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The best ways and products how to lighten eyebrows

How to lighten eyebrows? Unsuccessful cosmetic treatment, hair color change, new image? Each of these reasons can be a motivation to change the shade of our eyebrows. How to do it safely and achieve your dream effect? We present effective ways to lighten your eyebrows too dark!

Eyebrows are certainly one of the elements of a woman’s face that attract attention. Properly shaped and arranged, they are not only aesthetically attractive, but also highlight our beautiful features and can effectively rejuvenate.

When is it worth to lighten your eyebrows?

Many make-up artists recommend that the color of the eyebrows should be a ton or two darker than the hair. So if you choose a blonde strand, you should also choose the right shade of eyebrows. Eyebrows that are too dark are too much on our face and too much lighter can get completely lost in it.

How to lighten eyebrows

How to lighten eyebrows?

There is no doubt that the best way to lighten your eyebrows is to put yourself in the hands of a professional. This is the guarantee of performing the treatment in a way that is safe for our skin. However, if we don’t have this possibility, to lighten eyebrows at home, it is worth trying one of the methods described below.

Products to lighten eyebrows

There are several products on the cosmetics market that are designed to lighten eyebrows. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach for Face and Jolen Creme Bleach – Mild Formula do not cost much , but allow you to individually choose the color of the eyebrows for each lady.

How to lighten eyebrows Choosing the right products.

How to lighten eyebrows? Choosing the right products

For those who are afraid of the process of eyebrow lightening described above, we recommend make-up cosmetics, which will easily and non-invasively achieve your dream shade.

MAC Pro Longwear Brow Set gel

Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Pencil with Spoolie Brush

NYX 3-in-1 Brow Pencil multifunctional eyebrow 

Golden Rose Dream Eyebrow Pencil

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color

Brands such as NYX, Stila and Golden Rose offer many easy-to-use cosmetics that will help you achieve the desired effect.To see if the light eyebrows will suit you, run a simple test – treat them first with a corrector and then apply light powder. Evaluate the result – if what you see in the mirror, you liked it, safely move on to bleaching. If you are not satisfied, contact a professional and ask him to choose the right shade.

Lightening the eyebrows with lemon

On the Internet you can come across different ways to lighten your eyebrows. One of them is a quite controversial patent to perform the treatment at home with… lemon.

Lightening the eyebrows with lemon

Does lemon lighten eyebrows? How to lighten the eyebrows? With the help of lemon juice you can easily achieve the effect of brightened eyebrows. Just rub your eyebrows with a slice of lemon before bedtime for four weeks. After about 20 minutes, the juice should be washed away so that it does not stay on them all night.

Lighten eyebrows at home

If the desire to transform with your own hands is inflexible, start the procedure yourself. You can change the color of your eyebrows with the following tools:

• peroxide;
• colorless henna;
• bleaching hair dye;
• eyebrow dyeing cream.

The listed products are used according to one scheme. A protective cream is applied to the skin around the eyebrows. The hairs are covered with a lightening agent and left for 3-4 minutes. The product is then washed off and the result is checked. The procedure is repeated until the desired shade is reached. Do not keep the clarifier on your eyebrows too long – otherwise you will bleach them.

You can make the eyebrows brighter in beauty salons and at home with your own hands. Before the procedure, make sure that the desired shade will suit your face, hair color and image.

How to lighten eyebrows with makeup ?

This option is suitable for those who want to try on a new image or need a temporary eyebrow lightening. You will need the following tools: light powder, concealer, body pencil, hair styling gel.So how to lighten eyebrows temporarily?

4) Comb the eyebrows in the direction of growth.
5) Shade the gaps between the hair with a body pencil.
6) Apply with a brush to the concealer.
7) Forget eyebrows.

The final touch – fixing the “hairstyle” with hair gel or wax.

The variant of such hair lightening is good that if the result is unsatisfactory, you can quickly restore the same color to the eyebrows.

How do i lighten up my tinted eyebrows ?

If you only plan to buy eyebrow paint for self-painting at home, immediately buy a professional tool marked “to remove the paint”, which may be called:

• Remover;
• Emulsion;
• Liquid;
• As well as a tonic for removing household and professional eyebrow dyes from the skin, if the color of hair is fine with you, but the marks on the skin you want to remove.

How do i lighten up my tinted eyebrows

Use these tools in the first hour, after flushing the paint, so you will achieve the best effect. In other cases, the effect will be the same, but less pronounced.

Don’t forget that there are as many tools to remove the intensity of color as there are paints, and each has its own instructions for use, which should be strictly followed in order to avoid negative consequences. But in general, all the means work in a similar way.

How to lighten eyebrows after an unsuccessful painting:

  • Wash your face, remove paint, makeup, grease and soak with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture;
  • Open the product, the instructions of which are familiar in advance, and squeeze a little composition on a cotton pad or cotton swab (if you want to remove a small area), and gently smear hairs and skin;
  • Wipe the whole area thoroughly and wait for a certain amount of time, indicated on the package, with wiping movements;
  • Wipe the product with a damp cotton pad and then wash with water to avoid eye contact.

 lighten eyebrows with peroxide

This method is the cheapest, but at the same time efficient and simple. To implement it, you only need to go to the nearest pharmacy for a 3% peroxide solution. In this case, this method affects the production of melanin, which is a natural dark pigment.

lighten eyebrows with peroxide

To lighten your eyebrows with hydrogen peroxide, first remove your makeup and wash up. A normal shampoo or soap will do, but the hairs should be clean and dry.

If you have sensitive skin, before the procedure, you should anoint the area around the eyebrows with oily cream, but so that it does not affect the vegetation.

This is the end of the preparation. Apply peroxide on the eyebrows with a spongilla or brush and do it carefully. After that, let’s observe for 5-8 minutes and rinse with running water quickly.

If you forget or delay, you will get the effect not of clarification, but complete whitening, and this does not suit everyone.

Until the eyebrows grow back, they can not be painted at all, they will not become darker, because there is no melanin left in them. Do not worry, too, if you do not like the result, you just have to wait for the new hairs to grow back. And be extremely careful, hitting the peroxide on the mucous eyes causes burns and leads to blindness.

Retinol cream to lighten eyebrows tattoo

The cream is always accompanied by an instruction manual with a detailed description of what to do and how to do it. However, beauticians often advise, if it comes to products with pure retinol, to test its action first. So, just in case, if you use this product for the first time, test it on a slight wharnish of the skin. If there is no negative reaction, apply it first 2 times a week, then – after a day, after which you can switch to daily use.

  • Do not apply the retinol face cream to your eyelids and lips.
  • Apply the cream with retinol in the evening.
  • When applying retinol-containing products, use a wide range of sun filters during the day.

how to lighten microbladed eyebrows

Sometimes, unfortunately, the long-awaited result after the eyebrow tattoo procedure does not meet the expectations, which does not please the hostess. Facial features become too rough, and the picture looks inappropriate or ridiculous. Sometimes, over time, the tattoo becomes annoying or does not look so beautiful after long wearing. Therefore, there is a sudden desire to change the color of the eyebrows to light. So how to discolor the tattoo? There can be several options: to brighten microbladed eyebrows in the salon at the master or at home.

It will not be possible to completely remove the permanent make-up at home, but it is easy to make it a few tones lighter. The most common ways to lighten the tattoo:

Hydrogen peroxide : suitable for too dark and bright tattoo, small portions of the compound is injected under the skin, thereby discoloring by several tones

Manganese : the process is long, a weak light solution six times a day to wipe the eyebrows, for the appearance of results should be repeated systematically for six months

Iodine solution : Twice a day with a cotton swab, apply a 3% solution, the result is visible after three days

Celandine : Tincture in alcohol is applied twice a day for 5-7 minutes, then washed off, the result will show only after two to three months

Scrubbing : the process using a scrub or peel, which lightens the pattern by several tones, but the result will appear after a long time

Castor oil : the safest of the previously described procedures, but quite time-consuming, should be applied to cleansed skin before going to bed, at the same time eyebrows will become thick and shiny

Remover : a special liquid used in tattoo salons, the paint will be slightly washed away, and the tattoo will lighten, and the procedure will take about a month, applying four times a day

Tanning : moderate exposure to the sun or the use of a tanning bed also contributes to the discoloration of the tattoo

When choosing any method, the main thing is to know the measure and be careful, then the result will be positive.

General tips

To ensure that your eyebrows are lightened without harming your health and without complications, follow these guidelines:

  • Paint and cream for eyebrows are diluted only in plastic or glass bowl;
  • Remember, thick black hairs require longer exposure to lightening agents;
  • When buying products, be sure to check their shelf life and integrity;
  • Keep the cream and eyebrow paint in a dry and cool cabinet or they will lose their properties early;
  • Do not buy cosmetics at illegal points and crossings – in this case, nobody is responsible for their quality and safety;
  • Apply the colorant evenly and do not overdo it with the amount;
  • After bleaching, apply a soothing cream to the eyebrows. It will prevent irritation and redness;
  • Regularly apply nourishing masks, prepared with your own hands, to make your skin healthy and beautiful. Nettles, bread crumbs, eggs and dairy products are ideal for this purpose;
  • Vegetable oils mixed with liquid vitamins E, B and A are the ideal care products for bleached hair;
  • If the eyebrows are too light, paint them with a pencil.

remember another very important point – focus not only on fashion, but also on your appearance.

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