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Eyebrow Tattoo

Remove tattoos without laser with PhiRemoval

A new method of removing old or unwanted tattoos has arrived on the market. The novelty lies in the fact that it is the first liquid tattoo removal technique and its name is PhiRemoval. This technique was developed based on agents that allow you to effectively remove tattoo pigments, in fact the PhiRemoval product is made up of lactic acid.

In theory, a tattoo should be forever. But it can happen that a tattoo makes us tired or that we don’t like it as it once was, or it could happen that a permanent make-up does not have exactly the look we had imagined or that both can turn into a real ordeal to which it is not. easy to find a solution. A tattoo – just not to forget – is nothing less than ink that is injected under the skin, the pigments of the ink are stored inside the dermis in the macrophages, and this is what makes the tattoo permanent.

Classic tattoo removal

For several years the only way to remove a tattoo was with laser, although by comparing laser with other methods used previously (such as dermabrasion or surgical excision of the skin) the classic laser tattoo removal is remained and still remains an effective and safe technique. The results are satisfactory, but there is the drawback that the sessions are numerous and can be painful, even more painful than the tattoo itself. The best known and most used lasers for these tattoo removal procedures are Q-Switched lasers (Nd-Yag, Alexandrite or KTP type).

How does PhiRemoval work?

PhiRemoval, as anticipated, it does not require the use of a laser, simply apply the product to the tattoo using a micropigmentation device, the same device used to do eyebrow tattoos, for example. Once applied to the skin, the product penetrates the tissues and removes pigmentations from the ink that makes up the tattoo. The formula essentially extracts the ink, which is naturally repelled to the surface of the skin and then eliminated.

As with laser tattoo removal treatment, even with this system, a single session will not be enough. The number of sessions will always depend on the size of the tattoo you want to erase and its characteristics (depth, color, shades, etc). For smaller tattoos or small areas of permanent makeup it may only take 2 sessions but in the case of larger areas the number of sessions will obviously increase.

PhiRemoval allows you to remove both tattoos and permanent makeup done with micropigmentation.


The effects of PhiRemoval are almost immediate and healing will take place in the days following the removal of the tattoo. About 48 hours after the session, a scab will form on the skin of the treated area, which will contain the tattoo ink. It is important to try to keep this scab dry for as long as possible so that the treatment is even more effective.

The complete healing process depends on the patient and the subjective characteristics of his skin, but usually takes an approximate period of 1 to 2 weeks. The treated area will be red and sensitive, but you will gradually notice the regeneration of the new skin tissue. It is important to follow the advice and care that your specialist will give you after the treatment during all the days following the session, so as not to make mistakes and allow your skin to heal in the best possible way. Probably, you will be prescribed a cream, to be applied several times a day, in the two weeks following the removal of the tattoo with PhiRemoval.

Remember that after the treatment you will not have to expose yourself to the sun, or carry out tanning treatments with creams or solarium, some photosensitizing aesthetic treatments will also be prohibited during the healing period.

After the results of the first session, it will be necessary to wait at least 6 weeks to proceed with the second session, so as not to damage the skin and have satisfactory results.

The benefits of PhiRemoval

The PhiRemoval method offers several advantages over more traditional techniques:

  • PhiRemoval is not color selective, which means it can be used on permanent tattoos or makeup of any color (even white!).
  • It is a painless treatment, unlike the laser.
  • It leaves no marks or scars, the tissues heal quickly and the skin does not remain red.
  • You can touch up a tattoo by removing only the part you want precisely.

Other methods of tattoo removal by pigment extraction

Another method similar to PhiRemoval is tattoo removal with Magic Pen®, based more or less on the same principle: it consists in extracting the pigments using a pen equipped with needles that injects a patented product based on lactic acid. Another product that works on the same principle is Skinial.

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Gradually, new methods of removing permanent makeup and tattoos are emerging, however it is always important to be sure of your decision when getting a tattoo, now it is possible to remove it without complications. Tattoo removal has limits, depending on the size, color or depth of a tattoo, depending on the case it will therefore be more or less difficult to remove it completely. Although many of the results are very satisfying, some types of pigments or designs may resist and some marks may remain more visible on the skin.

It is important to consult a professional who can advise you on the best method to follow based on your skin, your tattoo and your needs. And remember: only a professional can perform tattoo removal sessions.

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