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What can Brezhnev’s eyebrows say about his character? Why did Leonid Brezhnev have such eyebrows?

Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, whose eyebrows and kisses were the cause of many people’s derision, is remembered as the longest reigning general secretary of the Soviet Union. His rule lasted eighteen years. Under him, the country lived relatively peacefully. During his rule, everyone became accustomed to a constant shortage of even the most basic household items, such as toilet paper and pantyhose. But the topic of our article today will not be Leonid Ilyich’s biography or the times of stagnation. Today we will find out why Brezhnev has such eyebrows.

Is it about nationality?

Brezhnev’s ancestors belonged to a one-dvorest ancient estate, and their origins go back to the boyar children of Kursk. Leonid Ilyich was born in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine and was a handsome black-browed “cottager. Such people were considered to be real beauties. The secretary’s documents show that he was either Ukrainian or Russian. But there is speculation that Leonid Brezhnev was a Jew. This nationality was not in honor. Jews were not allowed to be in power, and so Leonid Brezhnev allegedly hid it.

Whoever Brezhnev was by nationality, in Ukraine he was known as a real beauty. Brezhnev eyebrows drove more than one woman crazy, and even famous people were caught in his net. Leonid Ilyich himself did not care about his appearance, he did not care about his eyebrows or luxurious curls.

Inherited from his ancestors?

The pictures of Leonid Illich’s parents have been preserved, and there you can see that neither of them was the owner of luxurious vegetation over their eyes. Images of his more distant ancestors are not easy to find. Therefore, there is no way to compare the soviet leader with big eyebrows figure with other representatives of his family. One can only wonder where the secretary got his eyebrows and whether they were “inherited. Or maybe they were just his unique feature.

brezhnev eyebrows

So, physiognomy says that the owners of bushy, arched and wide eyebrows are very kind, generous and manly people. Men with such eyebrows like to have fun, like to eat tasty and many meals.

To check the scientific data, let’s compare the description to the character of Leonid Ilyich.

Brezhnev’s character and habits

There are still stories about the general secretary’s kindness and sentimentality. After all, the famous “Brezhnev kiss” can be a proof of humanity. Yes, it was a manifestation of joy, not a way to stand out from the crowd, to become recognizable. Foreign ambassadors and presidents could not simply break free from Leonid Ilyich’s good-natured embrace. Brezhnev would only let them go if they were badly beaten!

Also Brezhnev eyebrows fully confirm the description of his character, for this man, while appearing to be a stern man, was very soft-hearted. He could easily shed a tear after watching a movie or hearing a sad song.

Leonid Ilyich was also famous for his generosity. He adored not only receiving orders and medals, but also presenting them. He liked to say that he was not a tsar, and therefore he could not award land, but he could give orders with ease.

Leonid Ilyich also liked to have fun and eat. Of the delicacies he respected borscht, and of entertainment he preferred hockey and hunting. If he hunted himself, he did not play hockey, but often watched from the stands. His favorite team was CSKA. If Brezhnev watched this team play from the stands, its opponents would lose on purpose in order to “respect the leader.

In general, Leonid Ilyich was a very kind man. His character was simple, he could even entertain everyone at meetings by reciting his favorite poem by Esenin.

Brezhnev’s eyebrow jokes

Many caricature images of the secretary have survived from the days of stagnation. Of course, the drawings included eyebrows that had grown even thicker with age and even merged into a single whole (monobrow). These pictures were sold illegally, because in those days one could get a “ticket” to a long distance camp or a big prison sentence for making a joke on the authorities.

Leonid brezhnev eyebrows were also famous for the anecdotes and jokes they told each other in whispers. They made up funny riddles, where the correct answer was Leonid Brezhnev. Not only Brezhnev’s eyebrows, but also his many medals, kisses and strange diction were hints.

Speaking of diction. Leonid Ilyich had difficulty pronouncing words and made long pauses because he had suffered many strokes and heart attacks. This affected his speech.

Brezhnev himself could have ignored jokes in his honor, as he himself was a jolly fellow. But the order in the country was monitored by the system created back in revolutionary times.

Soviet leader with big eyebrows

Anyone who recalls Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev remembers his stolid stiffness, dark, ultra-thick eyebrows, and cold countenance. Brezhnev became the human face of the Soviet Union’s stagnation and stolidity throughout his long and gloomy reign, which lasted from 1964 to 1982. He appeared to be a block of ice, moving only in response to Politburo sessions and military parades. He was the epitome of unshakable commitment to a corrupt, ossified system that could not and would not be transformed for a generation. Brezhnev’s image is inextricably linked to communism’s slow, inexorable decline.

In the worst possible sense, he was iconic, a cult of horrible personality that was as memorable as any regular nightmare. There was another side to him, one that was more lively but as unsavory. Brezhnev was startlingly vain and materialistic, according to those who knew him privately. He was a fan of fur coats and the finer things in life, which communist leaders like himself were supposed to despise yet secretly had. He was obsessed with the trappings of luxury, especially when it came to autos. Nothing made Brezhnev happier than living life in the fast lane. He drove wild and free in some of the most luxurious automobiles that his wealth could afford.

It’s trendy now.

In Brezhnev’s time, there was no fashion for bushy eyebrows. Even now they are only gaining in popularity. Twenty years ago, girls plucked the vegetation above the eyes, creating thin threads. Brezhnev eyebrows became a trend, and many even specifically began to draw their own, so that they seemed more dense.

Of course, today’s eyebrows are not quite as fashionable as Leonid Ilyich’s were. Fashionistas and fashionistas take care of them, comb them carefully, do not allow them to merge into a monobrow, if there is such a predisposition.

But even during the Soviet Union Eyebrows, Brezhnev was not complexed about his appearance. He didn’t even seem to pay attention to his legendary bovies. Many people remember this head of state as a good man. His eyebrows and kisses are still remembered to this day.

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