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CelebritiesEyebrow Tattoo

Above eyebrow tattoo is the weirdest tattoo trend: which celebrities have opted for an above eyebrow tattoo?

The tattoo is one of the popular themes for body art for the hip-hop culture of the young generation. The face is the main attraction part of our body. Individuals who want to be more attractive like to have face tattoos. In the face area, you can have side face tattoos, above eyebrow tattoo, on nose, forehead and also on the chin. Here I am going to highlights about tattoo above eyebrow. Continue your reading to get above eyebrow tattoos ideas for your next tattoo designs.

Tattoo above eyebrow meaning

Tattoos used to be frowned upon and associated with rebels, but in recent years they have become more and more popular. Whether small or large – almost everyone has had a tattoo on their body and the taboo is no longer relevant. And just like fashion, tattoo trends are always coming up with new designs and patterns that influence our style and choice of tattoo. Although face tattooing is considered somewhat controversial and very brave even among the biggest tattoo fans, there are still more and more people who dare to do it.

Above Eyebrow tattoo Meaning

Actually, you can have any above eyebrow tattoo designs. And the meaning of your eyebrow tattoo may differ depending on the design. People usually like to have a small tattoo above their eyebrow. You can also have your name or the name of the person you care about the most. Music tattoos, small cross tattoos, yin-yang tattoos, little heart tattoos, tribal tattoos, any phrases, bird tattoos, and your own designs are all options.

Above Eyebrow Tattoo Celebrities

In the world of celebrities, face tattoo above eyebrow are currently making a comeback and more and more stars and singers have already gotten above eyebrow tattoos. In addition to Post Malone, Lil Peep, the tattoo artist Kat von D, Justin Bieber also has a small, prominent pattern immortalized in the face.

Kat von D
Kat von D

The boundaries of tattoo art now lie more in the question “Where?” than “What?”. Whether it’s a huge “The Yakuza’s tattoos are meaningful to the specific person and what they want to show to the world ” on the back or a tattoo on the sole of the foot, the possibilities for decorating our bodies and making a statement seem endless. In recent years, a relatively new variety of hip-hop has come to the forefront, namely the so-called “soundcloud” rap. This is a new generation of rappers who have become famous via the music platform SoundCloud. Especially in these circles, above eyebrow tattoo has become very common. But instead of symbols associated with gang culture, violence and crime, the stars tend to opt for small designs with personal meaning.

Lil Peep
Lil Peep

Our list of celebrities with facial tattoos wouldn’t really be complete without the late underground rap legend Lil Peep. Sadly, the star passed away when he was only 21 years old, but his body was already fully tattooed before that. Although he had quite a few facial tattoos, his fans particularly celebrated him for writing “Crybaby” above his eyebrow. “I definitely think humanity is very sad and most people are ungrateful. That’s why I got “Crybaby” engraved – to remind me not to be a “crybaby” and to be grateful for everything I have in my life. Every time I look in the mirror, I remind myself how lucky I am.” – So the rap star explained the meaning of his tattoo above his eyebrow in an interview. According to his closest friends, however, Lil Peep liked to complain far too often and that’s why he wanted to be called “Crybaby”.


XXXTentacion was an American singer, rapper, and songwriter who began his music career on SoundCloud in 2013. He was also sadly shot in 2018 at the age of 20. However, during his short career, he was greatly admired not only for his unique hip-hop style, but also for the number of tattoos he had. After his death, even some of his fans copied his tattoos to pay tribute to him. The tattoo of his face with the word “alone” is among his most famous and popular tattoos. In an interview, he explained the concept behind the word like this: “Alone is literally my idolization. People, whether they are in a relationship or among thousands of people, are always alone. Your lies are not known to people. Your sins are not known to anyone. No one knows your true feelings and no one knows your whole story – so no one really understands you. In that sense, we are all alone.”

Post Malone
Post Malone

Rapper Post Malone first gained worldwide notoriety in 2015 with his hits “White Iverson” and “Rockstar.” To this day, he has achieved incredible success and is one of the most recognizable artists. However, he is admired not only for his music, but also for his many unique facial tattoos that have become his trademark. In an interview, the rapper described himself as “ugly ass” and body art would help him build confidence and accept his reflection. Malone’s tattoos have become so popular in recent years that temporary versions of his facial tattoos are even for sale online. For his tattoo above his eyebrow, he chose the words “Stay away.” However, it’s not a hint that he wants to be left alone – it’s simply a verse from a song and has no other meaning.

Above Eyebrow Tattoo Girl

Even though the above eyebrow tattoo is popular among boys, modern girls also like to have an above eyebrow tattoo. The tattoo above the eyebrow is more famous for women than the tattoo below the eyebrow.

    Name above eyebrow tattoo

    Small anchor tattoos can also be used to express a person’s desire for increased stability, security, and good fortune. This style is very feminine, simple, and charming, and it provides ladies a desirable appearance. This above eyebrow tattoo idea is only worn by seasoned assassins.

    Tattoo meanings to prevent prison, gangs, and other problems. His hit tune wingriddenangel inspired this tattoo. Two sets of three dots appear beneath and above his right eye.

    “Alone is the main notion for me,” Xxxtentacion said when questioned about this highly specific tattoo and why he opted to get it. The shaved slit in the eyebrow, often known as an eyebrow slit, is a trendy and attractive look. However, different flower hues have distinct connotations, for example, crimson flowers represent a blazing passion.

    A cross tattoo design can be placed exactly between the brows on the bridge of the nose, which is a lesser-known usage. However, there are other alternative picture designs for the top and lower brows, and the choice is entirely up to the woman. The tattoos are in honor of friends.

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