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What do our brows reveal about us?

Eyebrows reflect the mental activities of every person. Above all they show feelings of fear, disgust, confusion, anger. You can tell pretty clearly from the eyebrows whether some one is irritated, thoughtful or disagrees with what you say. At this moment they push themselves closer together and form a small wrinkle just above the nose.when some one says something but means something else, you can see it in their eyebrows.A smile can be wrong. The truth is still written in the face of everyone. Especially in the eyebrows. You just have to know how to readit. Few can really manipulate their brows.

Reading character and emotions from the eyebrows

In fact, the brows are much more important, They help us to identify faces.People write poems about eyes.the eyes are the window to the soul.the brows, they are more honest than the eye . When we get to know a person, the first thing we look at is his eyes. From them you can tell if someone is happy, sad or anxious. However, it is not only the eyes themselves that are important, but also the eyebrows.Similarly important are clothing and gait. Eyes, nose and mouth play a surprisingly small role in recognizing people. We pay much more attention to how someone walks, uses their body, we pay attention to height, figure, and even eyebrows. Most people do not know, it happens unconsciously.

We tell you what your eyebrows reveal about you. Do you recognize yourself?

Eyebrows are an important part of the face, as they contribute to the symmetry and beauty of the face. The position of the eyebrows also gives a clear indication of the emotions of a person.They are one of the most important features for deciphering emotions. Nothing can be faked as easily as a smile. The eyebrows, on the other hand, never lie.

Faces are harder to recognize if the eyebrows are missing. Face recognition works like a barcode. The eyebrows form a line, plus the out line of the face and the distance between forehead and eyes.In fact, The brows make us human.

When some one is surprised, he raises his eyebrows a little bit, incredulity and surprise looks similar. What is interesting about the facial expressions of our eyebrows is tha twe do it unconsciously, but we can also control it very strongly.

From the eyebrows you can tell if we are male or female. They give information about a person’s health and age. They are a product of a mixture of factors.

Female and male eyebrows differ greatly, so there is little common ground between brothers and sisters. Female eyebrows arch more, they are higher and stand closer together. Testosterone influences the growth of the eyebrows almost more than the genes.Testosterone forms the typically masculine, angular faces with pronounced chins and massive over-eyebrow bulges, which produce particularly bushy eyebrows. Conversely, discreet eyebrows that curve strongly and enlarge the eyes, as well as a narrow jaw, indicate a high estrogen content. Typical woman.

Cosmetically, brows are extremely important, every woman knows that, pluck them finer or into a curved shape. With age, you can literally turn a screw if you let your eyebrows slide down a few millimetres. The face immediately looks ten years older, even if nothing else has happened. It is the course of nature: the eyebrows move down wards because their connective tissue attachment in the forehead area is a littles lack and gives way. This is where Botox comes in. Once the eyebrows are in position again, their owner suddenly appears rejuvenated.

The eyebrows not only contribute significantly to identification between people, they are also an indicator of beauty and health. To ensure that everything fits together perfectly, the eyebrows should of course be perfectly styled and also support the shape of your face.

What the shape of your eyebrows says about you

Whether they are thin, thick, long, short, curved,… Your eyebrows say a lot more about you than you think and about your character and your way of being.

What the shape of your eyebrows says about you


Curved eyebrows:

stand very feminine, feminine characteristics and are above all a sign of creativity. Many artists and authors have curvy eyebrows.

Deep-seated brows:

are found in quieter people who prefer to observe everything around them first. This guy thinks about what he’s saying. People with deep-set eyebrows can get very close to others, are often even consultants or coaches.

Strong brows :

strong brows

The liver is the organ that is directly linked to the eyebrows. And it stands for life energy and power. The bushier the brow, the more energy the person has. Office jobs tend to be bad for guys like that. They need sport and exercise to balance themselves out. Women with very bushy eyebrows have many masculine characteristics, are very assertive and courageous.

Straight eyebrows:

are found in very straightforward people who are rather conservative. They love structures and do not like to break out of them. Making decisions is rather difficult for these brow-types.

Angled eyebrows:

This guy is super spontaneous and impulsive. Decisions are very easy for these people. Women with rather triangular eyebrows are always mega ethusiastic and like to convince others of their ideas.

High-set eyebrows:

People with raised eyebrows are often very distant and proud. They need a lot of space for themselves, which is why they cannot let others get close to them.

Thin eyebrows :

can be found in very sensitive people who are very fond of detail. People with this brow shape love to make things more beautiful and are only satisfied with their home when every accessory has the right place. Gaps in the brow, by the way, indicate unprocessed processes. But also relationship problems with partners or siblings.

Finally, people with very elaborate eyebrows lack self-confidence. They also find it harder to make decisions. Remember to take proper care of your eyebrows

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