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Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading: You need to know this before the eyebrow upgrade!

Perfect eyebrows, something almost every woman dreams of! But by no means every woman has it, the ideal shape and colour. Plucked, incorrectly waxed or simply not blessed by nature with a full brow section: There’s always a problem. At least since model Cara Delevingne presented her God-given brow splendour to the world, we want it too. But at the latest since Daniela Katzenberger we also know how crooked such a pigmentation can be.

What is microblading?

In principle it is a modern variation of permanent make-up, which was already practiced in the Asian region 20 years ago. In this process, colour pigments are pricked by hand into the skin under the eyebrows to permanently perfect their shape and fullness. In contrast to permanent make-up, microblading does not use a pigmentation machine at all, but works manually with the hand and a so-called blade (device with many fine needles lined up next to each other). The trendy version from your beauty salon, however, is carried out with much more precise equipment than in the past, which enables a fine and very natural piercing result.

What microblading methods are there?

Classic microblading

Diamond Microblading

This method is mostly used for light skin. In this case, a small diamond can be used to work very precisely and less intensively.

Combination method

This is a mixture of both techniques: At the front, above the inner corner of the eye, the fine hair technique is used, at the back of the bow, the stitches are stronger.

How is the perfect colour of pigmentation chosen?

First the symmetry of the face is measured. Every person has a different bone structure and different facial expressions, so the eyebrows do not have to be exactly symmetrical. The color depends on three factors: the structure as well as the color of the hairs and the skin.

Who is Microblading suitable for?

Especially people who suffer from hair loss or have undergone chemotherapy benefit from microblading. But it is also a top solution for women who want to wake up in the morning with perfect eyebrows!

Does the result also depend on the skin type?

Yes! A distinction is made between oily and dry skin. For oily skin, the combination method is best suited. As skin fat absorbs the colour quickly and the microblading usually lasts for about eight months. With dry skin, the result remains clearly visible for up to one and a half years. This is where the finer Diamond Microblading is suitable, because even the finest lines can be placed very precisely on dry skin.

Which lifestyle factors can shorten the shelf life?

The individual metabolism is often decisive. If the body “processes” it quickly, the colour applied is also broken down more quickly. In addition, sauna and solarium users will certainly enjoy it less than non-sauna and solarium users. Sweat also shortens the lifespan of microblading. Active sportsmen should therefore also be aware that after three quarters of a year a re-blading appointment is necessary.

How high is the danger that the engraved contours, similar to a tattoo, run with time?

With microblading this danger does not exist, as the ink is only superficially engraved into the skin. In addition, there is no discoloration into reddish or bluish, because the colors that at least Browbar by Mary works with are completely free of heavy metals. Therefore, the life span of a microblading result is also limited to one and a half years.

Speaking of additives: Does this also rule out an allergic reaction?

Many colours are purely herbal and hypoallergenic and suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, an allergy test is always carried out in advance. This involves looking for a spot behind the ear, sticking some paint into it and seeing whether a reaction occurs within 24 hours. This is important in order to be able to work without risk.

How do I recognize a good studio?

The basic thing is your gut feeling – the chemistry must be right. Right after that comes hygiene. All working materials must be hygienically packaged and may only be opened immediately before treatment. In addition, every step is discussed in advance, the customer should be able to see the blades that are being worked with and have an explanation of the processes that are currently taking place.

What happens if I do not like the result?

Basically you need three treatments until the result is perfect. While brows can look almost ideal after the first stitch, there are several factors that can influence the stitch. For example, the daily pain sensation or the right nutrition and sufficient fluid. The absolute final result as well as the colour can only be seen after the third appointment.

Now you don’t have to worry about whether the eyebrow pencil still holds. But instead you have to worry about the durability of the microblading.Unfortunately it is not possible to say in advance how long the result will last. Sometimes it is two years, sometimes one year, and if you are unlucky, even only a few months. In most cases the studio can’t help it, it’s rather up to the individual skin of each client. In any case, you would always opt for microblading – and then you’d love to do it again.

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