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Permanent makeup

permanent make-up techniques for perfect eyebrows.

Sweeping, perfectly drawn eyebrows for a beautiful facial expression. Every face has its own expression. This is why Permanent Make-up eyebrow techniques are so individual.

An eyebrow pigmentation is suitable for the following problems:

In case of insufficient eyebrow growth, fine hairs are inserted and the existing shape is filled in. The reproduced hairs thus look like real ones.

If eyebrows are too short or have become too thin after years of plucking, a fine hair pattern is also recommended.

Permanent make-up eyebrow techniques

Classic: fine hairline pattern of the eyebrows

Expressive: shape filling

The classic form filling gives you perfectly shaped and very expressive eye-constructions. The colour is brought under the skin in the finest hairs, according to type, and thus ensures an optimal shape. The form filling is suitable for weak hair growth.

microlining brow techniques

This eyebrow technique uses a very fine needle to work in the finest hairs in different shades of colour. The result is even more natural, as the hairs are set somewhat “wilder”. This creates a natural effect, where you can’t even tell that it is permanent make-up by looking closely.

Natural: Microblading

Microline is the latest pigmentation technique and is a further development of microline. The difference between microblades and microlines is that this technique does not involve any incision in the skin. Instead, state-of-the-art pigmentation equipment is used to pigment the microfine hairs to create the impression of an entirely natural eyebrow. Perfect shape and colour. Eyebrow malformations and gaps in hair structure are compensated for.

We’re having eyebrow wigs now

Your eyebrows are a disaster: If you didn’t draw them in the morning, hair by hair, they would either be missing or look like a Swiss cheese with holes?
Don’t despair, girls, because here comes the mega hack that will save you the annoying drawing and shaping from now on: because we have eyebrows to glue on.

Eyebrows for gluing on: This is how you get thick brows

Well, we admit: the so-called Eyebrow-Wigs have been celebrated in the USA for quite some time. But now there are thick adhesive brows that really look so deceptively real that you can hardly distinguish them from real eyebrows – even Miss Eyebrow’s Cara Delevingne would be jealous.

Within seconds, narrow strokes turn into full, bushy eyebrows with a great swing.

Eyebrows made of human hair for gluing on

Give your face back its contour!

Unfortunately, hair loss does not stop at the eyebrows either: with the last treatments they disappear. This takes the contours of the face and makes it look like a mask. This is how you prevent it: Order eyebrows made of human hair for gluing on at “well cared for”. They compensate for the loss and give the face back its contours!


The eyebrows are extra long and can first be shaped into the desired form with fine nail scissors. Then they are glued in the desired position with the enclosed adhesive and remain there for up to 8 days. They also survive a (careful) shower without any problems. After they have been removed, they can be glued on again. Depending on skin condition and handling this is possible for up to 3 months.

Eyebrow gluing – Instructions

The assortment of eyebrows is also available in all colours, from blond to black, for ladies and gentlemen!

The following steps should be followed:

• Bring the eyebrows into shape as desired, i.e. cut them with scissors. This is possible without any problems, because the hairs are tied on a transparent foil. Helpful here is an adapted template, so that the shape is correct.
• The eyebrow belongs on the zygomatic arch. This is the eyebrow bone above the eye. The starting point lies on an imaginary vertical line from the nostril to the top. The end point is the extended line from the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. The highest point of the eyebrow is the imaginary line from the nostril through the pupil. The eyebrow passes through these three orientation points with a slight curve.
• Clean the area of skin that is being pasted with Cleaner Lotion.
• Apply a thin layer of the special adhesive to the back of the eyebrows.
• Stick on the eyebrows and press firmly.
• You should check them daily for firm seat / hold and if necessary, put some glue on a toothpick on the loose areas and press them firmly again! In this way the eyebrows can remain stuck on for about 2 – 3 weeks.
To cleanse, carefully pull off the eyebrows, remove the old adhesive on the back, use a toothpick to help if necessary and clean the skin area and the back of the eyebrows with a cotton wool pad soaked in cleaner lotion. (Note: Do not mix up right / left for further use!) The eyebrows can be used for about 3 – 4 months. The eyebrows give a natural look and save the morning make-up procedure!

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