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Eyebrow waxing

How often eyebrow wax and all you need to know about waxing

If you decide to correct your eyebrows in this way, it is especially important to choose a qualified and, above all, experienced master. Because often, eyebrow wax can cause considerable damage to the shape of the eyebrows, and you will have to wait a long time before they can be restored again. Also, it is possible to burn your eyebrows with the wax, because the skin around the eyes is very delicate. In this post, we will answer popular questions about waxing to help you avoid mistakes.

How often should I wax my eyebrow?

Waxing should be done once every 3-4 weeks. Between waxing it is better not to use a razor, otherwise the hair will become stiff and dense. With regular waxing the hair will become thinner, less frequent, and the interval between treatments may increase.

How often you can do waxing?

With the help of wax, hair can be removed from the root. After this procedure, they become softer, lighter, and the hair is thinner. Waxing allows you to remove hair quickly, the effect lasts for several weeks. In addition, the wax is a great exfoliator, because along with the hairs are also removed dead skin cells. Thanks to this the skin remains smooth after the session.

How often can I wax? It depends on how quickly the hair grows back. You can only tentatively specify the frequency of the procedure.

Each area of the body usually corresponds to its own term:

• And the question of how often eyebrow wax, experts say that on the lips, chin and eyebrows hair removal is recommended every 2-4 weeks;

It should be remembered that the use of shaving or waxing creams shortens the appearance of hairs after the first procedure performed.

How often eyebrow wax with sugar?

The procedure of waxing with sugar is called shugaring. With its help, you can get rid of short hairs, which is difficult to do other methods of hair removal. How often should you do shugaring? It depends on a large number of factors, including: the proper preparation and technique of the procedure, the individual characteristics of hair structure.

How often eyebrow wax with sugar

Sugar waxing can be done with the following frequency depending on the body area:

Face. Shugaring is the safest procedure for hair removal from this area, because it does not irritate the skin, does not provoke allergic reactions, and does not leave burns. Hair growth does not resume for about 21 days.

Bikini. On average, the interval is from 10 to 14 days, but it depends on the structure of the hair. In this area, the skin remains silky and smooth for a long time. The first shugaring to do is very painful. Sugar waxing of deep bikini hair is usually repeated after one to one and a half months.

The back and shoulders (for men). On average, the procedure can be done in three to four weeks.

On these areas of the skin with shugaring irritation occurs less frequently than other methods of epilation.

The required frequency of repetition of the procedure will vary from person to person, so it is not possible to specify an exact time frame. Two to three weeks is the average length of a break between epilations. However, if the technique is not followed properly, hair growth may start earlier. Each procedure performed changes the structure of hair, making it thinner and lighter, less noticeable, better removable.

The most often questions about waxing: everything you need to know about waxing

everything you need to know about waxing

How long does waxing take?

If you are waxing for the first time, we advise you to free up an hour of your time. On average, waxing underarms takes about 10 minutes, arms and legs – 15-25 minutes, bikini zone – 20 minutes. With each next time waxing will take less and less time.

What should be the length of hair for waxing?

It all depends on the type and brand of wax, but the optimal length of hair for waxing is 5-7 mm. Dense waxes grab and short, thin hairs, warm, light wax works better with long hairs.

How to prepare my skin before epilation?

We advise you to peel or scrub before epilation (the day before), then your skin will be smoother, get rid of dead cells of the epidermis, the removal of hair will be less painful. Immediately before epilation you should clean your skin with a pre-depilation tonic or any other means before epilation, dry your skin, apply talcum powder or powder (so it will be less painful procedure). If you have sensitive skin, you can take a local anesthetic before epilation.

Is waxing allowed during pregnancy?

Epilation during pregnancy is not contraindicated by anyone, but if you have not waxed before pregnancy, it is advised to postpone this procedure for the postpartum period. If you are not a beginner in this business, well tolerate waxing and it is not prohibited by your doctor, depilation can be done.

How to take care of my skin after waxing?

Immediately after waxing, you can oil the skin to remove the remnants of wax from the skin. Also after waxing, use aftercare products, they will reduce irritation and soothe the skin. Do not peel, avoid sunlight and self-tanning for 24 hours after waxing. Don’t go to sauna, bath, jacuzzi and don’t take hot baths for 48 hours. In the first two days after hair removal it is better not to wear tight clothes, because it may lead to ingrown hairs. In the following days, you need to moisturize and exfoliate your skin to keep the surface of the skin free of rough cells and avoid ingrown hairs. Buy products to slow hair growth and anti-grown hair products.

How to take care of my skin after bikini waxing?

After deep hair removal in the bikini zone it is necessary to refrain from hot baths for 10 hours, wear loose cotton underwear and not apply any cosmetics on the skin, because the skin after hair removal remains sensitive to high temperatures and vulnerable to bacteria.

How quickly does irritation after waxing go away?

The redness usually goes away 40-60 minutes after the procedure is finished. If you have sensitive skin, the redness may persist until the next morning.

Does ingrown hair appear after waxing?

With proper skin care (using scrubs, special creams preventing hair ingrowth) after waxing hair ingrowth is quite rare. Please note that hair ingrowth is observed in many women regardless of the method of hair removal.

What is the difference between hot and warm waxes?

Warm wax is viscous in consistency, heated to a low temperature, quickly cools to body temperature when applied to the skin and removed with special paper strips. Good for removing hair from large surfaces (arms, legs, back).

Hot wax is kept in a solid state; it is melted down to the temperature of 55-60 oC before use; it is removed from the skin by hand without the help of paper strips. Suitable for thicker and tougher hair (underarms, bikini). Due to the high temperature of the wax, the skin is steamed, the pores open and the hair is removed less painfully.

How to treat ingrown hairs after waxing?

Ingrown hairs after waxing are a fairly common occurrence when hair removal is not done properly. Ingrown hairs are red inflamed bumps on the skin with a hair inside. It grows not upwards, but along the skin, which makes the skin inflamed and a bubble appears. You should wipe it with antiseptic, open the bubble and use tweezers to pull the hair out, but do not pull it out until the wound has healed. Do not forget to regularly lubricate the wound with salicylic acid.

Why do some waxes come off with cloth strips and others only with your hands.What is the difference between them?

Here we are talking about warm and hot wax. Warm wax is applied in a thin layer and is removed with special waxing strips. Hot wax is thicker in consistency, applied in a thicker layer and removed only by hand.

How quickly does the wax wear off?

It all depends on the type of wax. Warm wax is applied in a thin layer and is therefore more economical. On average, for a full depilation you will need a jar of quality wax (250 ml). A full waxing of the legs may require 30-50 ml of wax, it all depends on the brand of wax.

How to warm up a wax for waxing?

The wax can be heated in three ways: in a water bath, in a microwave oven and with a heater (for warm wax) and a wax heater (for hot wax). If you do waxing all the time, we recommend buying a heater or wax heater.

What is the difference between waxes of different colors?

Wax in cartridges is available for all skin types with different additives, on which the color of the wax depends. Waxes are also divided by density: transparent, medium consistency and dense (the darker the color of the wax, the denser it is).

Why does the wax break when removed from the skin?

Hot wax breaks in several cases: if it is overheated (optimal temperature 55-60 oC), applied too thinly or left on the skin for a long time.

When should I apply talcum powder and hair growth retarders?

The talcum powder should be applied immediately before the application of the hot wax. Talc creates a protective layer between the skin and the wax and the hair removal procedure will be less painful. After the procedure, do not traumatize the skin with any cosmetic products for 3-4 hours. After this period, you can apply a product that slows hair growth. If you use warm wax, you can apply hair growth retardant immediately after the procedure.

Which direction to apply and remove the hot wax?

Unlike warm wax, hot wax can be applied and removed in any direction.

If you have sensitive, and even more problematic skin – waxing is definitely not suitable for you. The procedure will provoke the formation of acne. In addition, there may be severe irritation. Consider other options for hair removal on this delicate area: laser hair removal or electrolysis will suit you.

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