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Eyebrow health

Why do I have a dark spot under each of my eyebrow?

It is not uncommon to encounter a problem such as the formation of dark spots under each of the eyebrows, which is very worrying, especially for women who want to look young and elegan

Dark spot – what is it?

Dark spots are areas of skin that differ in color from the surrounding tissue due to increased melanin production. Dark spots come in different shapes, sizes and intensities.

Human skin is naturally pigmented; it is a natural property of human skin. The amount of pigment in our skin varies from one race to another and from one nationality to another.

Melanin, a natural pigment, is necessary for our skin to protect us from UV rays. When the skin is bombarded by UV rays, melanin is transported from deep within the skin to the upper layers and absorbs the sunlight. This is how it protects the skin, preventing further UV penetration.

When melanogenesis, i.e. the production of melanin in the skin, is altered, we can talk about the appearance of age spots, hyperpigmentation.

A dark spot can be the result of external factors – for example, active sunlight. It can also indicate that some disorder of natural processes occurred in the area of the eyebrows. All this has caused the activation of pigment cells, which manifested as hyperpigmentation.

Hereditary predisposition. Such spots include, for example, nevi, which are formed due to uneven formation and distribution of melanin in the skin cells. Most often they are beige or brown in color. Everyone has some number of congenital pigment spots. However, if they begin to grow, hurt or too many, it can lead to the development of cancer, and therefore such spots should be removed in a timely manner.

Exposure to ultraviolet rays. Prolonged and abundant insolation often leads to the formation of age spots, such as freckles. This is due to excessive production of melanin when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Avoid the appearance of age spots in this case is real if you use a protective cream before sunbathing. This is probably the only reason that you can eliminate on their own, although a consultation with a good beautician in this case is not superfluous. Currently there are a lot of products that can eliminate or “whiten” such age spots very quickly.

Use of poor-quality cosmetics and perfumes. The appearance of pigment spots is associated with the effects of harmful components that are part of such products and directly affect the skin. It will require treatment.

Folic acid deficiency. Occurs in the body in some diseases of the circulatory and immune systems. As a result, there are skin changes, which are manifested by the appearance of pigment spots. Folic acid may not get enough with food, observed in folic-deficiency anemia, pregnancy and a number of other conditions. Lack of vitamin C and copper in the body may also cause pigment spots.

Aging skin changes. They appear after age 50 and are a sign of age. These spots are called lentigines. They appear in the areas that are most often exposed to ultraviolet light, namely on the face and hands. Their appearance is associated with biological changes occurring in the skin, menopause and an increase in estrogen levels cause an increase in the number of such spots.

Hormonal changes. They are one of the most common causes of age spots.

How to remove dark spot at home with the help of cosmetics?

If the spots are not intense and do not occupy large areas, you can make them lighter on your own. For this purpose, drugstore remedies and care cosmetics are suitable:

  • Hydroquinone, lavender oil, hydrogen peroxide, resorcinol have exfoliating and keratolytic effects.
  • Weak fruit acids that can be used at home are good for bleaching stains. These are citric acid, ascorbic acid, lactic acid in low concentration. These means are also suitable for preparation for salon chemical peels.
  • Lightening cosmetic formulations labeled Anti-Pigment. Creams, lotions and serums containing azelaic acid, kojic acid and vitamin C.

Any means can be used only after a test for possible allergies. If the body perceives the composition calmly, without a negative reaction, you can proceed to the procedures according to the instructions for the drug.

It is also important to take care of prevention well in advance of the aging period. The earlier sufficient care and protection is given, the later the skin will undergo age-related changes. Dark spots are a phenomenon that can and should be dealt with. Do not give up if home treatments do not bring results, you can always ask for help from a cosmetologist.

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