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Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrows: What color fits?

Eyebrows – Many women are not really satisfied with the color of their eyebrows. And indeed, it can’t hurt to give nature a little help – for an optimal, radiant eye area!

Eyebrows not only protect your eyes, they also have a high value from a cosmetic point of view: Clearly structured eyebrows in an advantageous colour have a positive effect on the entire face: It immediately appears more defined, more feminine and often more elegant. But you may have to experiment a little in the search for the right eyebrow color. If in doubt, opt for Eyebrow pencils and against tinting – this way you slowly approach the perfect colour.

The perfect colour looks natural

Which colour is right for you always depends on your skin tone as well as the colour of your hair and eyelashes. Basically dark eyebrows have a positive effect on your look. That is why many women use too dark a make-up for their eyebrows. Do not fall into this trap! Under no circumstances should the colour appear artificial. Your face is in the foreground – not strange, black bars above your eyes! Black really only goes with black hair. Blonde and brown-haired ladies should in any case work with brown tones. As a rule of thumb, the brows should always be slightly darker than the hair, but only one shade of colour.

When naturalness is not desired

Colour for the brows

Do you want accentuated eyebrows, but don’t want to use eyebrow pencils every day? Our tip: Dye your eyebrows (have them dyed). Find out what methods are available and how you can tint eyebrows in your own four walls.

Full eyebrows have long since ceased to be a trend, but have become standard. Fortunately, thanks to a large selection of eyebrow gels and powders in various shades, even the narrowest brows can now be transformed into absolute “wow brows”. However, if you have neither the time nor the inclination to precisely trace the eyebrows in the morning, you can have them tinted to give your face a stronger expression for at least four weeks. Not only the visible eyebrow hairs are tinted darker, but also the fine and very light hairs and sometimes the gaps between the individual hairs. Thus the eyebrows appear not only darker but also fuller after tinting.

Have eyebrows tinted

If you wish to have tinted eyebrows, you have two options: Either you dye your eyebrows yourself or you go to an expert, who can be found either at the hairdresser’s, at the beauty salon or at the nearest eyebrow bar. As with hair colouring, a perfectly matched colour is selected and then brushed onto the eyebrows. After a short application time the brows are cleaned with a damp cloth and the eyebrows are ready. The result will gradually fade, but should last for at least four weeks.

Dye eyebrows yourself

You would like to color your eyebrows yourself? Then you first need a suitable dye especially for eyebrows. The tinting sets usually consist of a tint gel, a developer gel and eyebrow brushes to apply the tint. Depending on the product, either the color gel is applied first and then the developer gel, or the two liquids are mixed together directly and brushed onto the eyebrows. Very important: Always apply the colour in the direction of growth and cover the front third of the eyebrows last with colour – the natural eyebrow is brightest here. The choice of colour is at least as important. Orientate yourself on your natural hair colour and hairline. If you fluctuate between two shades, it is better to choose the lighter colour. Eyebrows that are too light can be tinted darker quickly, but eyebrows that are too dark take time to fade. For the same reason, it is important to pay close attention to the application time and, if in doubt, to remove the colour a few seconds earlier than it says on the package. To avoid stains on the skin, you can apply a greasy cream (e.g. Vaseline) around the brow arches before tinting.

No matter whether you decide on dyeing at the expert or the home variant – the best result fades with time. If you want the perfect eyebrows for a longer period of time, microblading could be a suitable alternative. With this method, the brows are semi-permanently traced.

How often should you tint your eyebrows?

How often you tint your eyebrows depends on how much the color fades (for example, due to sunlight) and how fast your hairs grow. For example, I like my eyebrows always fresh, so I re-dye them every two to three weeks. Of course they haven’t grown out completely yet – but I don’t want them to grow out again. You just have to find a distance that suits you and your eyebrows. But you’ll find out which one that is relatively quickly.

If you don’t have the time or desire to have your eyebrows tinted all the time (and not even for the DIY job at home), we have discovered another really cool SOS solution: the Eyebrow Tattoo Pen. This is a kind of eyebrow pen that works a bit like the stamp pencils used to. With its special tip it stamps small hairs on us. We find the product so cool that we have to try it out and ordered it.

How long does the eyebrow tinting at the hairdresser take?

At the hairdresser, eyebrow tinting just like at home does not take very long. Exactly how long varies mainly from the application time, which then also affects the intensity of the color. While some people really only let the color work for two minutes, others like it a little stronger. Either way, the application time should not exceed 20 minutes. The exact time depends a bit on the product and the ingredients.

After shaping and colouring you will receive a short, pleasant massage of the eye area. Super relaxing! Afterwards we apply a fixing and caring styling gel. So your eyebrows keep their perfect shape all day long.

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