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What kind of hair removal for eyebrows?

Razor, hot or cold wax, depilatory cream or electric depilator, all products are not necessarily good for eyebrow hair removal. Tips and products, Inebra gives you all the right gestures for eyebrow hair removal.

Like the down on the upper lips, eyebrows are very sensitive and are difficult to remove. No mistake will be forgiven.

To avoid traumatic operations, you should opt for gentle eyebrow hair removal methods. Exit the electric depilator, the depilatory cream and above all, never use a razor on this area.

Discover the ideal eyebrow hair removal methods !

Eyebrow plucking with tweezers

It allows the hairs to be removed one by one. Some use it to do their own eyebrow hair removal, others use it to do some touch-ups.

Contrary to what we tend to do, you should not pull the hair out with a sharp blow so as not to break it. It is better to pull gently in the direction of hair growth to remove the bulb.
In order to properly perform eyebrow waxing with tweezers, you must :

– choosing the right tweezers

– have clean skin and remove make-up well

– have perfect lighting

You can choose a tweezers with integrated light that is particularly practical.

Who is it for?

For those on a small budget, who have a well-drawn brow line or who have few eyebrows.

Eyebrow Waxing

There are two possible options:

– depilation with warm wax at home or in an institute.

– depilation with cold wax strips

The main difference between wax and tweezers remains: time and precision.

The wax is effective and fast. Except that if you are a novice, your eyebrow hair removal will lack precision. The first times, don’t hesitate to go to an institute. That way, the line and shape of your eyebrows will be well defined and you will be able to wax yourself afterwards.

Between two depilations in an institute or for a few small touch-ups, cold wax strips for the face are very practical. Brands such as Nair, Veet, Acorelle or Laurence Dumont offer them at low prices. To depilate between the eyebrows for example, this method is much faster than tweezers.

Simply place the wax strip on the area to be depilated, massage in the direction of hair growth and pull in the opposite direction!

Who is it for?

For those who want fast and long-lasting eyebrow hair removal or those who need a touch-up.

Eyebrow threading

Threading is perfect for facial hair. It is a technique practiced for centuries was born in India. The principle is simple: plucking the hair with a long fine thread. There is no need to try it at home, only experts can perform the operation.

This very meticulous technique allows the eyebrow hair removal at the root and to be drawn with precision

Other advantages: it is very painless and does not irritate the skin.

Who is it for?

For those who want perfect eyebrows, for those who are cosy or have sensitive skin.

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