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Features of the eyebrow shading procedure

Eyebrows are the calling card of the face. If they are nice and neat, the appearance becomes much neater and prettier. Unfortunately, under conditions of a hectic pace of life, the beautiful half of humanity practically has no free time for itself. Therefore, it is not always possible to apply full makeup in the morning. In such cases, modern cosmetology comes to the rescue, offering such a procedure as eyebrow shading.

What it is.

It is no secret that tattooing is a cosmetic procedure, during which a permanent pigment is injected under the skin, which provides an excellent opportunity not to use cosmetics for a long time. In addition, this procedure allows for the correction of imperfections in appearance. The shading technique does not involve the drawing of hairs.

During eyebrow shading, a gradual transition from a dark to a lighter tone is created, and several tones are also used simultaneously… Pigment is injected under the client’s skin using a sterile needle to a depth of no more than 1.5 mm. First, an outline is created and then the main background is applied. Thanks to this technique, a so-called background appears, giving the eyebrows a natural shape and volume.

Shading differs from other tattooing methods in its naturalness. Paints are applied as evenly as possible, creating the effect of colored eyebrows. To become a professional in the field of permanent makeup, in addition to quality tools, it is necessary to have experience and excellent taste.The ability to create the perfect architecture of the eyebrows is especially necessary for those who work with the hair technique. Shading the shadow is much easier to reproduce.

For decoration, you only need the ability to create perfect symmetry and select the desired color palette. A tandem of these skills will make the look as natural as possible.

Main types

The most natural way to design eyebrow architecture is to emphasize with shadows. They paint on the distance between the sparse hairs. The effect of painting the background is taken as the basis of the shadow technique by tattoo artists. It is worth highlighting different types of permanent makeup using the shadow technique.

  • the ability to create clear lines, thanks to which there is the possibility of changing the shape if necessary;
  • natural-looking eyebrows;
  • makes the appearance mysterious and expressive;
  • gives older women a more youthful appearance;
  • the need to make a correction;
  • smooth contour that does not create the effect of drawn eyebrows;
  • almost painless manipulation;
  • absence of scars and scarring after the procedure;
  • Suitable for all skin types.

The following two important factors can be distinguished from the disadvantages:

  • there is a risk of getting to an unscrupulous master; therefore, you should choose salons and a specialist carefully;
  • high cost of the procedure.

Reviews from real clients for the most part confirm the fact that the shadow tattoo procedure helps to dramatically change your appearance if you go to a professional master. Negative reviews about permanent makeup are extremely rare and are usually associated with the fact that the beautician chose the wrong shape and created asymmetrical eyebrows. It should be remembered that the main thing in choosing the shape and type of tattoo is always the client.

Do not hesitate to tell the master your preferences, because with the result you will have to walk for more than a month. From the published reviews of shading owners, you can find out that the appearance of eyebrows often changes when the girls’ weight changes.

If the body is subject to edema, after a while the shape may also change.

Literally 3-4 years ago, there were frequent cases where over time the color of the tattoo changed and acquired a red-red or blue-green hue. The problem was poor quality dyes. Pigment manufacturers have developed more advanced dyes, and such incidents are now virtually ruled out. Numerous reviews from clients who have tried the shots confirm that the effect of the procedure lasts a long time. They are satisfied with the manipulations performed.

Women who have sparse hair in this area of the face and grow poorly consider the shading method their salvation. Blond girls, whose eyebrows are not particularly pronounced and not always perfectly shaped, are happy to choose the shots.

Who is it recommended for?

The permanent shadow makeup method is ideal in the following situations:

  • when it is necessary to create additional volume;
  • when there is gray hair that needs to be masked;
  • when it is necessary to achieve the most natural appearance.

Shading mimics the coloring of eyebrows with a pencil. This method works equally well for blondes and brunettes. You must choose the pigment shade so that it is slightly darker than the hair color. For owners of black and chocolate hair, it is best to opt for coffee shades. It is recommended not to use black dyes.

If, after the shadow technique, you plan to apply the tattoo to the eyelid area (arrows), the eyebrow dye should be chosen a little lighter than the eyes. Another important point: on all girls, the pigment appears individually and gives a different shade in terms of brightness. Here the color of the skin, its ability to accept pigment, plays an important role. Therefore, the desire to create shadows of the same color and shape exactly like, for example, that of a friend, may not always be crowned with success. And this will not be the master’s fault, because it is not always possible to achieve exactly the same result.

Women with oily skin sometimes have problems with permanent makeup. Excessive oiliness of the skin can make the design fade and make it blurry. Increased sebaceous gland activity does not allow the pigment to take hold safely and after a while it is washed off. Girls with this type of facial skin are categorically contraindicated to choose the method of hair tattooing. For them, the most suitable option would be to use shading.

True, correction for excessively oily skin should be performed a little more often than for other skin types.


The shading procedure is considered hygienic and completely safe. Nevertheless, the risk remains, because an instrument with a dye is inserted under the skin during manipulation. If you are completely healthy, there is no reason to be afraid. In some cases, permanent makeup is contraindicated, namely:

  • venereal diseases, HIV status, tuberculosis, exacerbation of herpes infection, epilepsy;
  • during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation, tattooing is prohibited;
  • clients with hemophilia (poor blood clotting) and high blood sugar levels, the above procedures are strongly discouraged; in this case any procedure may be harmful to health.
  • if a person has skin and inflammatory infections, nevi, papillomas in the region of the eyebrow arches, tendency to scarring, cosmetic manipulations should be postponed.
  • Allergic dermatitis or Quincke’s edema. During an exacerbation of chronic diseases or other painful conditions, it is imperative to consult a master before proceeding with the procedure so as not to cause serious damage to the body. In addition to medical contraindications, there are also seasonal restrictions. For example, it is not advisable to apply shading in summer because of the increased air temperature, the active phase of ultraviolet rays, and a large number of dust particles. All these factors will damage the healing skin, hinder rapid recovery and create the risk of possible infection. Eyebrow shading can be combined with other cosmetic procedures.
  • The shading technique should be performed no earlier than 4 weeks after injection manipulations (botox, hyaluronic acid injections).If beauty injections have already been done, you should consult the cosmetologist performing the procedure before applying the tattoo.

When a person needs to have a chemical peel for the face, you should try to wait a few weeks after the shading procedure. The acids that make up the peel adversely affect the durability of the dye. Therefore, the area around the eyebrows should be cleaned carefully.

Technique of execution

The shadow technique consists of several steps. The technology is identical to other tattoo techniques. You should study them step by step.

First Step.

The first step is preparation for the procedure. Two days before the scheduled meeting with the master, antibiotics and blood thinners should not be used. If these medications are vital for maintaining health, the procedure should be canceled until full recovery. You should try not to consume strong coffee and tea on the eve of cosmetic manipulations and also to exclude alcoholic beverages. Also, it is not recommended to visit the solarium and the beach at least one day in advance.

It is not necessary to shave or shave the eyebrows before visiting the salon. A qualified specialist will never ask, but, on the contrary, will offer to remove excess hairs properly and with their own hands. It is recommended to come to the procedure without makeup, in particular, it is not necessary to paint the eyebrows with a pencil and shadows.

Second stage

The second stage is a meeting with the master in the salon. Before proceeding with pigment application with the chosen method, the specialist should explain the characteristics of shading in an accessible way, show the tools, color pigments, pain relievers, and advise on ways to further care for this area of the face during the healing period.

Be sure to pay attention to the instrument: the needle must be sterile and open in your presence. Do not overlook this important nuance, because health is first.

Third stage

The third stage is the selection of the shape and application of pigment. The master must listen to the client’s wishes about the desired design of the eyebrows, treat the skin with a disinfectant and then draw an outline. If the girl is satisfied with the proposed form, they begin the process themselves. If there is a disagreement on the sketch, the contour is corrected. Next, anesthesia of the application is performed. To do this, the eyebrow area is lubricated with anesthetic cream (most often masters choose Emla anesthetic creams for this area of the face), then cover with transparent film for fifteen minutes.

After the specified time, you can safely proceed to the main process. Shading is less painful than other types of tattooing because the paint is injected superficially. Pigment injection takes about 1-1.5 hours. First, the outline is drawn, then the master has to shade the main background. Painful sensations are hardly felt; the procedure is quite bearable. Clients with a low pain threshold may occasionally experience mild discomfort and tingling sensations.

Fourth stage.

The fourth stage is the completion of the procedure. In the final stage, after the dye injection, the skin is thoroughly treated with antiseptic agents (chlorhexidine bigluconate or miramistine), then a healing cream is applied. Immediately after the shot or soft shading procedure, the eyebrows look brighter than they will after healing. This is considered a normal reaction and should not be intimated.

Within 24 hours, mild swelling and redness is also likely to appear, but these manifestations will disappear quickly.

How long does it last?

The durability of permanent makeup depends directly on the technique of its implementation. The way the coloring material is stored is influenced by many factors: climate, exposure to sunlight, seawater. A person’s individual characteristics play an important role in the duration of shading. This includes the age of the woman, the type of skin.For example, the classic tattoo lasts on average 1.5-2 years, and the shots a little less – 1-1.5 years. This is because during shading, the pigment is not injected deep into the epidermis.

After the color fades, the client will need a permanent makeup renewal procedure. The quality of the paint is characterized not only by its durability, but mainly by the quality of the components in its composition. Professional materials are known to be hypoallergenic and do not change color saturation even after prolonged use. Low-quality tattoo dyes and inks usually give the eyebrows a bluish color.

Unfortunately, only a laser procedure can correct the defects of low-quality permanent makeup.

Further care

While the recovery period lasts, the eyebrows need careful care. In order for healing after the procedure to last faster, it is recommended that a healing ointment be applied to this area of the face, such as “D-panthenol” or “Bepanten.” Each master should inform the client how to properly care for the eyebrows after the procedure and recommend some medications. There are the following restrictions during the tissue healing period, which are valid for the first week after cosmetic manipulations:

  • Do not use decorative cosmetics in the field of tattooing;
  • do not stand in the sun or solarium;
  • do not visit the sauna and swimming pool;
  • wetting the dye injection site;
  • do not play active sports, as excessive sweating will adversely affect damaged areas of the skin;
  • do not apply products containing alcohol to the skin.

Usually the rehabilitation period lasts no longer than 7 days. But the final result should be evaluated only after 2-3 weeks. At that point, the brightness of the pigment will decrease, the protective crusts will peel off. On the first day after shading, there is slight swelling of the epidermis and redness. An icor appears from the needle-damaged tissue. Soon after, it dries, turning into a protective crust. On the second day, the irritation gradually disappears, but the dye color is still very saturated.

By the third day, scabs appear, protecting the epidermal tissues from external stimuli. By the end of the week, the scab gradually disappears. There are no painful sensations during this period. To help the scabs come off faster, use the recommended ointment. If you suddenly find that the scabs have started to break off, this is a sure sign of too dry skin. The ointments described above will help moisturize the epidermis and soften the protective scabs.

Under no circumstances should they be torn off, as there is a risk of injury and uneven pigment distribution. You should wait for them to disappear on their own.

A common practice after shading is to perform a correction. It is customary to do this due to the fact that after the first application of paint there are cases where the eyebrows are unevenly colored. Correction allows you to correct the shape and add the desired shade in areas where it is needed. It is recommended to do this 1.5-2 months after the first tattoo. The duration of the correction will vary depending on the work to be done. If it is necessary to slightly add tone or partially paint over areas of the skin, the master will keep within 30-40 minutes. During stroke correction, anesthesia is applied at the client’s request.

Professionals in the field of permanent makeup believe that it is the wrong care during the rehabilitation period after the shadow method that can influence the reception of an unsatisfactory result. Although this shading technique practically does not damage the skin, the body reacts to the procedure in a natural protective way. Therefore, any person who chooses this transformation process should be prepared for extra eyebrow care in the first few days. When itching occurs, do not be afraid.This sign indicates the imminent healing of skin tissues.

When itching occurs, do not be afraid. This sign indicates the imminent healing of skin tissues.

To make the color brighter as a result, on the first day it is recommended to clean the eyebrows every half hour with chlorhexidine applied on a cotton ball. On the second day, it is sufficient to clean once an hour. If you want a slightly muted color, apply only Vaseline for the first few days. Women who have once chosen the procedure for eyebrow shading will always have the most natural and delicate appearance. With this type of permanent makeup, the time for daily makeup application is greatly reduced.

You will learn more about eyebrow shading in the following video.

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