural dyes, bio-modelling, coloring. To maintain the image at home, cosmetics are used: eyebrow shadows and gels, pencils, powders, modeling and shading gels.

Interesting! Today, many masters offer a short course on eyebrow architecture. In a few lessons you will be taught to choose the right shape and color, quality correction. This skill will help not only in creating an image.

choose the right shape

After you have created an approximate outline of the future shape, you should start removing extra hairs. Take the tweezers and pluck out all the hairs that are behind the contour line. Remove them in the direction of growth without breaking them, as this will cause unattractive black spots that cannot be masked until the hairs grow back. Do not assume that the top hairs cannot be removed.

If they obviously interfere with your perfect shape and spoil your overall appearance, you should not leave them.

Also in the process of correction with tweezers it is necessary to constantly check the shape for symmetry. If the procedure of hair plucking is quite painful for you, you can prepare the skin beforehand and significantly reduce painful feelings. For example, cooling the skin with ice cubes is an effective way. A good alternative to cooling is to vaporize the skin beforehand. A universal and win-win option is local anesthesia with a cream or a special solution. However, before applying such drugs, make sure that you are not allergic to the components of the drug.

The width of the eyebrow directly depends on the natural density of hairs. You should not make a thread out of the eyebrows – it’s long out of fashion.

How do you correct eyebrows at home?

Even in today’s world, plucking remains the most popular and effective method of eyebrow correction. It is not only as accessible as possible, but also allows you to perform all the necessary manipulations at home. Despite its simplicity, if you want the shape of the eyebrows for the round face to suit you best, you must first practice well. What do you need to remember to make a perfect adjustment at home?

  1. First of all, the room should be bright enough. Remember: the better the light, the easier it is to see all the errors in shape, length and density. Eyebrow for round face (see photo in this article) should be created in natural light. If it is artificial, it should be as close as possible to natural light.
  2. Prepare the necessary instrument. To pluck your eyebrows, you will need a large enough mirror, soothing lotion against irritation, which can be purchased from a cosmetics store, a set of tweezers, disinfectant solution (best for alcohol). First, wipe the plucking area with lotion to prevent possible skin irritation. Treat the tweezers well with solution to prevent infection.
  3. Thoroughly prepare the object of direct correction for the procedure. Before plucking the eyebrows, wash them well with soap. Then gently brush every hair. This way you can form a perfect curve and do not remove the right hairs.

How do you add expressiveness to your eyebrows?

Properly chosen form – halfway to the perfect image: round-faced girls still need to make them more expressive. Masters can help in this matter:

  • microblading – using a special scalpel – manipulation, a specialist injects the dyeing agent manually; movement control and detailed drawing of each hair cause the creation of natural eyebrow lines;
  • permanent make-up (tattooing) – unlike the previous method, this is not done manually, but at the expense of a machine that can make moves only in one direction;
  • biotaught – in this case the master uses only natural pigments: henna, antimony, oyster, basma;
  • spraying – the dye is introduced into the top layer of the dermis (to a depth of 0.5 mm) with the help of a device with a certain frequency; the resulting small dots create the effect of a shagreen;
  • dyeing – a specialist changes or maintains the natural colour of hairs using a professional pigment composition (RefectoCil, Studio, RoColor, Estel) or the same henna, basma and their combination.

The last option is achievable at home. You can also use cosmetics: shadows (ideally a palette with 2-3 colors), pencil, marker. Their shades should be selected on the basis of hair color, that is, one tone with them or a pair of tones lighter (brunette) or darker (blonde, red). After drawing the rods and a light growling the final result is better to fix the gel, especially if bad weather conditions are planned.

How to color your eyebrow for round face

Colouring your eyebrows will make them look much thicker, more well-groomed and more beautiful. Moreover, pre-painting before correction helps to perfectly remove all hairs without missing even the smallest ones. In the home, coloring can be done with dye or henna. If you use professional materials, you will be completely delighted with the result obtained, but working with professional paints requires some skill and knowledge.

On average, the result of coloring is maintained for 2 weeks. Eyebrow dyeing with henna makes it possible to forget about eyebrow dyeing for about 1 month. But you should understand that both materials differ not only in the duration of the effect. For example, henna only dyes hairs, while henna also affects the skin, so you should be especially careful and careful when working with henna.

Eyebrows can be painted with henna or special paint. The use of professional tools will achieve excellent results, but it requires certain skills. So it is better to go to the salon. Colour is kept for about 2-3 weeks.

How to color your eyebrows

If you use henna, the effect of the procedure will last a whole month. But you have to understand that it stains not only the hairs themselves, but also the skin.

1-The paint.

If you are going to paint your own eyebrows, read the instructions carefully, as you can overdo it with the pigment. The fact is that it begins to show gradually after application.

You will need cotton sticks, nourishing cream, a special thin brush and paint. First, perform a cleansing procedure on the face and hands, disinfect them. Then oil the area around the eyebrows with the cream: this should be done so that the skin does not become dyed. Follow the instructions during the preparation of the dyeing compound, the procedure starts with the upper line moving towards the outer edge. If the mixture gets into the eyes, rinse with running water as soon as possible and temporarily postpone the procedure. The paint should be applied for about 15 minutes and then removed with a cotton pad soaked in warm water.


Henna is natural and safe. It not only stains, but also strengthens the hairs. Before using henna, it is necessary to peel the skin to exfoliate it, so the dye will lie down evenly. Breed henna in lemon juice, according to the proposed instructions. All manipulations should be done with gloves.

General tips:

  • Mark the contour with a pencil and comb the hairs. This will help make the lines more even.
  • Start applying the dye from the tip, gradually moving to the center and then to the base of the eyebrow.
  • If you need a darker color, add the bass to henna. See the instructions for dyeing time.
  • Do not wet the eyebrows for 2-3 days after the procedure.

Another popular way to decorate the eyebrows for round or any other face is microblogging. This is a modern and more successful alternative to tattooing. Tattooing allowed to make a certain line of eyebrows for several years, but was strongly visible on the face, looked unnatural and over time could turn black. Microblaiding has no such disadvantages, because the technique of such a procedure involves drawing individual hairs. This allows for maximum naturalness of the result.


In addition to permanent make-up, you can also use a regular one. This method requires a daily waste of time, but you can always easily create the shape of the eyebrow that suits you best. In addition, if you do makeup often, you will have a certain skill, and it will take very little time to paint.

For modern and beautiful eyebrow makeup you will need several products: pencil or shade, light shade corrector, highlighter, as well as fixation gel, wax or ink. If by nature you have quite thick eyebrows, in your daily make-up you can do with transparent or shade gel. Simply brush the hairs with a brush, raising them upwards and then gently styling them.

If your eyebrows are asymmetrical, or if there are simply no hairs in some places, you will have to use additional cosmetics. Let’s consider two options for makeup.

4-Through the shadows

The shade of the shadows should match your hair color or be about half a tone darker than your hair color. Avoid shades that are too dark – this will not look nice. Shadows will require a thin bevelled brush, usually sold with such decorative cosmetics. First, brush your hairs carefully upwards to see where the shadows are missing. Then use light strokes to draw lines that mimic natural hairs.

Watch for symmetry of the two eyebrows during the design process. Next, take a proofreader, the color of which is a little lighter than your tonal cream. Apply it to the brush and draw a neat line under the eyebrow, highlighting its tip. This will make it look as neat as possible.

The final stage of makeup will be fixing the result with a special transparent gel or wax. And to make the look open, fresh and expressive, apply a little highlighter under the brow.

Important: Avoid a clear eyebrow contour – it looks bad. The shadows should create a gradient: the head of the eyebrow will be slightly lighter than the base and tip.

5-With a pencil

In general, the rules of eyebrow makeup with a pencil are almost the same as the previous version. It is important that a pencil is always sharpened – this is the only way all lines will be neat and invisible.

What you need to take care of eyebrow for round face

Modeling and color correction of arcs in the cabin or at home always turns to the skin and the hair itself, albeit subtle, but negative: the dermis is injured, irritated, the structure of the rods undergoes changes. Liquid vitamins (retinol, thiamine, tocopherol), vegetable oils (mites, burdock root, peach, olives) and various aids / masks with their participation will help to quickly recover in this case.

If you eat bangs, do not forget about the care of her too: being greasy, dirty, it is able to present the most elegant eyebrows in a disadvantageous light round face. So if you don’t have time to wash your hair and put it in your hair, it’s no big deal. Separately from the other strands, rinse bangs under a jet of water (with a small amount of shampoo), after drying with a hair dryer, and the image as a whole will turn out beautiful and fresh.

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, you should pay special attention to the shampoos and balms you use. A frightening figure – 96% of popular brands’ shampoos contain components that poison our body. The main substances that cause all troubles are labeled as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG. These chemical components destroy the structure of the curls, hair becomes brittle, loses its elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this crap gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you not to use the means in which this chemistry is located.

Now you know which eyebrows go to a round face. Do not make common mistakes, create lines wisely, then it will be difficult to take your eyes away from you. Also remember that in order to save your own strength and time, you can always turn to a wizard for help. The procedure of eyebrow correction is inexpensive, but it is much easier to maintain the already shaped shape than to create it.

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